Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fairy Tail 208

Erza While the battle ends with the final killer Trinity Raven, Ikaruga, is that Simon Natsu, who is unconscious, go find her. If Natsu wakes up, Simon tells him what happened and asks him to Erza to rescue her former boyfriend, Jellal! At first, Natsu refuses, but then Simon reveals a tidbit of information that sends Natsu runs to help her.

Erza Jellal reaches, and begins its attack, dressed in cloth. Jellal revealed a very powerful magician, fighting at super high speed and throwing spells there and yon. If it seems Erza going to be sacrificed, Natsu emerges spectacularly, as usual. He fights to the best of his ability, but he seems to lose! He takes a lot of punishment, the high speed attacks.

After a sacrifice made by Simon, Natsu doing something that could cost him his life. Both Erza Jellal and think he’s a little more than ridiculous, but lo and behold, it makes him a lot stronger! After a very intense fight of the Crystal Tower in the R system destroys Erza wonders whether this is the true power of a Dragon Slayer.

In the struggle for the R system, Juvia, Gray, Lucy, Wally and Millia see everything done from a rowboat. After Etherion hit, the canoe was destroyed, but Juvia was awake enough to make a bubble that floats. All of them are really worried about the outcome. And the result means and potential loss.

This is a very intense volume. It shows where Erza comes from her life before Fairy Tail. It is no wonder why they have such strong and determined person. The volume also shows how powerful Natsu can get it. This is a volume not to be missed!

Extras include: an afterword, d’Art Guild, questions and answers, and translation notes.

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