Friday, December 17, 2010

'40-Year-Old Virgin' Actor Receives Life Sentence for Attempted Murder

Shelley Malil

Shelley Malil, one of the actors from 40-Year-Old Virgin, has been sentenced to life in prison for stabbing his ex girlfriend, says E! Online.

Kendra Beebe suffered multiple wounds in the attack.

When Malil walked in on his ex Kendra Beebe having wine with another man, he stabbed her 20 times in the chest, neck, back and arms. Luckily, she survived the wounds. Malil claimed that when he walked into the house, he became disoriented and stabbed at a figure he believed to be the man with Kendra. The jury had a hard time believing this, and took less than four hours to come to a guilty verdict.

"I want to do whatever I need to do to make sure I make right from the wrong that I did," Malil said in court. He faces a life sentence for attempted murder, but will be eligible for parole in 12 years with good behavior.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

GSP vs. Koscheck Takes UFC 124 Fight of Night

Georges St-Pierre and Josh Koscheck earned the Fight of the Night at Saturday's UFC 124 in Montreal, UFC president Dana White announced at the post-fight press conference.

For the first time ever, White allowed the fans to choose the winner of the Fight of the Night award and the hometown crowd selected the main event featuring champion St-Pierre.

Though White kept his word and allowed the fan's choice to earn Fight of the Night, he would have picked a fight off the preliminary card (most likely Sean Pierson vs. Matthew Riddle) and said he won't be letting fans decide again.

"[The fans] blew their chance, it's over," White said with a laugh.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Miley Cyrus Smoking a Bong (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus smoked a bong at a party in Los Angeles shortly after her 18th birthday, and now video ha surfaced.
In the clip, Cyrus is seen taking a hit with a group of unidentified friends. According to TMZ, the substance is salvia, a natural herb psychedelic.

Salvia – it’s important to note – is legal in California and most other states, and can even be bought online.
Cyrus giggles (a lot) and chats with the friend filming her (who tells Cyrus she’s “gonna document the s**t outta this right now”). At one point, Cyrus claims someone off camera resembles her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and then wonders whether the bong hit caused the confusion.
Do you think there’s anything wrong with what Cyrus is (legally) doing? Miley Cyrus celebrated her 18th birthday by experimenting with a bong and catching a case of the giggles reports TMZ.
The video was shot during a party at Miley’s L.A. home 5 days after her 18th birthday. According to a soure connected with Miley the smoke filling the bong is a natural herb called Salvia.
Miley Cyrus is a role model for ‘tweens’ she is going to be held responsible for her decisions and how they affect her younger fans.

Watch Miley Cyrus smoking a bong.
Salvia divinorum has become both increasingly well-known and available in modern culture. The Internet has allowed for the growth of many businesses selling live salvia plants, dried leaves, extracts, and other preparations.
Salvia divinorum was the subject of the first use of YouTube within drug-behavioral research when scientists at San Diego State University rated randomly selected videos of salvia users to study observed impairment. Their findings corroborate reports that the most profound effects of smoking salvia appear almost immediately and last about eight minutes. Effects include speech and coordination loss

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

F22 Crash in Alaska: Pilot Remains Missing

f 22
An F-22 Air Force fighter jet crashed in an isolated area in the interior of Alaska on Tuesday night and military personnel and vehicles were deployed to search for the missing pilot, the Anchorage Daily News reports.

The stealth jet vanished on radar and Air Force personnel lost contact with the pilot at around 7:40 p.m. local time on Tuesday. CNN reports that the wreckage was discovered on Wednesday but the pilot, dead or alive, has yet to be found.

The crash site is located around 100 miles north of Anchorage, northwest of the town of Cantwell, Alaska.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of this missing Airman, and we thank all Alaskans for their continued support and prayers during this trying time," Air Force Colonel Jack McMullen told CNN. “Finding the missing pilot is our top priority.”

The pilot is identified as Captain Jeffrey Haney and he crashed when he was doing a routine training mission.

The Daily News reported that there was not any indication if he ejected before the plane crashed.

"They said it looked like a crater," Major Guy Hayes of the National Guard's Rescue Coordination Center told the News. "There was a stream nearby that was creating a lot of water in the crash site."

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Anthony Barre Murder Case Yet To Reveal Anything


investigations are on about the horrific murder of Anthony Barre who is better known as Messy Mya. The well known comedian who is known for his hilarious and controversial rants on YouTube was murdered brutally on Sunday at a house party and fans of the comedian have found themselves almost clueless about the cause and culprit behind the murder.

With the murder being three days old already, the police have so far remained absolutely tight-lipped on the matter. Many fans have taken to the web to raise questions about the investigations regarding which reports or statements are yet to emerge. The investigators have avoided revealing anything about the ongoing investigations and the police have confirmed that neither anyone has been arrested not any motive behind the murder has been determined. The funeral for Anthony Barre has not yet been set but the memorial services of the comedian have been announced at the House of New Orleans.

The fact that the investigation is yet to reveal anything considering that there were several people present at the time when Anthony Barre was shot down. Witnesses have said that the comedian was shot multiple times at the house party on Sunday soon after 8pm. The fans of the comedian have also taken matters into their own hands and posted signs at several places in New Orleans that includes the crossing where the horrific murder took place. Some reports on the web indicate that the photos snapped during the party could help in solving the murder but it is unclear from the photos that have been posted whether they are authentic and reliable.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Leonid Meteor Shower 2010: Show in the Sky

The Leonid Meteor Shower 2010 will offer a great chance for those who love astronomy or simply want to see something unique, as tomorrow is the weather is right they might see up to 20 small meteors per minute.

The meteors will produce some small lights, comparable to those emitted by brighter stars, but there are also chances that the observers will experience a Bolide. These are far brighter ones and far more spectacular.

So if you don’t have anything better to do tomorrow you might take a friend or your loved one and watch the sky.

A great place for observation is far from the city lights, somewhere in the countryside or in the desert.

You can simply sit on a blanket, if the weather i

Read more: Leonid Meteor Shower 2010: Show in the Sky | Club Femina

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Kathy Griffin IS Justin Bieber on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (VIDEO)

On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (weeknights, 12AM ET on ABC), comedienne Kathy Griffin was the guest -- and she took dead aim at Justin Bieber. Or maybe it was an adoring tribute to the young singer; it was a little hard to tell.

