Monday, January 31, 2011

Indonesian Baby On 40 Cigarettes In One Day : Full Video

The family of the 2 year old Indonesian baby who become an overnight internet sensation after several international news organizations ran stories showing the boy reclining with a cigarette in his mouth are now laughing all the way to the bank.

Last week, sad and strange story of the Indonesia toddler boy who is addicted to cigarettes and smokes 40 cigarettes a day circulated all over the web, showcasing the extreme of a disturbing trend in Indonesia.

Rizal, who lives in a fishing village Musi Banyuasin, Indonesia, perhaps is the youngest smoker in the world. He was given his first cigarette when he was 18 months by his 30-year-old father Mohammed. This gradually developed into a disturbing two-pack-a-day habit for the boy.

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Pro Bowl Score: NFC Defeats AFC, 55-41

Pro Bowl Score: In professional American football, the Pro Bowl is the all-star game of the National Football League (NFL). Since the merger with the rival American Football League (AFL) in 1970, it has been officially called the AFC–NFC Pro Bowl, matching the top players in the American Football Conference (AFC) against those in the National Football Conference (NFC). Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson caught one pass for 11 yards during Sunday's 2011 NFL Pro Bowl.

The game was a high-scoring, offensive affair, but Johnson only had four passes thrown in his direction. Only one of them ended up being caught, and in general he wasn't very involved in the game. That wasn't a problem for the NFC, though. The NFC All-Stars jumped out to a 42-0 lead and eventually ended up winning by a ridiculous score of 55-41.
DeAngelo Hall of the NFC was named the MVP of the 2011 NFL Pro Bowl. He had six tackles, two pass defenses, an interception and a fumble recovery for a touchdown. It's interesting that a defensive player ended up receiving MVP honors in such a high-scoring game, but it's not like there were many players actually trying to stop their opponent from scoring. A common sight was defensive linemen just standing around and waiting for plays to end, and the tackling attempts throughout the game were pretty bad.

This is the Pro Bowl we're talking about, though, so it shouldn't come as a big surprise.Last year, the Aloha Stadium for the NFL Pro Bowl was expired and the commissioner is looking for a new venue for the this years Pro Bowl. Roger GoodellRoger Goodell decided that the Pro Bowl would be occurring before the 2011 Super Bowl.

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WASHINGTON - Canadian television viewers looking for the most thorough and in-depth coverage of the uprising in Egypt have the option of tuning into Al Jazeera English, whose on-the-ground coverage of the turmoil is unmatched by any other outlet. American viewers, meanwhile, have little choice but to wait until one of the U.S. cable-company-approved networks broadcasts footage from AJE, which the company makes publicly available.

American viewers, meanwhile, have little choice but to wait until one of the U.S. cable-company-approved networks broadcasts footage from AJE, which the company makes publicly available. What they can't do is watch the network directly. The result of the Al Jazeera English blackout in the United States has been a surge in traffic to the media outlet's website, where footage can be seen streaming live. The last 24 hours have seen a two-and-a-half thousand percent increase in web traffic, Tony Burman, head of North American strategies for Al Jazeera English, told HuffPost. Sixty percent of that traffic, he said, has come from the United States.

The objections from the cable companies have come for both political and commercial reasons, said Burman, the former editor-in-chief of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. "In 2006, pre-Obama, the experience was a challenging one.

Essentially this was a period when a lot of negative stereotypes were associated with Al Jazeera.I think that's changed. I think if anything the Obama administration has indicated to Al Jazeera that it sees us as part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt protests: Egypt, With Anger and Hope

Egypt protests: On Sunday, the United States stepped up pressure on Mubarak's fledgling government, urging reforms and throwing its full support behind "peaceful protesters" demanding change."We are trying to convey a message that is very clear, that we want to ensure there is no violence and no provocation that results in violence and that we want to see these reforms and a process of national dialogue begun so that the people of Egypt can see their legitimate grievances addressed," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on "This Week with Christiane Amanpour," in the most forecful language she has used thus far.

The military reportedly arrested prisoners that had escaped from Cairo's jails but there were conflicting reports from the region regarding their role in containing disruptions. They were not seemingly enforcing the curfew in place, and Al Jazeera English reported that an army leader told crowds in Tahrir Square Sunday that they wouldn't go against their wishes.
Prime Minister Julia Gillard says the Government has chartered a Qantas 747 aircraft which will evacuate Australians trying to get out of Cairo on Wednesday.She says she has been briefed on the latest situation in Egypt, where at least 125 people have been killed in protests in the past six days.

The military was deployed Friday at the height of this week's tension, and unlike the police, it has mostly been welcomed by the public.At least 125 people are known to have died in six days of protests against Mr Mubarak's government, and fighter jets and helicopters buzzed protesters in the streets of Cairo overnight in an apparent show of force from the regime.

Australian Egyptian Friendship Association spokesman Omar Mustafa expects more blood will be spilled in coming days as the situation intensifies.But he says spirits remain high and although people are scared of both looters and the ruling regime, thousands more are joining the fight.

As American television screens broadcast tens of thousands of protesters in the streets of major Egyptian cities, Ragui Assaad is getting more personal, firsthand reports.Assaad, a professor at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, has been in near-constant contact with his wife, who lives just outside Cairo, and his mother, who is just minutes from the site of major demonstrations.

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WWE Royal Rumble 2011 : Results & Preview

WWE Royal Rumble 2011 : Sunday night is The Royal Rumble. The winner of this 40-man match will go on to main event WrestleMania XXVII. In addition to giving you my predictions for this event, I am also going to give you my predictions as to what we will be seeing in a few months at the "Showcase of the Immortals".As is always the case, you can let me know what you think is going to happen at the Royal Rumble by clicking on the comments link below.

I just ask that you help me keep this site non-spoiler and don't post anything related to the events that have been recorded for Friday night's episode of SmackDown until after that show airs.EXCUSE ME!

