Saturday, October 23, 2010

WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs: Torture, civilian death toll revealed in latest leak

The War on Iraq has revealed many new issues about the United

States Military Officials who had been acting more than warriors on the Iraqi Lands. The Military Soldiers sent by the United States in to the Iraqi Lands had been accused of abusing, torturing, murdering and killings many innocent Iraqi Civilians by the Wikileaks. The creator of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, told the media about all the documents about the behavior of the US soldiers who had landed on the Iraqi Lands towards the Iraqis. Wikileaks was the only platform which revealed this height of shame for the soldiers that has been sent in another Country to maintain peace rather than destroying the lives of thousands of innocent people. The Wikileaks Afghanistan News has become the latest sensation among millions of people now.More than a thousand casualties in Iraq has become the evidence that the presence of the US soldiers in Iraq has become a source of threat to their lives and the number of deaths in Iraqi lands might continue to increase due to their presence. Previously the information given by the Wikileaks Afghanistan news reached more than 77,000 documents which were revealed to the media related to the behavior of the soldiers in the wars years of Iraq. Several assassinations, executions and shootouts have been carried out on Iraqi Lands and most of the deaths are of several civilians who are not even the part of the war. A few more Wikileaks Afghanistan documents will be in front of the people soon in which will count almost fifteen thousand.

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