Kathy showed host Jimmy Kimmel a "trailer" for her new "movie." And Kathy's trailer bore a suspicious similarity to the upcoming film 'Never Say Never,' starring a certain 16-year-old floppy-haired pop sensation. Jimmy gave Griffin a chance to "set the trailer up," but the comic seemed pretty confident. "I think it stands for itself," she said.

Kathy Griffin IS Justin Bieber on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

The bio-pic trailer tracks the life of Justin -- sorry, "Kathy" -- as a young teen growing up in Canada. Justin/Kathy has a dream; a dream to be a singer. But will he/she make it?

The pop star is committed -- he/she frantically scratches down lyrics for hit songs even while eating breakfast; hoping that the music will one day make teenage girls swoon. Here is a sample of those lyrics: " ... Baby Baby Baby." You want some more? Here you go: " ... Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby." Hey, can't go wrong with that. But will Justin/Kathy make it to the top? The moral is clear: if you want success, you've just got to "B"-lieve.

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Watch William and Kate Interview Video

Prince William Kate Middleton Interview

Watch the William and Kate interview video (full interview), where Prince William and Kate Middleton give their first TV interview, answering questions about their engagement and royal wedding plans.

Watch the full William and Kate interview video below; Prince William and Kate Middleton sat down with ITV News’ Tom Bradby to give all the details.

Of course, details of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring are discussed, with Prince William noting, “It was my way of making sure my mother didn’t miss out on today and the excitement, and the fact that we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together.”

William said of planning the proposal: “[I'd been planning] for a while but as any guy out there will know it takes a certain amount of motivation to get yourself going.”

When William and Kate were asked during the interview about being nervous, Prince William responded: “We’re like sort of ducks, very calm on the surface with little feet going under the water. It’s been really exciting because we’ve been talking about it for a long time so for us, it’s a real relief and it’s really nice to be able to tell everybody.”

Naturally, the interview questioning turned to asking about when we can expect babies. William and Kate are working on the wedding first!

Watch the William and Kate interview and let us know what you think… are they a well matched pair? Are you looking forward to the royal wedding?

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Bruce Beresford-Redman Arrested!

Bruce Beresford Redman Arrested

A reality TV producer suspected of killing his wife in Mexico is due in a Los Angeles court Wednesday for the first hearing in what is expected to be a long fight over his extradition.
Federal authorities arrested Bruce Beresford-Redman on Tuesday, more than seven months after his wife Monica's body was found at an upscale Cancun resort.

Mexican authorities want him returned to stand trial on an aggravated homicide charge, although Beresford-Redman has previously indicated through his attorney that he plans to fight extradition.

The family of Monica Beresford-Redman is also expecting a lengthy fight, and their attorney said they are prepared for more months of legal wrangling.

"They know that this is not the end in their quest for justice for their sister Monica and are prepared to pursue this horrific tragedy to the end," attorney Alison Triessl said in a statement.

Without elaborating, Bruce Beresford-Redman's attorney said in a statement Tuesday evening that he believed the former "Survivor" producer was innocent and should not be returned to Mexico.

"Based upon our investigation, he is an innocent man being wrongfully accused by a foreign government," attorney Richard G. Hirsch wrote. "We hope that after full consideration of both sides, a federal court will decide not to extradite him."

An 11-page complaint unsealed after Tuesday's arrest describes a contentious series of events that led to Monica Beresford-Redman's death, including heated fights at a swank Cancun resort where her body was later found in a sewer.

The complaint states she discovered her husband was having an affair before the trip and had been seeking a divorce; her sisters have said the couple traveled to Mexico in an attempt to reconcile.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Obama's new children's book hits shelves

The book "celebrates the characteristics that unite all Americans," according to publisher Random House.
Half a million copies of a new children's book by President Obama hit the shelves Tuesday.

First daughters Sasha and Malia inspired the president to write "Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters," publisher Random House said.

The publisher describes Obama's latest book as "a moving tribute to thirteen groundbreaking Americans and the ideals that have shaped our nation -- from the artistry of Georgia O'Keeffe, to the courage of Jackie Robinson, to the patriotism of George Washington."

The manuscript was completed before Obama took office in 2009, Random House said in a statement released in September.

The book "celebrates the characteristics that unite all Americans -- the potential to pursue our dreams and forge our own paths," said Chip Gibson, head of the publisher's children's books division.

Proceeds from the book, which has a suggested retail price of $17.99, will be donated to a scholarship fund for children of fallen and disabled soldiers.

The book includes illustrations by artist Loren Long, who also illustrated Madonna's 2003 children's book, "Mr. Peabody's Apples."

The cover illustration shows Sasha and Malia walking across a green lawn with their pet dog, Bo.

Obama also wrote the international bestsellers "Dreams from My Father" and "The Audacity of Hope."

He isn't the only White House resident to enter the children's book world.

In 2008, HarperCollins released "Read All About It!" -- a book penned by former first lady Laura Bush and first daughter Jenna Bush.

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Prince William Engagement to Kate Middleton

For more than a year now, royal watchers have been breathlessly awaiting news from Buckingham Palace announcing the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The pomp, the formality, the promise of insanely formal, jewel-encrusted doings reserved for the royal family but available for oohing and aahing over by we mere mortals.

As it turns out, Buckingham Palace chose the same medium Courtney Love and Lindsay Lohan use to quickly clue in the world when they had major news: Twitter.

Although Prince Charles's office did issue a formal statement announcing the happy news, it was somewhat scooped by the accompanying tweet that distilled the official confirmation of the first major royal wedding of the new millennium into a 148-character (yes, a tad long) social media post:

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 10 Still Gallery

Only once or twice a season do we get to see our team united in the face of an enemy. Usually the cornered foe is hardly a force to be reckoned with: a slutty teacher, a skanky duchess, or a closeted bully. But in the case of Juliet, our gang is dealing with something they've never fought before: a character who has lasted more than four episodes. Even if her inept efforts to take down Serena have failed over and over, her very staying power is remarkable. She just keeps showing up for class. In the end, we see her clattering away from Lincoln Center, banished from their sight and exiled from Columbia. But will that be enough? Has the team finally encountered something they truly don't know how to fight: poverty?

Eh — they've been stomping on Vanessa for four seasons now. They can handle Juliet. On to the reality index!

