Friday, October 22, 2010

Head Of The Charles Regatta 2010 is This Weekend

Alex in Wonderland
The 2010 Head of The Charles Regatta will be held this weekend (October 23-24) for the 46th year.

Ever since 1965, rowers from around the world come to the Charles River in Massachusetts to be part of the largest regatta in the world. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, “regatta” simply means “boat race”. The Head of the Charles Regatta, isn’t just your normal boat race though. It is a race of row boats, close to 2,000 of them.

Every year almost 9,000 rowers take part in the Head of Charles race. Those athletes race about 1,750 boats in 56 different events. Each and every year, the attendance of onlookers approach 300,000 people.

The races will be taking place in the Charles River which is between the cities of Boston and Cambridge in Massachusetts. The course is 3.2 miles long and goes from the DeWolfe Boathouse to just after the Eliot Bridge.

There is a lot more to do than just watch or participate in the races. There is an area in the middle of the coarse called “Reunion Village” which is a relaxing place to sit, talk to your friends, and grab a beer. It is the only place where alcohol will be served at the Head of the Charles race. There will be free giveaways from sponsors, Olympic level rowers, and much more. Racers range in age from 14 – 85.

If you attend the event, you are sure to have a good time.It’s so easy to forget. To forget the joy of wind at your feet or the force of an oar through water. When our pursuit of excellence becomes more urgent than our pursuit of happiness, it can be so easy to lose sight of the reasons we picked up our sport in the first place.

It’s so easy to forget, but thanks to my good friend Alex Kuschner, I never had to.

Alex’s rowing career at, and after, Radcliffe has proven to me that the greatest rewards for hard work can’t be recorded in an Excel spreadsheet or written in a resume.

This weekend Alex will be rowing in her first-ever Head of the Charles in the Alumnae Eight, and I can’t think of anyone who better exemplifies the unfailing dedication to a team and genuine love of the sport that the regatta stands for.

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