Sunday, October 24, 2010

UFC 121 Results: Jake Shields Fails To Impress In Win Over Martin Kampmann

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At UFC 121 Jake Shields made his long awaited debut in the UFC against Martin Kampmann. What was supposed to set him up for a title shot at Georges St. Pierre instead made that fight look worthless as Shields badly tired and ended up barely squeaking out a split decision win.

Kampmann managed to get out of mount positions and never took any damage but he also

used poor strategy in going for chokes and giving up position. Kampmann also refused to take advantage of chances to get back to distance where he could work his kickboxing game against the exhausted former Strikeforce champion. Shields managed to spend enough time on top working position to convince two judges he had won the fight.

The judges scored the bout 29-28 Kampmann, 30-27 Shields and 29-28 Shields.

The fight with GSP suddenly looks like one that Jake would lose and lose badly without much doubt.This was being billed by some as the greatest heavyweight fight ever in UFC history. The physical phenom in Brock Lesnar was betting his athleticism could overcome his relative inexperience. He was also betting it was too much for the challenger Cain Velasquez to handle - no matter the AKA product's gas tank, no matter his technical superiority.

And technical superiority it was. There wasn't even a mark on Velasquez's face.

While Lesnar was able to execute takedowns and even unload punishment of his own, this night belonged to Cain Velasquez. The idea that where Carwin fell off Cain could continue was true. Cain took his time to finish and that he did.

This is the first combat sports champion of Mexican origin in the heavyweight ranks.

The stoppage was fair. Lesnar turned his back, forcing the referee to stop the fight.

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