Thursday, September 30, 2010

Karen Owen’s Senior Sex Thesis Goes Viral

Karen Owen, a recent graduate from Duke, made a fake senior thesis that documented her sexual escapades with Duke

athletes. Owen emailed her sex thesis to three of her friends. From there, it found its way around the campus, around the internet, and eventually into the hands of Jezebel and Deadspin.

Her fake thesis, casually called her “fuck list,” but unofficially titled “An education beyond the classroom: excelling in the realm of horizontal academics,” documented her sexual adventures with 13 members of Duke’s lacrosse, baseball and tennis teams, over the four years she spent at Duke.

The thesis isn’t just sloppily put together either. Each of the 13 Duke athletes are graded by a set criteria, including physical attractiveness, size, talent, creativity, aggressiveness, entertainment, and athletic ability.

Each person is broken down and given a grade from 1-10.

Jezebel interviewed Karen Owen, who said that she never meant for her “fuck list” to be spread around the internet“I regret it with all my heart. I would never intentionally hurt the people that are mentioned on that,” Owen said.

No one mentioned in the list has fired up a lawsuit yet, but it wouldn’t be surprising if a few privacy lawsuits found their way in Karen Owen’s direction.

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Tyler Clementi's Suicide Sparks Outrage At Rutgers (VIDEO)

Tyler Clementi Photo
The death of a Rutgers University freshman stirred outrage and remorse on campus from classmates who wished they could have stopped the teen from jumping off a

bridge last week after a recording of him having a sexual encounter with a man was broadcast online.

"Had he been in bed with a woman, this would not have happened," said Lauren Felton, 21, of Warren. "He wouldn't have been outed via an online broadcast and his privacy would have been respected and he might still have his life."

Gay rights groups say Tyler Clementi's suicide makes him a national example of a problem they are increasingly working to combat: young people who kill themselves after being tormented over their sexuality.

A lawyer for Clementi's family confirmed Wednesday that he had jumped off the George Washington Bridge last week. Police recovered a man's body Wednesday afternoon in the Hudson River just north of the bridge, and authorities were trying to determine if it was Clementi's.

The lawyer has not responded to requests for comment on whether Clementi was open about his sexual orientation.

Clementi's roommate, Dharun Ravi, and fellow Rutgers freshman Molly Wei, both 18, have been charged with invading Clementi's privacy. Middlesex County prosecutors say the pair used a webcam to surreptitiously transmit a live image of Clementi having sex on Sept. 19 and that Ravi tried to webcast a second encounter on Sept. 21, the day before Clementi's suicide.

A lawyer for Ravi, of Plainsboro, did not immediately return a message seeking comment. It was unclear whether Wei, of Princeton, had retained a lawyer.

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Celebrities Tweet About Comedian Greg Giraldo's Death

Celebrities Tweet About Comedian Greg Giraldo's Death
Stars including John Stamos, Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman are tweeting about the late comedian and "Last Comic Standing" judge Greg Giraldo, who died Wednesday, five days after being hospitalized, Internet reports say, for an accidental prescription-drug overdose.

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"Greg Giraldo was a great and funny man," wrote late-night host Jimmy Kimmel.

"RIP Greg Giraldo. Belly-laugh hilarious, prolific, good & kind. A thousand oys can't express," tweeted comedienne Sarah Silverman.

Even celebs Giraldo had roasted in the past expressed their condolences.

"Honor to be roasted by one of the best- RIP greg giraldo - i was a huge fan," John Stamos tweeted.

"Greg Giraldo was a fantastic gentleman with a great heart ! And i am deeply saddened by this news!" former "DWTS" hopeful David Hasselhoff wrote.

Giraldo was 44 years old.

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Tyler Clementi Suicide Result of Cyber Bullying? Today Show Video

BS Top - Rutgers Suicide
Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi’s suicide is simply tragic. Clementi committed suicide, leaping from the George Washington Bridge, after his roommate

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

and a friend allegedly recorded him during a private sexual encounter with a man and broadcast it over the internet.

Was cyber bullying the main factor in Tyler Clementi’s suicide?

The Today show examines the Clementi case and talks about privacy in the internet age.

Clementi, an 18-year-old Rutgers University freshman, went missing on September 22 after leaving a post on his Facebook page saying “jumping off the gw bridge sorry.”

Two students, Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei, both 18, have been arrested for invasion of privacy – they secretly placed a camera in Clementi’s dorm room, recorded the event, and then broadcast it online. They face up to five years in prison if convicted.The death of a Rutgers University freshman stirred outrage and remorse on campus from classmates who wished they could have stopped the teen from jumping off a bridge last week after a recording of him having a sexual encounter with a man was broadcast online.

