Wednesday, October 20, 2010


wear purple
The color of the day tomorrow is purple. In a grassroots effort to raise awareness

of and honor the eight homosexual teens who recently took their own lives due to homophobic abuse, Wednesday, October 20th has been declared Spirit Day.
It’s not an event or a rally. It’s merely a way for all of us who want to show our support and love for these young people and their families to do so.
According to the group’s Facebook page, the event was organized by Canadian teenager Brittany McMillan and the color purple chosen because it represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flagAnother miracle of the interwebs, Spirit Day is an anti-bullying campaign that has been fueled by the power of Facebook. Today, wear purple, the symbol of 'spirit' on the LGBT rainbow flag, to show your support for teens who have been ridiculed to the brink of suicide simply for their sexual preference. Wear it for someone you know, for yourself, or in honor of a victim of depression or suicide.
Bullying can build up like a tidal wave, and high school is the perfect storm for bully environments. Everyone is trying to find themselves, deal with hormones, navigate a social circle, and adjust to life as a teen at home. Every day, teens are driven to a suicidal state due to intense bullying at home or at school. Not only do gay and lesbian teens deal with the typical perils of high school life, but they also have an important personal discovery to deal with.
No matter what your views are on homosexuality, I believe that no one wants to see a child driven to these sad extremes simply by trying to go to school every day. This is a day for supporting young adults in crisis. Celebrate their enduring spirits today with a splash of purple.

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