Realer Than Sex in a Telephone Booth at the Ballet:
• Matt Lauer interviewed Colin about “who was cuter?” That sounds about right. At least as far as Vanessa’s Daddy Complex goes. Plus 2.
• Let’s see if we can decipher Dan’s stated reasoning for reading Colin’s book: “Serena has boobs.” Yeah, okay, we get it. Plus 2.
• Vanessa tries to remind Dan how crazy Juliet is, and he says, “Oh, let’s just try to put this behind us.” Plus 4, because if you are a brain-dead hipster hunk, why wouldn’t you want to focus on only the pretty girls you haven’t yet slept with?
• Juliet: “I saw the way you were looking at Serena van der Woodsen at Blair Waldorf’s party the other night.” The way she refers to each character on this show by their Christian name at least deserves a Plus 1.
• Dan follows Colin’s written advice before he follows Rufus’s spoken advice. Plus 2.
• Chuck: “The New York Marathon was this weekend. Those women run 26.2 miles in under three hours, so their warm-up is the key.” Plus 4, even though that statement makes no sense at all.
• Chuck: “Closure: the unattainable goal. In my personal experience the closest I’ve come to getting it is through massive amounts of hate sex. But that’s just me.” Presumably, it’s not just Chuck, it’s Chuck and Katia, and Candi, and Krystal … Plus 10.
• Nate: “I’ll stick to giving Juliet her shampoo and copy of The Help back.” Plus 2. Subtle.
• Blair: “What if someone sees?”

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Michael Vick Is an MVP Candidate for Philadelphia Eagles

From 1991 to 1997, Steve Young led the N.F.L. in passer rating in each year but one. He also kept defenses on edge with his daring running.

In other words, he wasn’t shabby. But after the Eagles’ demolition of the Redskins on Monday night, Young, now an analyst for ESPN, said Michael Vick was almost playing a different game. In the postgame broadcast, he called Vick’s performance a transformational moment. “The full fruition of the position,” said Young, who added that it would send shock waves through the league.

The former quarterback Trent Dilfer, also an analyst for ESPN, said he was “flabbergasted.” Vick was doing things “nobody has ever seen before.”

Dilfer said Vick now truly understood the craft of being quarterback, meaning in the passing game. But Vick, who threw for four scores and for 333 yards, also ran eight times for 80 yards and two scores. By doing so, he happened to move past Young into second place in rushing yards by a quarterback (the former Eagle Randall Cunningham is No. 1) .

Young and Dilfer also used the word artistry, and those who watched the game will understand. Vick had the athleticism and grace of a Michael Jordan or a Roger Federer – part sport and part dance, and one of the reasons we set aside time in our lives to watch these games.

More reactions to Vick:

Ashley Fox, The Philadelphia Inquirer, says he’s building the case to be the league’s M.V.P.:

What he did to the Redskins should be against Roger Goodell’s rules. In the Eagles’ 59-28 win, it was as if Vick were playing a video game Monday night, controlling the defenders, making them run in slow motion as he blew past them for big gains and touchdowns.

Doug Farrar, Shutdown Corner:

The primary difference between the Vick that basically ran a one-trick speed option offense with the Atlanta Falcons and the new, more polished quarterback we see today is his ability and willingness to read the field and diagnose his potential open recovers before taking off on the run.

Sam Donnellon of The Philadelphia Daily News reminded everyone that Vick’s signing was still considered a “dubious gimmick” as late as this past summer:

Joe Banner and Jeffrey Lurie had no idea, of course. Andy Reid had no idea, and neither did you. It’s even hard to believe Vick thought he could do this, although his willingness to become a student, to take his second chance (and maybe a third) and work it into this unlikely and yes, still uneasy story, is paying off in jaw-dropping dividends.

Maybe that’s not giving enough credit to Banner, Lurie and Reid — although the omission of praise for those three in Philadelphia should come as no surprise. Yes, the Eagles haven’t won a Super Bowl, but they are typically among the best teams in the league. It seems no accident. The signing of Vick fits the pattern: smart planning. And the Eagles’ bosses were willing to weather the storm of negative publicity that accompanied the signing. But we’re forgetting one person. It seems Donovan McNabb should also take a bow; he gave his blessing to the Vick signing and served as his mentor.

Coincidentally, McNabb was Vick’s foil on Monday night, and said after the game, according to The Inquirer: “I’m happy for him. Not tonight. I told him I’m [mad] at him. But I told him to stay humble, and good things will continue to happen for him.”

Extra point: Receiver DeSean Jackson used an unfortunate choice of words after the game: “The pregame altercation got us going. It had us ready. We came back into the locker room pumped. We were like pit bulls, ready to get out of the cage.” Vick’s past won’t be forgotten, nor should it, but his excellence on the field seems to correspond to a willingness to be humbled. For those who missed it, his recent interview with his former coach Jim Mora Jr. is worth a look.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Messy Mya murdered and death pictures spread on internet .

Messy Mya

Messy Mya Dirty Mya was killed around 20:00 Sunday night. As his body was dying in the streets of New Orleans, a large crowd around him, and at least one person took a picture of the corpse of Sale Mya. The worst part is the same person is then responsible for sending photo Mya Sale death in Twitter. The image of death, and then distributed to people one on Twitter, but most people were shocked and saddened by Mya Sale.

In 2009, David Carradine has died at age 72 in his hotel room in Bangkok. Shortly after, broadcast news who fled photographs were made legal in the hands of Thai Rath, Thailand tabloid. Thai Rath is in the photos. Keith Carradine attorney Mark Geragos said at the time of “The family is outraged by the release of these photos [death].” The photos are posted on U.S. soil ever, but appear through a number of U.S. blogs.

Less than 30 days later, in July 2009, another photo of celebrity death was front page news. But this time, the image is the image of the cover of a British magazine that dominates U.S. supermarket shelves. In July 2009, OK! Magazine put a picture of the death of Michael Jackson was taken to UCLA Medical Center on the cover of its June 2010 was publication.In Gary Coleman. That same year, false reports Brittany Murphy distributed online adopted a few months earlier.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Superhead Karrine Steffans Confessions of a Video

The woman known as Superhead, Karrine Steffans, is well-known for being an author, actress and hip-hop model. Her bestselling books include ‘The Vixen Manual’ ‘Confessions of a Video Vixen’, and ‘The Vixen Diaries’.

She has handled to crest at number 5 on the New York Best Times bestseller list, and been interviewed (video) by well-known journalists such as Geraldo Rivera, Bill O’Reilly, and Donny Deutsch.

