Monday, October 25, 2010

'Hiccup Girl' Charged with First Degree Murder

Back in 2007 the world was introduced to Jennifer Mee, the young girl who could not stop hiccuping. She appeared on the Today show to discuss her condition in which she hiccuped 50 times a minute for five weeks straight until they just eventually went away. It would be annoying, frustrating, and probably painful, but would it be enough to make you go insane?

Maybe. The now 19 year old Jennifer was just charged with murder!

Jenifer and two other girls “allegedly” killed a man while trying to rob him. “Jennifer Mee lured the victim,” to the scene and her friends “robbed him at gunpoint and took miscellaneous items from his person,” says the police report. Then they shot him several times.

Her poor parents. First hiccups and now manslaughter.

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