Vickie Guerrero is in the center of the ring. After severe injuries due to the brutal attack from last week, Vickie regrets to inform the crowd that Teddy Long isn’t there tonight.Therefore, she is the acting General Manager of Smackdown. She’ll first take the opportunity to wish Teddy Long the very best and a speedy recovery. As far as the Royal Rumble.

Randy Orton’s music hits and the number one contender for the WWE Championship makes his way out to the ring.
Vickie says she doesn’t understand why he’s out here since his match isn’t until later tonight. The crowd chants for an RKO. Orton says he’s only here to show his appreciation for being invited to Smackdown.

Orton says he doesn’t know Vickie all that well so she’ll have to excuse him. She’ll have to excuse him for what he’s going to do to her boyfriend later tonight, just like The Miz will have to excuse him this Sunday when he takes the WWE Championship away from him. Orton puts his arm around Vickie and says as for her, nice hair. As for Vickie, there is no excuse. Vickie acts grossed out and backs away from him.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Florida Woman :Julie Schenecker Murdered Her Own Teenage Children

Julie Schenecker : Florida woman, who confessed to killing their children because they “talked back” and was “talkative”, failed to appear in court on Saturday, as she was hospitalized and reportedly in intensive care with an uncertain condition.Police say Julie Schenecker, 50, confessed to killing her 16-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son with a .38-caliber pistol. Authorities say she also plans to commit suicide."The suspect (Julia Schenecker) confessed to killing her two children. She described the crimes in detail,"

Tampa Police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said in a statement.Schenecker was arrested and charged with two counts of first degree murder.No one answered at the house. At the back door, a police officer found the mother covered in blood. Inside, police found the bodies of the children and a note from the mother detailing how she would kill her children and then herself with a .38-caliber pistol.

Her husband Parker Schenecker, 48, is a colonel in the U.S. Army stationed at Central Command headquarters at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. He was out of the country on duty when he was told of the killings.Julie Schenecker shot Calyx Schenecker in the back of this teenager’s head that is being recognized as Julie’s 16-year-old daughter.

The daughter was also shot twice by Julie as second fire was made by this killer mom in the face when Calyx was busy in doing her homework, stated by police. It was stated by Julie during investigation that the children have been killed only because they were mouthy and Julie had lost her senses because of their habit, stated by Laura McElroy who is recognized as police spokeswoman.

Florida Woman :Julie Schenecker Murdered Her Own Teenage Children

The arrest of Julie Schenecker was made by authorities on Friday afternoon under the murder charges of first degree. No remorse is being shown by Julie, stated by McElroy. Beau Schenecker is being recognized as a student at Liberty Middle School of eight grade.Was scheduled court date on the second Sunday. It is not clear whether Schenecker will appear.She was charged with two counts of murder first degree.

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On January 28, 1986, seventy three seconds after liftoff, the space shuttle Challenger exploded, killing all on board.

Millions of Americans witnessed the tragedy on television, many of whom were tuned in because it was to be the first flight of the Teacher In Space Program and carried Sharon Christa McAuliffe, the first civilian to fly in space.In addition to McAuliffe, the crew included Francis R. Scobee; pilot Michael J. Smith; mission specialists Ronald E. McNair, Ellison S. Onizuka, and Judith A. Resnik; and payload specialists Gregory B. Jarvis.

NASA held a memorial at the launch site in Cape Canaveral, Florida to honor the Challenger's seven crew members, including schoolteacher and citien Christa McAuliffe, who perished in the space shuttle's explosion, as well as the "fallen explorers" on board the Apollo 1 and Columbia.

"This year marks the 25th anniversary of the loss of Challenger a tragedy that caused us to completely re-think our systems and processes as we worked to make the shuttle safer," NASA administrator Charles Bolden said in a statement. "The legacy of those who have perished is present every day in our work and inspires generations of new space explorers."


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Friday, January 28, 2011

Justin Bieber Died : Fever Death Rumors

Justin Bieber Died: In what appears to be the first celebrity death hoax of 2010, rumors were flying this morning that teen sensation Justin Bieber was dead at only 15-years-old. It’s popular nowadays the pranks for death. Most of the victims are celebrities because they can hit the news and media. We have heard about death rumors of Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp and even Tom Cruise. Wow! Today’s victim is Justin Bieber, the one of the most popular in Youtube before.

Bieber was born on March 1, 1994, in London, Ontario and was raised in Stratford, Ontario. Bieber's mother, Pattie Mallette, was 18 years old when she became pregnant with her son. Mallette, who worked a series of low-paying office jobs, raised Bieber as a single mother in low-income housing. However, Bieber maintains contact with his father, Jeremy Bieber, who married another woman and had two children.Bieber's paternal great-grandfather was a German immigrant to Canada.

During his ch
ildhood, Bieber was interested in hockey, soccer, and chess; he often kept his musical aspirations to himself. As he grew, Bieber taught himself to play the piano, drums, guitar, and trumpet. In early 2007, when he was twelve, Bieber sang Ne-Yo's "So Sick" for a local singing competition in Stratford and placed second. Mallette posted a video of the performance on YouTube for their family and friends to see. She continued to upload videos of Bieber singing covers of various R&B songs, and Bieber's popularity on the site grew

As you can see, Justin Bieber is much like very alive. And I was like baby baby baby ooh , when I heard this hoax news about Justin Bieber. Well, we all know there many haters of Justin Bieber, and so this can be much of a prank rather than a real one."Baby", the lead single from the second half of his debut album, which features Ludacris, was released in January 2010 and became his biggest hit thus far, charting at number five in the U.S. and reaching the top ten in seven other countries. Two digital singles, "Never Let You Go", and "U Smile" were top thirty hits on the U.S. Hot 100, and top twenty hits in Canada

Justin Bieber rumors continue to swirl. Stories have circulated around the web saying that Bieber, a pop singer who was discovered on YouTube, committed suicide on July 31.

So did Justin Bieber die? Uh, no.