In April 2009, Steffans married Darius McCrary, but in 2010 they filed for divorce. Steffans has a son from her past relationship with Nathaniel Wilson, at the age of 17. Steffans dedicated her first book to her son.

After she decided to no longer write autobiographies she selected to take the path of writing manuals instead. Since she started her journey in manual writing, her career has bloomed and she has become a hot product in the celebrity world.

In recent times, she has in fact become the person in charge of the place in Hustler as a relationship consultant. She also assists to inculcate couples in a range of things concerning understanding

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Manny Pacquiao VS Antonio Margarito

Manny Pacquiao VS Antonio Margarito - Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito Weigh In Video.Hundreds of supporters, Mexicans and Filipinos alike, will be clustered in to witness the official weigh-year fight between Antonio Margarito and Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao and Margarito is expected to weigh in below 151 pounds.
Both Fighters made the weight

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Jessica Lynch sets the record straight on her rescue

U.S Army veteran Jessica Lynch talks about her experience as a P.O.W. behind enemy lines, and how she's still being blamed for the hype surrounding her 2003 rescue.

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Robert Louis Stevenson Biography

Today, 13 November 13, 2010 is celebrate the 160th birthday and if you want to know about Robert Louis Stevenson? You can read the Robert Louis Stevenson Biography below.

Robert Louis Stevenson (13 November 1850 – 3 December 1894) was a Scottish novelist, poet, essayist and travel writer. His best-known books include Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Stevenson was the only son of Thomas Stevenson, a prosperous civil engineer, and his wife, Margaret Isabella Balfour. His poor health made regular schooling difficult, but he attended Edinburgh Academy and other schools before, at 17, entering Edinburgh University, where he was expected to prepare himself for the family profession of lighthouse engineering. But Stevenson had no desire to be an engineer, and he eventually agreed with his father, as a compromise, to prepare instead for the Scottish bar.

He had shown a desire to write early in life, and once in his teens he had deliberately set out to learn the writer's craft by imitating a great variety of models in prose and verse. His youthful enthusiasm for the Covenanters ( i.e., those Scotsmen who banded together to defend their version of Presbyterianism in the 17th century) led to his writing The Pentland Rising, his first printed work. During his years at the university he rebelled against his parents' religion and set himself up as a liberal bohemian who abhorred the alleged cruelties and hypocrisies of bourgeois respectability.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Two Gosselin Kids Expelled From School

Kate Gosselin

Two of the Gosselin sextuplets have been expelled from their Pennsylvania private school, In Touch Weekly reports. Alexis and Collin, age 6, are reportedly being home-schooled after getting kicked out for "rage issues."

"They've fought with their peers, called them nasty names and made fun of other kids," a source told the magazine.

Jon Gosselin recently lashed out at Kate for continuing to keep the kids on television, claiming the show has given them behavioral and emotional problems--and the In Touch report suggests their filming schedule has caused trouble at school.

"Collin had such bad issues that he refused to get his picture taken at school because he's tired of being on-camera," the source said.

A source close to the situation didn't explicitly confirm the expulsion but told the New York Post that Kate's "number one concern is protecting her children and is keeping this personal situation as a private matter that she works out with her kids."

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Zsa Zsa Gabor Treated for 'Massive Blood Clot'

Once again being rushed to the hospital for health woes, Zsa Zsa Gabor was admitted to a local medical center for a "massive blood clot" on Friday morning (November 12).

The former Miss Hungary's condition was realized after a doctor was beckoned to her Beverly Hills home upon complaints of suffering pain and swelling in her legs, reports TMZ.

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Raw Video: Jack Johnson Arrested

By now, you’ve probably seen the Jack Johnson arrested headlines. And despite the fact that Jack Johnson was arrested today, the Jack Johnson arrested was not the acoustic guitar player and all-around chill dude. With so many other musicians arrested lately -- Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, T.I., etc. -- a Jack Johnson arrested story wouldn’t seem too out of the ordinary.

However, the Jack Johnson arrested by federal authorities was not the Jack Johnson you may have seen in concert. We hope the Jack Johnson arrested rumors are put to rest soon. In the meantime, download some Jack Johnson music right here, and enjoy the Jack Johnson video below.

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Skyline Movie Review: Introducing a New Breed of Aliens, Just Leave the Kids at Home

A little sci-fi, a "Devil Wears Prada" rip-off, a runaway train loaded with explosive toxins, an indie darling, a Sundance winner, a political thriller, surely there's something here for you.

Morning Glory
Rachel McAdams gets a job as a producer on a morning news show, where she must calm the battle of egos between her co-anchors, played by Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton, all while trying to keep her romance with a colleague, played by Patrick Wilson, afloat. Imagine a less smart and funny version of screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna's big hit, “The Devil Wears Prada." In theaters everywhere, read our review and watch the trailer

Denzel Washington and Chris Pine must set aside their differences and join forces to stop “8 freight cars of hazardous chemicals--We’re not just talking about a train, we’re talking about a missile the size of the Chrysler Building!” from blowing up a Pennsylvania town in the latest piece of popcorn fun from director Tony Scott. In theaters everywhere, read our review and watch the trailer.

A little sci-fi, a "Devil Wears Prada" rip-off, a runaway train loaded with explosive toxins, an indie darling, a Sundance winner, a political thriller, surely there's something here for you.

Morning Glory
Rachel McAdams gets a job as a producer on a morning news show, where she must calm the battle of egos between her co-anchors, played by Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton, all while trying to keep her romance with a colleague, played by Patrick Wilson, afloat. Imagine a less smart and funny version of screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna's big hit, “The Devil Wears Prada." In theaters everywhere,

Denzel Washington and Chris Pine must set aside their differences and join forces to stop “8 freight cars of hazardous chemicals--We’re not just talking about a train, we’re talking about a missile the size of the Chrysler Building!” from blowing up a Pennsylvania town in the latest piece of popcorn fun from director Tony Scott. In theaters everywhere, read our review and watch the trailer.

Made outside the studio system for a mere $20m, at least this isn't a big-budget disaster, but boy is it a mess with flat characters, out-offocus shots and a sense of déjà vu hanging like an alien swarm over every scene.

It doesn't approach You Again in terms of awfulness, but it's within a plasma beam's distance.


Godz Pand YOU Godzilla (1998), Pandorum...

