Tuesday, October 19, 2010

X Factor Contestant Furious Over Katie Waissel Sex Claims

Matt Cardle: X Factor Contestant Furious Over Katie Waissel Sex Claims

With so many different characters living together in the “X Factor” house, you’d expect some sort of falling out here and there. Matt Cardle and Katie Waissel appear to be the latest contestants to have fallen out, with reports of Cardle being furious over certain claims Katie made.

According to mtv.co.uk, a recent story in the News of the World – which read “SEXY FACTOR” – suggested the two had been caught kissing, while Katie had apparently claimed that she and Matt had slept together. However, Matt is denying such reports.

The Sun newspaper printed an article that said Matt had told Katie to stop making stuff up about him, and that he would never sleep with her. Although Cardle has admitted that they were in the same bed together, he says that it was only to watch TV and Katie is not his type.

The Essex lad – who still lives with his mum and dad – said that he feels humiliated by the recent claims. In other “X Factor” news: it was another surprising results show on Sunday night, with Storm Lee and Diva Fever being voted off in the second double elimination

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