There have been no official statements from any reputable source stating that Justin Bieber has died. The only evidence seems to be a series of internet stories making the rounds. Many rumors were accompanied by what appeared to be a TMZ story that confirmed the Justin Bieber death? The article appears to be a hoax as no story about Just Bieber's death appears on the TMZ site. The Justin Bieber death rumor is the latest in a long line of celebrity death rumors that seem to circulate endlessly on the web.

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Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion : Painful Wound

Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion : It was shortly before noon on January 28, 1986. President Ronald Reagan was in the Oval Office, preparing for a traditional pre-State of the Union luncheon with television news anchors. Then, as Reagan remembered it, Vice President Bush and National Security Advisor John Poindexter strode into the room with terrible news.“All they could say at the time was that they had received a flash that the space shuttle had exploded,” Reagan said later.A quarter-century later, images of the exploding space shuttle still signify all that can go wrong with technology and the sharpest minds. The accident on Jan. 28, 1986 – a scant 73 seconds into flight, nine miles above the Atlantic for all to see – remains NASA's most visible failure.

It was the world's first high-tech catastrophe to unfold on live TV. Adding to the anguish was the young audience: School children everywhere tuned in that morning to watch the launch of the first schoolteacher and ordinary citizen bound for space, Christa McAuliffe.

She never made it.

McAuliffe and six others on board perished as the cameras rolled, victims of stiff O-ring seals and feeble bureaucratic decisions.It was, as one grief and trauma expert recalls, "the beginning of the age when the whole world knew what happened as it happened."In that flash, US history changed. The space program had suffered its most dire tragedy yet, with its fate perhaps now hanging in the balance. And President Reagan himself – with no warning – faced a pivotal moment of his presidency.By the time the Challenger was getting ready to take off, we had largely become bored with the missions after the initial excitement over their launches. Yawn, ANOTHER shuttle takeoff was about to happen.

Then NASA decided to change everything and send a teacher into space. With the addition of teacher Christa McAuliffe they made a jaded nation care. Care enough to watch every move before the mission. Care enough to chronicle her training activities. Care enough to pack a generation of kids into gyms across the country to watch the shuttle take off live. Care enough to be changed forever by the events we witnessed that morning.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Archer " Returns For Season 2, Fx Tv Show :(Watch It)

"Archer " Returns For Season 2
Ah, yes! Now I remember. In my Season 2 review of the FX comedy, I wrote about why I think it's swell, but I do have something more to share with you: A few thoughts about 'Swiss Miss,' the first episode of the new season. Consider them conversation-starters, because I'm very keen to hear how my fellow 'Archer' fans liked the season 2 premiere.

The show may be an acquired taste for some, but if you'll allow me to pursue the food analogy, watching 'Archer' reminds me of dining in the restaurant of a chef who likes to try risky combinations. Peanut butter and spinach casserole! Lentil ice cream! Cheese made with toffee! I have never tried any of these things, but my experience of the better restaurants is that almost anything can be combined if chef is skilled enough.

This episode contained all the stuff I liked about Archer season one – great dialogue and banter; bawdy humor you almost feel demented for laughing at; plenty of animated sex appeal (because that IS a thing, apparently); and some cool spy action. Not only did “Swiss Miss” offer these familiar Archer tropes, it had them neatly ordered and polished to perfection.It’s clear that the cast and crew of the show have found a rhythm and comfort zone in exploring the many “danger zones” of Archer’s spy lifestyle.

Some of the season one episodes felt a bit disjointed in the execution of their multiple plotlines, and it was apparent that there was a lot of experimentation going on insofar as the amount of screen time that was alloted to the supporting characters.Every few years, a show like Archer bursts onto the scene, rewrites all the rules during its first season and then edges toward the middle of the pack during its sophomore run.

"Archer " Returns For Season 2

If the rest of season two is anything like the first episode, that definitely won’t be a problem. Tonight’s premiere episode follows the team as they head to Switzerland to protect the daughter of an eccentric billionaire. Malory is especially giddy over the prospect as cutbacks have forced her to buy fox furs rather than their more luxurious animal counterparts.Archer premieres tonight on FX at 10 PM EST. Some day soon America will be talking about this show. You might as well get there before it’s too crowded.

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Jimmy Buffett suffered a fall during a concert in Sydney, Australia, earlier today, after flashing lights temporarily impaired his vision during the show. Now TMZ reports that the musician is "doing well" and has been released from the hospital.The 64-year-old 'Margaritaville' singer crashed into a gap at the edge of his stage, where he hit his head, suffering a massive cut.

The concert during which the accident occurred was tacked onto the singer's three sold-out shows in honor of Australia Day, which celebrates the first British fleet's arrival in Sydney in 1788.Australia's Daily Telegraph reports that audience members saw the 64-year-old fall face first off the stage and hit his head.

Buffett's manager then took the stage and urged fans to leave the auditorium, the Hordem Pavillion.The singer was brought to Sydney's St. Vincent's Hospital.


After Buffett's fall off stage, timing was of the essence to make sure he would be okay. Fulde found that he still had a strong heartbeat, then stayed by his side once he was finally taken to St. Vincent's hospital. There, Fulde helped conduct a brain scan, and kept him awake just in case things got worse.

Ultimately, Buffett only needed several stitches, as he was not seriously injured after all. But although he was released from the hospital today, he will still need a bit of rest after what happened. Reportedly, he was blinded by flashing lights, and couldn't see where he was going when he stumbled.

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MTA Info Map : Buses & Some Subways Suspended

A major snowstorm pelting Northeast United States is responsible for a virtual shutdown of everything in cities like Boston, Philadelphia and New York, according to CNN.Many schools and government offices will likely remain closed for the day as the region deals with the after-effects of the day-long snowstorm. Schools and administrative offices remained closed in Philadelphia, where a snow emergency was declared, and Washington, DC. Public transit was also shut down across the region.

An MTA bus driver was shot in the face with a pellet gun late Tuesday, allegedly by a 25-year-old passenger who refused to pay his fare.The driver was behind the wheel of his bus at Main and 53rd streets when the incident occurred, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The suspect got into a dispute with the driver and exited the bus. But after the bus pulled away, he ran after it, officials said.