Cool It
A documentary, based on the book of the same name by Bjorn Lomborg, that looks at the controversial writer's claims that many of our fears about--and fixes for--the environment are wildly misguided. In limited release, watch the trailer

Tiny Furniture
Lena Dunham is the writer, director and star of this intimate and highly autobiographical portrait of a young woman's return to the nest following college, a film that won Best Narrative Feature at South by Southwest. In limited release, watch the trailer

Fair Game
Naomi Watts is Valerie Plame and Sean Penn is Joe Wilson in director Doug Liman's dramatization of the couple's notorious battle with the Bush Administration, one that ultimately led to her cover as a 20-year veteran of the CIA being blown. Expanding into new markets, read our review and watch the trailer

The Taqwacores
By turns clumsy, thought provoking and funny, it follows a young college student in Buffalo seeking to live in a home with fellow Muslims who will help him stay true to his faith. He instead finds himself in a cauldron of inter-faith strife stoked by fans of Taqwacore, a fictional Muslim punk scene that takes its name from “taqwa,” an awareness of Allah, and “core,” from hardcore. In Los Angeles, read our review and watch the trailer

Winter’s Bone
The big winner at this year's Sundance Film Festival, it stars Jennifer Lawrence as Ree Dolly, a 17-year-old Missourian who must care for her younger siblings and her sick mother. The family's fortunes take a sharp turn for the worse when Sheriff Baskin stops by to inform her that her bail-jumping dad put the family's house and land in the Ozarks up for his bond. It's essentially a mafia movie, with flannel shirts, accents, rusty old pickup trucks and dense woods. The look and feel director Debra Granik brings are well crafted, but the story has an uneven and frustrating pace and a finish that feels suspiciously tidy. In limited re-release, read our review and watch the trailer.
Like Déjà Vu, this is has plenty of circle-cam shots and pointless cuts, but also takes its time with set-up and stock (but enjoyable) character development; it doesn't bulge with pumped-up mayhem and in fact Washington and Chris Pine don't even get into day-saving mode for at least the first half of the movie. Scott may be a product of the big-80s/Bruckheimer aesthetic, but his approach to this material is often more measured than his career would suggest (even his most overcranked movies go further into experimental territory than fellow lover of cuts, control rooms, and the military Michael Bay). Sure, this movie is pretty silly and it's a little weird that Washington has now made more Tony Scott pulp-em-ups as he has Spike Lee joints (especially when Lee's Inside Man can provide more New York City pulse as a lark than Scott could muster for the Pelham redo), but if you don't mind those endless shots of and from helicopters, or some stupid cutaways to local news, you can sit back and enjoy Washington and Scott riding the rails. For the trilogy-capper, I'm thinking Washington and Scott need to hijack that flying time-traveling train from the end of Back to the Future Part III.

Tiny Furniture: Lena Dunham writes, directs, and stars in Tiny Furniture, which exhibits a good three hundred percent more productivity than her character Aura, a recent graduate prone to hanging out in her underwear at her mom's place—and not the sexy co-ed type of underwear-lounging, either, but rather the could-you-put-on-some-pants variety, an actual request a neighbor makes before leaving her small child in Aura's charge. Returning home to New York after completing her film theory major, Aura bickers with her artist mom and insufferably high-achieving high-school-aged sister (played by Dunham's actual family members), fumbles through unpromising relationships with a couple of guys, reconnects with an obnoxious childhood friend, and gets a crummy (though, it must be said, exceedingly easy) restaurant job. She spends a lot of time in her mom's geometric apartment, shot in stark, static frames—the title refers to one of her mom's photography projects, but it could just as well describe Aura's entire postgraduate life.

As a chronicle of young/adult aimlessness, Tiny Furniture has a litany of antecedents, including Noah Baumbach's Kicking and Screaming, Terry Zwigoff's Ghost World, any number of mumblecore movies, or even the spring-break ennui snapshot The Exploding Girl from earlier this year. Dunham, lightly tattooed with a Jenna Fischer-ish voice, distinguishes herself by writing characters who don't cover their insecurities with banter or, well, you know, mumbling; Aura's like a mumblecore character without the cushion of a loosely knit scene (another high school friend describes her as "the girl who always goes home early"). Eventually, she throws a full-on (well, maybe half-on) twenty-two-year-old tantrum, and her ineffectual attempts to act out provide some of the movie's biggest laughs. Those laughs, in classic dramedy tradition, are a little frontloaded; the naturalistic yet often hilariously phrased dialogue from the first half becomes progressively more sullen and less delightful as the movie wears on and Aura goes from aimless to seeming downright joyless, but that's probably by design. Tiny Furniture lacks the emotional kick of the Baumbach or Zwigoff movies, but has its own tiny, numerous rewards; Dunham's comic voice is subtle yet unmistakable.

Morning Glory: While writing my review of Morning Glory, I was thinking about Rachel McAdams. She has a reputation as sort of a thinking person's Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock; a charming movie star with a serious actor's choosiness. Yet McAdams has yet to star in anything better than Mean Girls. Now, this is no small thing; Mean Girls is awesome. But you wouldn't think, offhand, that McAdams would share a career peak with Lindsay Lohan. McAdams has appeared in plenty of good movies, across a variety of genres: Red Eye, The Family Stone, The Time Traveler's Wife, and even her weaker stuff, State of Play or The Lucky Ones or what have you, has a certain respectability (even Sherlock Holmes is one of the more understandable popcorn gigs), as does the affable if not particularly exciting Morning Glory. But it would be nice to see her general effervescence beaming from a movie made by more than a competent workman. In fact, I'm officially bummed that she wasn't able to grab the solo lead in Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity. In fact, why can't she step into P.T. Anderson's Scientology movie and get it financed immediately?

Skyline: I haven't seen this one, not least because it isn't getting the press-screening treatment. Aliens attack Los Angeles and apparently go for the movie stars first, leaving only Donald Faison, Eric Balfour, and Brittany Daniel (who sounds kinda-sorta famous, but is actually just some chick from Dawson's Creek) to defend us. This explains why for the next round of L.A.-based attacks, we recruit comparably megawatt fighters like Michelle Rodriguez, Bridget Moynanhan, Michael Pena, and Aaron Eckhart. Whatever, I saw all of these other movies already so I probably will see Skyline.This can’t go on forever,” one of a handful of survivors of an alien invasion reasons about a half hour into “Skyline.” And so it doesn’t. Only about92 minutes, as it turns out.

