Friday, October 22, 2010

Jersey Shore Season 3 Premiere Date Announced

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the Jersey Shore cast is the centerpiece of one of the most successful television shows MTV has ever seen. That’s why the news that the show

will be back for Season 3 this January is worthy of several fist pumps.

The Hollywood Reporter has a great interview with show producer SallyAnn Salsano, who reveals that the show will make it’s way back to airwaves on January 6, 2011. They taped for a longer number of days and she promises a whole load of drama to fill up the dozen or so episodes.Jersey Shore season 3 isn’t here yet, but it can’t come soon enough! The Jersey Shore season 2 finale aired last night, and the crew had a drama-filled farewell to Miami. But even if you saw the full episode of Jersey Shore‘s season 2 finale, you didn’t see all the action – in the deleted scene video below, see the gang take a final trip to the gelato shop. Exclu: The most dramatic ratings success story of the year, MTV’s “Jersey Shore” concludes its Miami-set second season tonight. Love it or hate it, no one can deny that “Shore” is a smartly produced pop-culture phenomena. In a chat with The Hollywood Reporter, co-creator and executive producer SallyAnn Salsano reveals that “Shore” will debut its third season sooner than you might think: The kids' return to Seaside, N.J. will premiere Jan. 6. And with cameras rolling for 55 days for the third round (compared with the first season’s 40), Salsano assures us there’s plenty of fist-throwing and hook-ups to come.
THR: What’s it like to watch the ratings go up every week and beat broadcast shows?
Salsano: There is no better feeling than when you get the chance to make a show that you believe in, that is a gamble, and then have it pay off. And for me, this was the life I have lived. So when the show is getting all kinds of controversy, it was like, “What’s wrong? That’s how I was raised.” I’m an Italian girl from Long Island whose family worked in sanitation for the City of New York. Both my parents drive Cadillacs. I eat pasta every Sunday. It’s like, “Why is everyone so mad?”
What can viewers expect for the next cycle of Seaside episodes?
Salsano: All the relationships start taking a turn, some for the good, some for the bad. There’s plenty of drama. There are some new hook-ups both in the house and outside. The kids legitimately grow up and come into their own in front of your eyes. They’re still the same cast, but I think how they deal with situations is completely different.

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