"While the bus operator was letting off passengers, the suspect approached the open door and fired three rounds from the pellet gun at him," according to a statement by Capt. Mike Parker. "One round struck the bus operator in the right cheek. The suspect then ran from the area."A major snowstorm pelting Northeast United States is responsible for a virtual shutdown of everything in cities like Boston, Philadelphia and New York, according to CNN.

Here's the word on the buses:

Local Bus Emergency News & Service Update

Last updated: January 27, 8:25 AM MTA local bus is operating with limited service. Customers should expect major delays. As roads become more accessible, additional routes will be added.

The following routes are open: 1, 3, 5, 7, 8,10,13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 23, 29, 33, 35, 40, 44, 48, 52,53, 54, 56, 57, 77

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Metro-North Train Schedule : On Line News

Latest News Updates Today For tomorrow, Thursday, January 27-Metro North Train Schedule:By 9 am, the main service line to resume in the New Haven line, and work scheduled on Sunday, according to Metro North. However, 9:32 am, 10:32 am and 11:32 am train departing New Haven will not work. New Canaan, Danbury and Waterbury branches continue to be suspended. This schedule provides for a limited service. MTA officials have asked residents to travel only if necessary.

The Metro North train schedule has been a casualty of the new winter storm. In fact, the Metro North train schedule had been suspended overnight, as the Northeast endured its latest blizzard. Today, resources are devoted to the cleanup, although most citizens will need to stay home in the meantime. Yet there are those who can't stay home, and still have work to do despite the difficult conditions.

All train service on the New Haven Line and its branch lines to New Canaan, Danbury and Waterbury remain suspended at 8:15 Thursday morning. "We're digging out, we're still digging out the switch points, the platforms, the parking lots, the yards, everything," Marjorie Anders, an MTA spokesman, said.

Total Snowfall: Storm total snowfall (including the burst of heavy snow yesterday morning along the coast) ranges from 5 – 9” of powdery snow in the NW Hills, 12 – 18” of snow in a band from Southwestern CT to Hartford to Northeastern CT, and 16 – 22” in a band from South Central CT to the Norwich area.

Metro North has suspended service to New Canaan, Danbury and Waterbury branches of the New Haven line due to heavy snowfall.

Whiteout on Wednesday added a snowy January on record, counting a total of up to 50 inches this winter. Schools are also closed, and many of them are in their fourth, fifth or sixth day of school due to weather.

Connecticut Department of Transportation has closed I-95 for trucks to 10 am, closed the highway north between exits 12 and 13 in Darien because of several disabilities trailers for tractors, which has caused backups at the output of six and seven. Emergency management officials are asking residents to stay off roads, if possible, as they work to plow roads.

Metro-North Train Schedule : Watch Video

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Chris Medina On 'American Idol' 2011 : Sings For Brain Damaged Girlfriend Julia Ramos :Watch It Here

Chris Medina American Idol Audition Video Did you catch Chris Medina’s American Idol audition video on Wednesday’s show? Wow, talk about a tearjerker! Crimony.

The American Idol Milwaukee auditions aired last night turned out to be emotional when a contestant Chris Medina introduced his brain damaged fiancée to the American Idol judges.The 26-year-old Chris Medina won the hearts of American Idol trio, when he performed an emotional rendition of The Script's Breakeven for his wife-to-be Juliana, who suffered through the worst tragedy following a car crash in 2009.

I wasn’t ready for that! Chris Medina a great singer and one tough cookie.Two weeks before Chris Medina and his girlfriend Julia Ramos were to get married, Julia was in a terrible car crash.

She was left with considerable brain damage.Chris Medinas heartbreaking story provided American Idol with one of its most touching moments in the shows history. Chris Medina now takes.

Mail will not be published required. The 26year old barista from Illinois appeared on Wednesdays tryout episode of the national singing competition and brought with him his girlfriend Julia Ramos.

Chris Medina On 'American Idol' 2011

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HOUSTON — Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on Wednesday left intensive care for the first time since she was shot in the head in Arizona more than two weeks ago, the latest big step in the long road to recovery.With her progress moving at "lightning speed," doctors had the Arizona lawmaker moved to TIRR Memorial Hermann hospital, where she immediately began therapy that could last several months.Doctors said she will have a valve inserted into her breathing tube to help her talk.A breathing tube was placed in Giffords' neck after she was shot.

Aisiku said while she can breathe independently and swallow safely, the tube cannot be immediately removed because of the length of time it has been in place.Instead, doctors will lessen her dependence on it, a process that has already begun, until it can be safely removed.
Precise details on Giffords' recovery were scant out of respect for the family's wishes, doctors said, though Kim said Giffords was making progress at "lightning speed.

"Doctors did not say whether she is able to sit up or stand on her own.Doctors had previously reported that Giffords was having difficulty moving the right side of her body. On Wednesday, they described that as "weakness" and said her ability to move had improved.

Doctors said Giffords is doing her rehabilitation in her room and not in the hospital's large gym-like facilities where dozens of patients can undergo therapy simultaneously. She is interacting with the staff and her family and is awake "about as much as you or I are," Aisiku said.On Tuesday night, Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly, were photographed in her room watching President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech.

The three-term Democratic lawmaker's ability to swallow safely could mean she won't need a tube feeding her much longer, said Dr. Imoigele Aisiku, director of neurocritical care at Memorial Hermann.

Giffords began physical, occupational and speech therapy just hours after she was transferred, under heavy guard, in an ambulance from the ICU of a Texas Medical Center hospital to the rehab center.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Egypt Protests: Thousands Fill Streets To Protest Mubarak On 'Jan 25' (Pics & Videos)

Egypt Protests: Thousands Fill Streets To Protest Mubarak On 'Jan 25'
CAIRO (AP) -- Thousands of anti-government protesters, some hurling rocks and climbing atop an armored police truck, clashed with riot police Tuesday in the center of Cairo in a Tunisia-inspired demonstration to demand the end of Hosni Mubarak's nearly 30 years in power.

