Friday, October 22, 2010

Santa Barbara County Resident Shocked By Shark Attack Death

The victim of a fatal shark attack cried out for help as a shark bit into his leg and then drug him under water, about a 100 yards from Surf Beach at Vandenberg Air Force Base, on Friday morning. [MSNBS]

Lucas Ransom, a 19-year-old University of California, Santa Barbara student, and his friend Matthew Garcia were boogie boarding in the surf line when the shark attacked Ransom without warning.
“When the shark hit him, he just said, ‘Help me, dude!’ He knew what was going on,” Garcia told

Lucas Ransom
the AP. “It was really fast. You just saw a red wave and this water is blue — as blue as it could ever be — and it was just red, the whole wave. Even the barrel was red.”
Garcia spotted Ransom’s red body board, which was attached to Ransom by a cord, and swam to his friend. He did chest compressions as he brought him to shore.
“He was just floating in the water. I flipped him over on his back and underhooked his arms. I was pressing on his chest and doing rescue breathing in the water,” Garcia said. “He was just kind of lifeless, just dead weight.”
Ransom died a short time later at Surf Beach. The UCSB student is from Romoland in Riverside County.
All three beaches at Vandenberg Air Force Base have been shut down for 72 hours.

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