I would say this latest venture from “The Brothers Strause” is mercifully short. But mercy or pity don’t figure in the ambitions of the siblings who shared credit (blame?) for “Alien vs. Predator- Requiem.”

This year’s answer to “Independence Day” is a special effects experiment in search of a movie, much like the far-lower budget (and somewhat more effective) “Monsters,” now playing in a few theaters.

A bunch of attractive 20somethings party all night and wake up to an unearthly light. Vaporish fireballs fall all over Los Angeles. And then people are sucked skyward into beast-ships where, we can assume, they’re dinner guests — the main course. The wrinkle here is, you look into the light, you’re drawn to it.

Eric Balfour of TV’s “24″ and “Haven” is Jared, prepared to stick-like-glue to his newly-pregnant girlfriend Elaine (Scottie Thompson, of TV’s “Trauma.” They were visiting Terry, played by Donald Faison of TV’s “Scrubs.”

You see a pattern here? Faison might have had the Will Smith role, that of the hip black guy who growls “Aw HELL no.” But no. he only shoots his pistol at the beasties and yells “You want some’a that?” Or words to that effect.

The survivors of those first abductions bicker or whether to hunker down or make a break for it. Time passes through time-lapse photography as they hide out. They watch a lot of what transpires through a spotting scope through the windows of Terry’s penthouse.

That’s indicative of why “Skyline” is an epic fail of a monster movie. There’s no urgency, no close-contact immediacy to it. The group starts as a sextet, shrinks to a quartet, adds a couple of people, loses a couple more. And we don’t care for an instant about any of them, don’t identify with them and don’t try to reason their way out of this hopeless mess with them. That neck-up style of acting so suited to TV doesn’t work in a movie where you’re dealing with the unfathomable.

The characters, like the viewer, are simply bystanders — observers of a special effects battle between Stealth fighter bombers and Predator drones and alien squid ships and their offspring.

Thus, “Skyline” plays like an effects guru’s resume reel, not a movie.

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Amy Erin Blakely Loses Job Over Breast Size

A woman named Amy Erin Blakely is suing her ex-employer after allegedly enduring gender discrimination and harassment about the size of her breast. Amy worked at the Devereux foundation, where she was a top executive. On an interview, Blakely, 43, said:

“It was very humiliating to know that senior members of our management team would focus on my breasts as opposed to my performance on my job,”

But there’s more. She was allegedly told that because she was “too sensual” and had “large breasts” men could not concentrate during the meetings. “I would use side doors and hide from those managers because I did not want to be subjected to more humiliation,” Blakely said.

Amy Erin Blakely has now partnered with Gloria Allred who will be representing her in this case.

On the other hand, Robert Kreider, President and CEO of Devereux Florida, responded:

“(The allegations) are purposefully inflammatory, and either spurious or twisted in content and context. In no way do these allegations represent the truth about our organization or our staff, but here is what does. We have a deep and abiding respect for women in our organization, as evidenced by the fact that more than 50 percent of our senior leadership team is female.”

A woman is suing her former employers for gender discrimination claiming she was ordered to hide her breasts because they were too large.

A Florida woman executive is suing her former employer for gender discrimination, claiming she was told to hide her large breasts because they were too large and were distracting to other employees.

Amy-Erin Blakely claims she endured six years of harassment about the size of her chest at the Devereux Foundation, the country’s largest not-for-profit provider of children’s mental health services in Orlando, Florida.

The former executive said she filed two internal grievances with the company but instead of receiving help, she was terminated the next day. “No woman should ever be subjected to such sexist and derogatory remarks,” said Amy-Erin Blakely.

Blakely said she’s a victim of discrimination in the workplace. The 43-year-old former assistant executive director said she was told other employees were distracted by the size of her breasts and that she was too sensual for further promotion.

“It was really a nightmare, because every day I had great trepidation and fear that I was going to either be humiliated, harassed or lose my job because of the way I looked, not based on my performance at all. My performance was exemplary.”

Miss Blakely has said she “always dressed professionally”. Blakely hired attorney Gloria Allred, a lawyer noted for taking on several high profile clients, including Rachel Uchitel, an alleged mistress of the golfer Tiger Woods.

The Florida resident worked for Devereux for about 13 years and said she was promoted more than a dozen times, but she said the remarks began in 2003 when she was promoted to assistant executive director of operations at the Florida office.

“I filed two grievances – one in the spring of 2009 and then one in the fall of 2009. The first one was inappropriately investigated and I was reprimanded for that. The second grievance was followed by me being terminated the next morning,” said Blakely.

Blakely’s suit is similar to one filed earlier this year by New York Citibank employee Debrahlee Lorenzana, who claimed she was sacked from her job with Citibank for being ‘too sexy.’ The 33-year-old banker also alleged she was told her looks were too distracting to male coworkers.

In Blakely’s case, Robert Kreider, President and CEO of Devereux Florida, responded with this statement:

An Orlando woman is suing her former employer for gender discrimination and harassment, according to ‘The Telegraph’.

Amy-Erin Blakely claimed she endured six years of harassment about the size of her breast at the Devereux Foundation. She was a top executive at the non-profit agency, which helps place children in foster care, especially those with therapeutic needs.

“It was very humiliating to know that senior members of our management team would focus on my breasts as opposed to my performance on my job,” Blakely said.

Blakely, 43, said she was told male colleagues could not concentrate in meetings because of her and that she was to gain promotion.

“I would use side doors and hide from those managers because I did not want to be subjected to more humiliation,” Blakely said.

Blakely went on to describe what she said were humiliating comments made by co-workers.

“It made me feel that I should be ashamed of how I look and of my body,” Blakely said.

Blakely has now hired high-powered attorney Gloria Allred to represent her. Allred is well-known for representing so-called wronged women. Most recently, she represented several of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses.

Blakely filed two harassment complaints with her company. She alleged that she was fired from her job as assistant executive director the day after filing a second complaint about the comments.

Allred said the harassment began around the time her client was promoted. Blakely rose to the position of Assistant Executive Director of Operations back in 2003.

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J. Cole, Drake Give It To The Ladies 'In The Morning'

To say the union of J. Cole and Drake is for the ladies would be a gross understatement. Cole released "In the Morning" via his website DreamVillan on Thursday (November 11), and immediately got such an enormous response from fans that he tweeted the direct download link himself.

"I know y'all gonna shut my site down ... so here's the direct [link]," he tweeted. "J. Cole and @drakkardnoir epic."