Police responded with blasts from water cannons and set upon crowds with batons and acrid clouds of tear gas to clear demonstrators crying out "Down with Mubarak" and demanding an end to Egypt's grinding poverty, corruption, unemployment and police abuses.

Tuesday's demonstration, the largest Egypt has seen for years, began peacefully, with police showing unusual restraint in what appeared to be a calculated strategy by the government to avoid further sullying the image of a security apparatus widely seen as little more than corrupt thugs in uniforms.With discontent growing over economic woes, and the toppling of Tunisia’s president still resonating in the region, Egypt’s government – which normally responds with swift retribution to any dissent – needed to tread carefully.

But as crowds filled downtown Cairo’s Tahrir Square – waving Egyptian and Tunisian flags and adopting the same protest chants that rang out in the streets of Tunis – security personnel changed tactics and the protest turned violent.

The bus was taking a tour group on the 115 mile (185 kilometer) journey from Aswan to the ancient temples of Abu Simbel along Lake Nasser, when it ran into the truck carrying sand parked on the side of a single lane desert road, killing six women and two men.The Egyptian driver and a guide were also injured in the accident.Egyptian security officials said the hurt Americans were first transferred to a military hospital for treatment and then 10 of the injured, including two Egyptians, were airlifted to a hospital in Cairo.

Egypt Bus Crash Kills 8 Americans

Road accidents are common in Egypt because of bad roads and poor enforcement of traffic rules, and crashes involving tour groups are not uncommon.Last month, eight foreign tourists were killed when their tour bus lost control and flipped over several times on a winding mountain road near a resort on Egypt's Red Sea coast, while in October six Belgian tourists were killed in a crash in the south.

An estimated 8,000 people die in car accidents annually in Egypt.

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The 50-foot, 450-pound monitor lizard was first seen walking through the complex and the animal is believed to be a pet that escaped its owner. The large lizard will be held at a shelter and taken care of by a reptile expert until its owner claims it.

The scary site cause quite the stir in the United States, monitor lizards are only native to Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, New Guinea and China but are legal to own as exotic pets in the United States. The lizards have become a staple in the pet trade. They are very intelligent creatures and through studies- experts have discovered these lizards can actually count numbers up to six.RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Animal services officers often get calls reporting "huge," monstrous reptiles, only to arrive and find an itty-bitty garden snake.

The 5-foot Monitor lizard wandering around a condo complex in the city of Riverside was way bigger than animal control officer Jenny Selter could have imagined.

Jenny Shelter, Animal Control Office, was on the scene and couldn’t believe how monstrous this lizard was:“She said she saw it and almost jumped back in her truck,” said John Welsh, spokesman for Riverside County Animal Services.

“The residents were freaking out because here’s the Godzilla-like creature walking down the sidewalk.”Dahm said that he got his dragon about 10 years ago from an animal Shippensburg, which has since ceased operations. Some students had bought the animal at a reptile show, beating large and medium-sized, lizard, and sold in pet stores. Other students have bought twice the screen but he returned to the store.

The closest relatives are the lizards and anguid helodermatid .lizards are generally large reptiles, although some can be as small as 12 centimeters in length. They have a long neck, powerful tails and claws, and well-developed members.


During the late Cretaceous era, monitor lizards and their relatives are believed to have evolved into amphibians, then fully marine forms, mosasaurs, which reached lengths of up to 17 m.It was also believed that snakes are more closely related to lizards than any other existing type of reptile, but it was suggested that snakes are the sister group of clade iguanians and anguimorphs.

"The last one we had was nasty. But this one doesn't hiss and we were able to walk it around. It was investigating and didn't snap at anyone," Welsh said. "We suspect that it's been someone's pet for a long time, because it's so big. I think they might let it wander around the house. Maybe it sleeps on a bean bag?"Welsh thinks the scaly pet might have escaped its cage or gotten loose while its owner was away, and he hoped its owner comes to claim it soon.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Latest News : Michelle Obama Wears Rachel Roy Dress

While President Obama addressed America with his State of the Union Address last night, fashion were googling and twitting to find out which designer Michelle Obama was wearing. A silver gray sheath dress donned with tasteful lucite bracelet bangles was a perfect choice for the fashionable Mrs. O, with its' somber color tone as she sat with the family of Christina Taylor Green who was killed in the Tuscon, Arizona shooting. The First Lady was criticized by Oscar De La Renta for her Alexander McQueen gown she recently wore to the State Dinner of visiting Chinese President Hu Jintao.

His position is that Michelle Obama should have worn an American designer instead of promoting European/UK designers.First Lady Mrs. O and Dr. Jill Biden joined the President in the East Room of the White House today to announce a new pledge to support military families.

“These are lasting commitments by the government to address your needs and concerns for years to come. And my hope is that these recommendations will live on no matter the president, no matter the party,” said the First Lady.

On a style note, both Mrs. O and Dr. B turned to suits and pearls for this appearance, showcasing two distinct variations on the same concept. The First Lady wore a grey tweed skirt suit, paired with a triple strand of pearls. Dr. B dressed in a mix of neutrals, combining a taupe skirt with an ivory tuxedo jacket. Pearl accessories completed the look.

Although many observers said Michelle Obama looked radiant in her silk organza Alexander McQueen gown at a state dinner last week, she was criticized by some for not wearing an American designer.

We love you Mrs. O for being a 'Tru Fashion Now' because of your love for fashion and your choices of not following in the blueprint of other First Ladies like the great Jackie O. Being a Tru Fashion Now, is someone who has their own interpretation and sense of style; color, silhouettes, designer and creativity and you have certainly made your mark in the fashion world with youe choices.

American Desingner : Michelle Obama’s Understand Style

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This morning, Tuesday January 25th, the official nominations for the 83rd Academy Awards are to be announced live. The 2011 Oscar presentation will take place Sunday, February 27, 2011, hosted by none other than two of the year’s most prolific young stars in James Franco and Anne Hathaway.

