Monday, October 25, 2010

Taylor Swift: ‘The Story of Us’ Lyrics & Video

Fans are thrilled that the ‘Speak Now’ album has finally arrived. There are some great songs on the record – ‘Dear John’, ‘Better Than Revenge’, ‘Enchanted’, ‘Last Kiss’, and ‘Haunted’, are among fan favorites, but our favorite song written by Taylor Swift is ‘The Story of Us’…Lyrics (links) and video have been included below.

Taylor Swift
In a very recent interview with MTV Taylor Swift divulged her writing process and the meaning behind the ‘Story of Us’. She went into great detail explaining that the song was written about the awkwardness that tends to take place between two people after they breakup.

It wasn’t too long ago that Swift was at an awards show, where a former flame was also in attendance. As a result of the two being forced to be in the same room at the same time, an uncomfortable situation arose. (Man have I been there!) But, instead of bottling it all in Taylor uses her guitar and voice as a means to release her emotions, and although the situation was ackward at the time, it lead to the creation of a brilliant song. So, kudos to her.

The only details the songstress didn’t reveal in the interview are, which ex the song was written about, and what event spawned the uncomfortable situation. I suppose she wants to keep fans guessing… Who do you think ‘The Story of Us’ is about?

Have you listened to the ‘Speak Now’ album yet? If so, what was your favorite song? Drop us a line in the comment section.

Check out pictures of Swift at the Los Angeles Premiere of ‘Easy A’ held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood (click on pics to enlarge) and the promised video below.

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