Produced by L&X Music, the sultry song opens with a soft piano sample, reminiscent of Luther Vandross' "Superstar/ Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)." The North Carolina MC begins the cut rhyming, "Baby, you summertime fine/ I'll let you get on top/ I'll be the underline, I'm/ Tryna get beside you/ Like the number nine, dime."

It's weekend! Two days of rest and relaxation. Rather you're planning to party hard or chill out, there definitely are some songs in this week's playlist to set the mood. Enjoy new music from Ghostface, whose highly anticipated album is coming out next month. Other songs for the true hip-hop heads include heat by KRS-One and Zion I. Furthermore, we present Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Chrissette Michele, J. Cole and more.

Kanye West ft. Rick Ross - "Devil In A New Dress" - Listen Here
Check out the final version of "Devil In A New Dress" that will be featured on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, in stores November 22nd.

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search hl en q site veterans day

Website For Kids Honors Veteran’s Day

In 1918 when what became Veteran’s Day was first observed as Armistice Day marking an official end to World War I, computers and the internet did not exist.

Today kids are honoring Veteran’s Day in a high tech way on Meet Me at the Corner, a virtual field trip website.

The episode takes place at Colorado Springs Memorial Park. Hannah, an 8 year old correspondent for the website, interviews a World War II veteran named Robert Williams.

The war veteran discussions his military career and the different jobs he held in the service along with what he believes are the characteristics of a good solider.

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‘FEMA camps’ tops Google Trends as TruTV exposé set to air

‘FEMA camps’ tops Google Trends as TruTV exposé set to air  11fema trends

“Police State,” the latest episode in former Gov. Jesse Ventura’s hit TV program, is perhaps the first time in broadcast & cable history that a fair presentation of the real and confirmed emergency centers put in place across the nation has been seen on television. Fox News’ Glenn Beck and Popular Mechanics’ James Meigs attempted to debunk the issue by circumventing the real evidence, but never before has a TV program dealt with H.R. 645, the National Emergency Centers Authorization Act, or gone to the admitted facilities set up to hold American citizens.

As our previous article, “Bombshell: FEMA Camps Confirmed,” pointed out, Alex Jones returns to the TruTV series in an episode that is truly groundbreaking and deals with substantial aspects of the Homeland Security/ FEMA operation to spy on political dissidents and target anyone who opposes their system. The fact that this episode will be seen by millions is a major success in the Infowar. Don’t miss it, and be sure to record it to DVR, DVD or share it online with those in your circle of influence.

As economist Max Keiser argued during his appearance on the Alex Jones Show today, dominating Google’s Search Trends has been a major driver in influencing the major media with issues normally only covered in the alternative and internet-based media. The news cycle does respond to what is “hot” on the Internet, and driving key terms to #1 in the trends is a significant way of breaking through to the mainstream audiences who need to know this vital info.

This is further evidenced by “Staged Terror,” which reached #3 in the trends today. The term was also initiated on the Alex Jones Show in response to the fact that Glenn Beck has joined ranks in warning that the government is again preparing to stage terror attacks. This is yet another indication that the alternative media message has broken through to major media figures. Thanks again for your help in fighting for awareness and truth.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Watch Kanye West Matt Lauer Today Show Interview (Video)

Kanye West appears on the "Today" show
Watch the Kanye West Matt Lauer interview in this Today show video clip. Things are a tiny bit tense when Matt Lauer questions Kanye West about calling George Bush a racist and the VMA moment when he stormed the stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech.

Kanye West is downright pissy when a clip of the VMA incident is played under his trying to answer the questions, with West saying, “Yo, how am I supposed to talk, if you’re going to run this thing in the middle while I’m talking….Please don’t let that happen again!”

Kanye West took to Twitter to slam Matt Lauer and the Today show interview: “While I was trying to give the interview they started playing the ‘MTV’ under me with audio!!!!!!!”

Kanye continued his rant: “I don’t mess with Matt Lauer or the ‘Today’ Show … and that’s a very nice way for me to put it! … HE TRIED TO FORCE MY ANSWERS. IT WAS VERY BRUTAL AND I CAME THERE WITH ONLY POSITIVE INTENT.”

For his part, Matt Lauer said, “We stand by what happened in this interview,” noting that it’s common practice to play video clips under the interview.

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Marie Osmond Talks About Son’s Death on Oprah

Post image for Marie Osmond Talks About Son’s Death on Oprah

Marie Osmond has spoken out for the first time since her adopted son's suicide in February, revealing the tragedy was the "hardest thing" she has ever had to deal with.

In an emotional interview with Oprah Winfrey, Osmond admits she endured every parent's worst nightmare when 18-year-old Michael Bryan jumped to his death from the balcony of his Los Angeles apartment.

Recalling the last phone conversation she had with him, she says, "(He told me) 'I have no friends.' It brought back when I went through (post-partum) depression because you really feel so alone. I'm not a depressed person, but I understand that place, that darkness. I said, 'Mike, I'm gonna be there Monday and it's gonna be OK.' But depression doesn't wait 'til Monday."

The grief-stricken singer revealed she is now plagued by feelings of regret and wonders if she could have done more to help the depressed teen.

She adds, "I think there's always 'What ifs? What if I had just put him on a plane and said come be with me, or gone there?' (But) I think if you live in 'what ifs,' you stop living."

The star also defended her decision to return to the stage for her Las Vegas show just one day after Michael's funeral.

She explains, "It was really hard. It was a calculated decision. I'm unique, I guess. I'm a female in the entertainment business who has been working 48 years consistently. My stage is my safe place. It doesn't scare me, like I guess it scares some people. And I knew that if I didn't get back on stage that I may never get back on stage."

Osmond's interview will air on Thursday.

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Latin Grammy 2010: Tune in and follow the show with us!

getty -

This year's Latin Grammys promises big surprises on-stage and Terra will be covering it all. From the best looking stars to the best performances, don't miss it tonight.
Our Awards Central page is updated throughout the night the the best of the show, we'll be live tweeting it all with that sass you are used to, so if you are watching join the conversation @terramusicaus. We can't wait to hear who your favorites are!

Although the show has gotten criticized sometimes, we hope that this year adds some variety, so far the nominees are quite different but some heavyweights are still around, like our favorite, Juan Luis Guerra!