This year’s presenters will be headlined by Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges, Sandra Bullock, Marisa Tomei and Oprah Winfrey - Here’s the nomination livestream and the full list of nominees:

Best Picture
Black Swan
The Fighter
The Kids Are All Right
The King's Speech
127 Hours
The Social Network
Toy Story 3
True Grit
Winter's Bone

Actress in a Leading Role
Annette Bening, The Kids Are All Right
Nicole Kidman, Rabbit Hole
Jennifer Lawrence, Winter's Bone
Natalie Portman, Black Swan
Michelle Williams, Blue Valentine

Best Direction
Darren Aronofsky for “Black Swan”
Joel Coen and Ethan Coen for “True Grit”
David Fincher for “The Social Network”
Tom Hooper for “The King’s Speech”
David O. Russell for “The Fighter”

Christian Bale, The Fighter
John Hawkes, Winter’s Bone
Jeremy Renner, The Town
Mark Ruffalo, The Kids Are All Right
Geoffrey Rush, The King’s Speech

Animated Feature
“How to Train Your Dragon”
“The Illusionist”
“Toy Story 3″

But perhaps the most shocking was the fact that Davis Guggenheim's Waiting for Superman, a documentary about the failure of America's public schools, was nowhere to be seen in the list of nominees.

Watch live streaming video from academyawards at

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Indian Republic Day : 26th January 2011

The Republic Day of India commemorates the date on which the Constitution of India came into force replacing the Government of India Act 1935 as the governing document of India on 26 January 1950. A strong and resurgent India will be celebrating its 62nd Republic Day tomorrow. This year's parade will highlight the nation's achievements in various fields, the military prowess, scintillating display of air power as also country's rich and diverse cultural heritage.The highlight this year will

be the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas, participating in the Republic Day Parade on the Rajpath for the first time.

The twin seater Trainer Version of the Tejas is being displayed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation. The DRDO equipment columns include an array of Naval Underwater Weapons such as torpedoes, Life Support Systems such as Submarine Escape Suit and the Long Range Solid State Active Phased Array Radar. The Indian Army will display its most advanced T-90 tank, Brahmos Launcher System, Pinaka Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher, Reporter Tactical Control Radar, NBC Recce Vehicle, Indigenous Pontoons Movable Section Brigade, Integrated Network Platform, Prahar-510 Armoured Troop Carrier and a flypast by the Army Aviation Corps' Advanced Light Helicopter Dhruv.

While the Indian Navy will display scaled down models of the aircraft carrier INS Viraat, Talwar kilo class submarine and the Mig-29K, the 4th Generation fighter jet inducted last year, the Indian Air Force tableau will focus on Network Centric Operations based on the AFNET, the state-of-the-art gigabyte digital information grid, also dedicated to the nation last year. However, the IAF will not hold any static-display of any of its aircrafts.

On this day, First he unfurls the National flag, as the National Anthem is played, and a 21-gun salute is given.Then important awards like the Ashok Chakra and Kirti Chakra are given away by the President, before the regiments of Armed Forces start their march past.The different regiments of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force march past in all their finery and official decorations.

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Deadly Blast At Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport :Breaking News

MOSCOW — A suicide bomber slipped into a crowd waiting for international passengers arriving at Moscow's newest and busiest airport, detonating a huge blast that killed 35 people and exposed another weak spot in security for global air travelers.The attack at Domodedovo international airport illustrated how difficult it is to safeguard public areas at terminals, even as the United States and other governments engaged in a cat-and-mouse battle with would-be bombers have tightened screenings of passengers and their luggage.An explosion rocked Moscow's busiest airport today,killing injuring scores of people, according to Russian officials.

The explosion at Domodedovo airport,in the southeast of the Russian capital,occurred on Monday afternoon inside the airport's international arrivals hall near the baggage area.But Monday's attack, which brought devastation to the bustling international terminal of the country's busiest airport, achieved a new level of visibility. The bomber attacked at the airport's most vulnerable point, the unsecured reception area outside customs.

Domodedovo, which underwent a big renovation and expansion in the past decade, is about 25 miles southeast of central Moscow and is the largest of three airports that serve the capital.It handles 600 flights a day from all points of the globe, including major U.S. airports. It is a more potent symbol than the Moscow subway system, bombed in March in an attack that killed 40, or the Moscow-St. Petersburg rail line, disrupted by a bombing 14 months ago that killed 27.

Moscow police have been put on alert over possible terror attacks in the capital. Police are also on alert at Vnukovo airport and Sheremetyevo international airport in Moscow, and in the metro system.International flights are being redirected to other Moscow area airports. Some 80 emergency teams are already on the spot. The first groups of injured passengers have already been taken to hospital.

Deadly Blast At Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport

Medvedev is holding an urgent meeting with the Prosecutor General, the Investigative Committee Chief and the Transportation Minister.When they finally made it into the airport, he said, he and the other passengers were led past sheets of blue plastic, which hid signs of the carnage. Meanwhile, transportation officials had ordered “100 percent control of passengers and visitors and their baggage, including their hand baggage,” resulting in long, snaking lines and shoving matches at the airport’s entrances.

Watch Full Video

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Ohio Gas Explosion , Natural Gas Blast : In Ohio Town

FAIRPORT HARBOR, Ohio — Built-up pressure in natural gas lines led to a house explosion, a series of fires and a brief evacuation order on a frigid morning Monday for an Ohio village of about 3,000 people, none of whom appeared to be injured.

At least 15 fires were reported in homes, apartments and other buildings in Fairport Harbor, a lakefront village on Lake Erie about 30 miles northeast of Cleveland. All had been extinguished by mid-afternoon, said Tom Talcott, deputy chief of the fire department in nearby Mentor.The fires rendered several structures uninhabitable, Talcott said. Officials were still checking homes in late afternoon to make sure no gas built up in unoccupied ones during the day.Authorities say built-up pressure in natural gas lines led to the fires, and an explosion in one house.

