Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gary Lee October 26, 2010 Los Angeles Lakers 2010 Championship Ring

Lakers 2010 championship ring: Lakers put heartfelt touch on ring ceremony. It was a historic moment for the Lakers. They celebrated their victory over the Rockets in style. It appeared that the whole ceremony was scripted. Players were thrilled. Every player has good words for his teammates.

Phil Jackson was seen collecting his ring and saying a few words about Luke Walton. In return Walton accepted his title spoils. He too praised Lamar Odom. Then Odom came in from the bench area. He saluted Ron Artest

and so this went on like this for long. The Lakers displayed rare camaraderie during their celebration ceremony. This year’s celebration was appreciated by all. It was embraceable with Jerry West, Magic Johnson and James Worthy at the front.

The players were in their own world after winning a tough-fought match. Before the start of the season they have established themselves as a group of players who get well on the field and outside too. The Staples Centre floor gave a completely different look. Commissioner David Stern was there to honor the players who made possible for the Lakers.

That doesn’t mean that others were left behind. They too got their share. Coach Phil Jackson was euphoric. He said: "I thought it was unique, I thought it was personal, I thought it was honoring the team. It was a good idea." He credited Tim Harris, the e senior vice president of business operations, for making the even big. Shannon Brown said: "We got a chance to be more personal with what was going on."

He further added: "Show each other that not only do we go out there and play basketball together, but we actually have become a family that gets it done. Everybody knows a lot about everybody, about their personal life and things like that. As much time that we spend together, everybody's not going to have a great day every day.

Somebody's going to come in mad, something's happened the night before, something's going on or whatever-whatever. For us to stay collected and win a championship is a great thing."

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