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Applebees Veterans Day 2010 Free Meal

Applebees Veterans Day Free Meal returns today. Applebees Veterans Day Free Meal offer in 2009 passed out over 1 million free meals to members of our military.

Applebees veterans day 2010 - Applebees Neighborhood Grill and Bar chain is celebrating Veterans Day 2010 by offering free meals to all United States Veterans and active duty service members from 10am until the restaurants close on Thursday, Nov. 11th.

The website of Applebees shows the number of troops served. The website also has the functionality where people can post a Thank You message in honor of the troops. According to President Michael Archer, the offering of meals to troops is “a chance to say thank you to those men and women who have served or are currently serving.”

Check out the Applebees Veterans Day 2010 offer at the website below. Yo ucan get a free entree for the Applebees Veterans Day 2010 celebration. Applebees will serve more than 1 million meals to veterans. This is in all the 1900 locations in the United States. A There are 7 free meals on offer and they include a 7oz House Sirloin Steak, Bacon Cheeseburger, Three-Cheese Penne Pasta and Double Crunch Shrimp. More informations about Applebee’s :

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ex-Gibbons star Quintin Dailey dies at 49

Quintin Dailey, who was widely regarded as one of the best high school basketball players in the history of Baltimore, died Monday at his home in Las Vegas. He was 49.

The Clark County Coroner's Office told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Dailey died from hypertensive cardiovascular disease. Dailey, a college star at the University of San Francisco who spent 10 rocky years in the NBA, had been working as a supervisor at the Parkdale Community Center in Las Vegas, helping at-risk kids.

News of his passing saddened those who knew him and remembered him from his teenage years in Baltimore, where he set the all-time Maryland state scoring record while playing at Cardinal Gibbons from 1977 to 1979. He was so quick and so gifted with a basketball, he still ranks third on the all-time scoring list behind Rodney Monroe and Sean Mosley.

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Paul Millsap Video: Check Out His Reggie Miller-Like 3-Point Flurry

Paul Millsap was the unlikely hero for the Utah Jazz in their game on Tuesday night against the Miami Heat.

Even though LeBron James registered his 29th career triple-double and first with the Heat--with 20 points, 14 assists and 11 rebounds--it was the fourth-year pro from Louisiana Tech who stole the show.

Millsap, who has spent most of his career in a reserve role behind Carlos Boozer, went off late in the fourth quarter.

Millsap--known for his rebounding and scoring in the paint rather than his outside shooting--drilled three consecutive 3-pointers in the final 27.2 seconds of regulation to give the Jazz a chance at the end of the game.

He then added a tip-in as time expired to send the game into overtime after the Jazz entered the second half down by 19 points to LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the new-look Heat.

Millsap's incredible scoring effort catapulted a 72-point second half for the Jazz that forced the Heat into an extra five minutes of play.

Utah eventually won the game, sending the Miami crowd into shock after it looked like the Heat

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Boeing 787 Makes Emergency Landing After Cabin Fire


A Boeing 787 Dreamliner crew was forced to make an emergency landing this week, after the smoke from an electrical fire filled the cabin. The test flight out of Yuma, Arizona was scheduled to land in Harlingen, Texas, opting instead to touch down Laredo, Texas.

According to Wired, the fire affected on-board power, the cockpit displays, and the auto throttle. The test plane, aircraft ZA002, has already flown more than 560 hours for a total of 179 flights.

This particular flight was testing a nitrogen generation system aimed at decreasing the possibility of fuel tank explosions. Boeing is still looking into the exact cause of the incident.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Marine Corps Birthday 235th Celebration

usmc birthday

The United States Marine Corps turns 235 years old Wednesday, November 10, 2010. The Marine Corps was founded in 1775 when the Continental Congress decided to separate the two ways of fighting for war, by water and ground. Formed by Samuel Nicholas at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia. They are one of seven uniformed services in the United States and a component of the United States Department of the Navy.
United States Marine Corps have had engagements in numerous duties including:

American Revolutionary War
Barbary Wars
War of 1812
Seminole Wars
Mexican–American War
American Civil War
Spanish–American War
Philippine–American War
Boxer Rebellion
Banana Wars
World War I
World War II
Korean War
Vietnam War
Gulf War
Kosovo War
Operation Enduring Freedom
Operation Iraqi Freedom

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Elizabeth Smart Testimony

 Elizabeth Smart Testimony
The trial of the kidnappers of Elizabeth Smart is still ongoing and with every day more and more stuff is coming out about what exactly happend during the 2002 fiasco. It was in 2002 in Utah that teenager Elizabeth Smart was abducted by the radical religous man Brian David Mitchell and his wife Wanda Barzee.,

Smart testified on Monday how Mitchell abducted her in the middle of the night and told her that if she spoke a word that he would kill her. Smart went on to say that she went ahead with the plan and drank with the couple and was raped. She said that the sexual abuse went on for a couple weeks and that she completely confided with him. Her testimony went on through Tuesday and she was set to be on the stand on Wednesday.

Mitchell has been coming into the courtroom singing religious hymns and has been reprimanded to a seperate room to watch the proceedings via video camera.

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Carnival Cruise Ship Sits Powerless at Sea After Fire


Sitting powerless fifty five miles west of Punta San Jacinto, Mexico, Carnival Splendor's staff and crew are working non-stop to restore power to the ship crippled by an engine room fire Monday. No one was injured aboard the 113,000-ton ship -- which is carrying 3299 passengers and 1167 crew.

According to The Los Angeles Times, tugboats are expected to arrive in mid-afternoon and will tow the ship back to Ensenada, Mexico, where passengers will disembark and be flown home.
The U.S. Navy plans to deliver 70,000 pounds of bread, canned milk and other food to the ship. The supplies are being flown from North Island Naval Air Station in Coronado to the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan. The carrier's helicopters will then transfer the supplies to the cruise ship".

Carnival president and CEO Gerry Cahill said "Conditions on board the ship are very challenging and we sincerely apologize for the discomfort and inconvenience our guests are currently enduring", and, he admitted that it was "an extremely trying situation."
While their vacation turned into a dreadful situation, passengers will get a full refund, which also covers transportation costs plus credit for a future cruise.

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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580

The curtain rises and we present the review of what promises to be the fastest DirectX 11 GPU market, theGeForce GTX 580, the new top-line NVIDIA. As is usual in our reviews have line graphs, averages, consumption, and extensive technical and theoretical section to not lose any detail of this new beast. Welcome to the new review of MadBoxpc.

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