The village of Fairport Harbor, with a population of about 3,000, was briefly ordered evacuated - but when the situation stabilized, people were told to stay indoors and turn off the gas. Evacuated residents who had gathered at a community center are now returning home.

Temperatures were well below freezing at the time of the explosion, and residents who evacuated went to a community center. Jeff Zidonis, spokesman for gas company Dominion East Ohio, couldn't say whether the cold was a factor in the pressure problems that led to the explosion.The fires affected homes, apartments and other buildings and severely damaged at least two, Talcott said. Authorities received more than two dozen calls from people reporting gas odors.An evacuation had been ordered, but residents instead were soon directed to instead turn off gas lines and stay inside when the situation stabilized.

Nearly the whole village was affected, Talcott said, but he didn’t have an estimate of how many residents had evacuated.Residents who had gathered at a community center began returning home, and some were told gas company representatives would check each home and repair any damage."We have several roads blocked with fire hose, very icy conditions from the water runoff, and we're better off if people stay put," he said.

Hopefully we'll get everybody up and go home and make sure our house is OK, and make sure there's no water exploding out of pipes from being frozen," said Dorothy Tye, 45, who left at 7:30 a.m. after discovering that the furnace wasn't working. "That's what we're hoping for."Tye, who evacuated with her husband and elderly mother, had also brought along the family's pet bunny rabbit, Snickers.

Dominion East Ohio said that the gas line system was back to normal pressure and that the problems appeared to have been isolated to one part of town.

Ohio Gas Explosion Natural Gas Blast : Full Video

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So today’s the big day. Oprah is going to tell us a secret on her show. Will you bet watching? I won’t. But it’s nothing personal, big, O. I just won’t be near a TV at the time your show airs. Plus, I’m pretty busy today and really don’t have an hour to kill just to hear your secret.But I’m sure others do. And they’ll likely tune in with great interest so they can get the skinny directly from the Queen of Talk, herself. Internet chat rooms are already abuzz as to what it could be.

Oprah’s not saying anything except to categorize it as a family secret that will be a real bombshell.She told viewers a family secret "shook her to her core" when she first learned of it months ago. She also teased brief footage of a reunion, with someone seen (only from behind) stepping from the shadows onto the stage for an embrace.But who is it? Someone Oprah never expected to see again? Someone Oprah never knew existed? A child? A sibling? A doppelganger twin sister?!? Oprah called the news a "miracle.

So…what is Oprah’s secret?

Perez Hilton says that Oprah will be reunited with her half-sister, who was given up for adoption when she was just an infant. Supposedly Oprah’s mother, Vernita Lee, named the baby “Bunny”, but didn’t have the means to care for her and chose to give her up.Oprah, you had us at “family secret.”

Oprah Winfrey’s announcement that she will stage a surprise reunion on her talk show Monday has prompted speculation about the person’s identity.In a promotional spot that shows a shadowy person joining her on stage, Winfrey calls the revelation a "miracle."I I was given some news that literally shook me to my core. This time, I'm the one being reunited," she said in a teaser clip (watch below). "I was keeping a family secret for months, and on Monday you're going to hear it straight from me."


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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Jets Super Bowl | Afc Championship Game: 2011 (Full Video)

PITTSBURGH - Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers found a fitting way to shut down the New York Jets' season.What started with "Hard Knocks," ended with hard knocks.For the third time in six seasons, Terrible Towels will twirl at the Super Bowl, where the Steelers will meet Green Bay after silencing Rex Ryan's wild bunch in a 24-19 victory for the AFC championship Sunday.

New York (13-6) failed for the fourth time in the AFC title game since 1969, when the Jets won perhaps the most significant of all Super Bowls. It was a devastating finish, particularly after the Jets beat Peyton Manning and the Colts, then Tom Brady and the Patriots on the road to get to Pittsburgh.The Steelers snapped New York's hopes of making the Super Bowl a sixth-seed spectacular; the Packers are the NFC's No. 6 seed.Coach
Mike Tomlin had his Steelers eager for the fight from the outset, while Ryan's guys were flat until it was too late.
The Jets did get a 45-yard TD pass from Mark Sanchez to Santonio Holmes -- the hero of Pittsburgh's Super Bowl victory two years ago -- and a safety after Pittsburgh's goal-line stand.He finished 10 of 19 for 133 yards and two interceptions, though his mobility did give the Jets trouble much of thenight. He finished with 11 carries for 21 yards and a 2-yard scramble into the end zone to give the Steelers a 17-0 lead midway through the second quarter.But things got dicey for the Steelers in the second half.

The Jets defence pitched a second-half shutout on what had been a dominating Pittsburgh offence.Jerricho Cotchery's 4-yard TD catch cut the lead to five late in the fourth quarter, and the Jets kicked the ball back to Steelers hoping for a big defensive stand.It wasn't to be, not with Roethlisberger at the controls. His last pass turned out to be the most important of the night.

Nick Folk made a 42-yard field goal at the end of the first half as Pittsburgh went to a prevent defense. Holmes got behind Taylor down the right sideline for his TD, and Mike DeVito pulled down Roethlisberger in the end zone after the quarterback fumbled a snap.

The record crowd of 66,662 lost its fervor when Cotchery came free in the left flat for his score.But Roethlisberger hit Heath Miller for 14 yards, then Brown for 14 to send the Steelers to yet another Super Bowl.

Tomlin, only the third coach in Pittsburgh since 1969 – Chuck Noll won four Super Bowls and Bill Cowher one – led the Steelers to their last title in 2008. He could become the second coach to win two titles in his first four seasons. Joe Gibbs is the other.

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Jets Super Bowl | Afc Championship Game: 2011 (Full Video)

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Is : Selena Gomez Gonna Pregnant With Justin Bieber?

Selena Gomez pregnant is being searched right now and I am really not sure why. I mean I know the 18-year-old Disney star has taken off her purity ring for Justin Bieber but… pregnancy seems a little far-fetched. Gomez’ parents are already furious that she has taken the ring off, I doubt the onset of a pregnant rumor are going to calm them down.It turns out that the recent Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dating news has sparked an outrage with Gomez’ parents. Ricardo Gomez and Mandy Teefy are PISSED off that Gomez has stopped wearing the purity ring that she has had on since she was 12-years-old.

They have said stated that Justin Bieber needs to stop seducing their daughter and are hoping that she doesn’t make a huge mistake; Bieber-Gomez babies out in the wild…what a scary thought!I’m sure we will hear from Selena Gomez’s rep at some point today, and I’m sure that he/she will assure us that Selena Gomez is not pregnant. But how did these rumors start?At least that what the troublemakers over at Twitter want us to think. It looks like some Twitter prankster wants to mess with the love life of the Disney star.

The rumor in the Twitter stream, perhaps started by the band of pranksters who kill off celebs on Twitter occasionally, has it that TMZ ran a story that the teen couple is expecting a child together.Think about what the value of a story like that would be if it were confirmed. However, according to Babble, a Selena Gomez pregnant rumor has no traction to it. In fact, there does not appear to be a story on TMZ that supports such a rumor.

So, for now, until more credible sources come forward with this tabloid online gossip based on facts, the eager-Bieber fans of the couple can rest assured that the Selena Gomez pregnant story is false.

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The Best : Burmese Classic Daily Movie ! Full Coverage

Burmese Classic Daily Movie Online Watch Burmese Classic Daily Movie Here are the exclusive photos covering the Engagement ceremony of Pyay Ti Oo and Eaindra Kyaw Zin which was held on today (1st January 2011) at Eaindra Kyaw Zin's house. Parents and Guardians of bride and bride-groom, members of Pyay Ti Oo foundation and local reporters attended the ceremony. Pyay Ti Oo and Eaindra Kyaw Zin will hold the Ceremony of signing on Marriage Certificate on 4th January 2011 at Trader Hotel, Yangon. Burmese Classic ,Burmese Classic Daily Movie, Stanley A.

Weiss is the Founding Chairman of Business Executives for National Security, a nonpartisan organization based in Washington, DC, and a frequent op-ed contributor to The International Herald Tribune. In his most recent article he explored the politics of sanctions against Burma and the danger of branding.Stanley Weiss: How did you get involved in the democracy movement in 1988? Ma Thanegi: As a painter, I previously had no interest in politics. Under socialism, we were completely isolated. The Op Art [Optical Art] movement of the 1960s passed by without us even being aware of it. With state propaganda and censorship no one bothered to read the state newspapers, and I envied the press freedom of the West.

The only jobs were at government offices and they went to people with connections.I joined the movement because young people-school children-were at the forefront and I felt ashamed that I, as an adult, was sitting by the road watching them. After all the socialist years I wanted freedom of publication.Stanley Weiss: You worked as Aung San Suu Kyi’s assistant? Ma Thanegi:

I helped her as a personal assistant in her home office-answering the phone, taking notes at meetings, traveling with her across the country. Those days were filled with high hopes, fun and optimism. Even when I recall the times of danger, I have no regrets.Although I was a member of NLD [Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy], I was never directly connected to it; none of us were paid staff. But I am an artist, and office work is not for me. So I told Suu Kyi in 1989 that after the elections I would no longer work for her, but instead would be her eyes and ears in the real world.But today I’ve come up with something related to my first love. Cinema.Watch Burmese Classic Daily Movie.Watch Burmese Classic Daily Movie Online.

I’ve compiled a list of 20 of my favouritest movies, in no particular order. It’s impossible to pluck just 20 names when there are thousands out there, equally befitting and deserving. Anyway, when it comes to movies, writing/typing is always a pain; true to my very own adage “Watching is the easiest thing to do after sleeping!”Watch Burmese Classic Daily Movie.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Eduardo Saverin Leads Qwiki’s $8 Million Round

Eduardo Saverin, the co-founder of Facebook who sued the tech company to get his name back on the masthead, is now investing in a new social network called Qwiki.“I am in a situation today where I can do what I love, which is help other entrepreneurs,” Saverin told the New York Times. “Facebook has been a big thing and will be a big thing. Qwiki is early stage, but they are on the path to be a game changer.

”The tech blogosphere, though, has been less than pleased lately with Google's search results. Among the complaints, Vivek Wadhwa, a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley's School of Information, charged in a TechCrunch post this month that Google has become "a tropical paradise for spammers and marketers.""Almost every search takes you to websites that want you to click on links that make them money, or to sponsored sites that make Google money," Wadhwa wrote.Joining Saverin in the round is Jawed Karim (the third co-founder of YouTube and an investor in Qwiki’s previous $1.5 million seed round), Pradeep Sindhu (the co-founder of Juniper Networks), the Greylock Discovery Fund (which is run by Reid Hoffman), Lerer Ventures, Tugboat Ventures, and Contour Ventures.

(Felix Venture Partners, which was mentioned in a related SEC filing, is creating a pooled fund for some of the individual investors).It is telling that a hot startup like Qwiki went with a wealthy individual as a lead investor instead of a venture capital firm. The funding is extremely founder-friendly, with Qwiki management retaining full control over the company. No voting board seats were given to any of the investors. However, Saverin will get an observer seat on the board, along with seed investor Pejman Nozad. The voting members of the board are co-founders Doug Imbruce and Louis Monier, along with the primary seed investor Bobby Yazdani. Other seed investors include Shervin Pishevar, Keith Rabois, Elad Gil, and Mike Brown.Imbruce told The Huffington Post that Saverin reached out to the startup after seeing Qwiki's presentation at TechCrunch Disrupt, then the three "sat down in New York over drinks," where they connected over their belief that Qwiki has the potential to change the Web much as the social graph, pioneered by Facebook, has over the past several years."Eduardo is a visionary investor," Imbruce said. "He shares the Qwiki vision and wants to make another big impact."The company hopes to entice third-party content creators, from real estate agents to bloggers, to used Qwicki to put together interactive presentations.

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