"Had he been in bed with a woman, this would not have happened," said Lauren Felton, 21, of Warren. "He wouldn't have been outed via an online broadcast and his privacy would have been respected and he might still have his life."

Gay rights groups say Tyler Clementi's suicide makes him a national example of a problem they are increasingly working to combat: young people who kill themselves after being tormented over their sexuality.

A lawyer for Clementi's family confirmed Wednesday that he had jumped off the George Washington Bridge last week. Police recovered a man's body Wednesday afternoon in the Hudson River just north of the bridge, and authorities were trying to determine if it was Clementi's.

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Jill Vandenberg Curtis: Tony Curtis’ Wife (Death News)

Jill Vandenberg Curtis

Meet Jill Vandenberg Curtis. She is actor Tony Curtis’ wife. Even though she continues to take her hubby’s breath away, unfortunately, this is not the reason for his recent breathing problems that landed him in the hospital. Find out more revealing details and see photos and a video right here. Tony Curtis dead on September 29th, 2010. Our hearts go out to his current and former wives, and his several children.

Rest assured that Tony Curtis’ wife, Jill Vandenberg Curtis, is probably by her 85 year-old husband’s side, he has suffered breathing trouble that has been reportedly linked to asthma. Be sure to check out pictures and videos below!

As a biography, not much is known about Jill Vandenberg Curtis. However, she was born on February 28, 1971 so her age is 39. She is most-known as actor Tony Curtis’ wife. The couple met back in 1993 at a restaurant. They were later married on November 6, 1998 so they have been married for almost 12 years. She is a stepmother to: Jamie Lee Curtis, Kelly Curtis, and Allegra Curtis. Together, they reside in Henderson, Nevada in Sun City Anthem.

According to reports, the husband of Jill Vandenberg was presenting his most recent artwork products at a local Costco, last Wednesday, when he suddenly started to have breathing issues. It is said that the actor also “suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease”.

Curtis was taken to a Las Vegas hospital where he is reported to be in “stable condition”.

Back in December of 2006, the now, 85 year-old battled a nearly fatal bout of pneumonia which put him into a coma for many days. Since, he has been confined to a wheelchair but can still walk short distances.

Perhaps this episode has rendered Curtis’ hopes of returning to the big screen?

Apparently tests continue being performed and he has not yet been released from the hospital. [Ed update - hard to believe that Tony Curtis is dead. What a loss.]

We wish you well! Leave your well-wishes for Jill Vandenberg Curtis, Tony Curtis’ wife, and the actor in the comment box. Also, see photos and a video below.

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Gliese 581g, a new planet like Earth: Could humans live there?

A team of planet-hunting scientists say they’ve discovered a planet 20 light years from earth that could be the most earth-like body ever found.

Astronomers may have found the most Earth-like alien planet to date, and it’s located only a short distance away, cosmically speaking. The team says that the

planet’s proximity to its sun, coupled with the ease with which it was detected, suggests that the galaxy could be teeming with habitable worlds.
Most of the 500 or so planets astronomers have found orbiting other stars have fallen into the gas-giant class: very large worlds, some much bigger than Jupiter, that can’t support life, because they lack solid surfaces, and because they orbit either too far from or much too close to their suns. The few rocky worlds discovered so far also orbit too near or far from stars to fall into what planetary scientists call the “habitable zone,” in which liquid water—and therefore life—could exist.A team of planet hunters led by astronomers at the University of California (UC), Santa Cruz and the Carnegie Institution of Washington has announced the discovery of a planet (Gliese 581-G ) orbiting a nearby star, Gliese 581, at a distance that places it squarely in the middle of the star's "habitable zone." This would be the most Earth-like exoplanet and the first truly habitable one yet discovered. The research was supported by grants from NASA and the National Science Foundation. "Goldilocks" refers to an exoplanet whose temperatures are "not too cold, not too hot, but just right" to maintain water and support Earth-like life.

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Mackenzie Rae Putnal Attacked By A Gunman

Mackenzie Rae Putnal Attacked By A Gunman 300x261 Mackenzie Rae Putnal Attacked By A Gunman

Mackenzie Rae Putnal and Osgood, 30, were watching tv in a 2nd-floor game room right before 11:15 p.m. when a person walked in with his face disguised with a plastic bag and aimed a pistol at them. Saying that “I can’t believe you’re with that guy,” he dragged Putnal round the room by her hair striking her with pistol and fists before striking Osgood in the head using the gun too, the arrest report said.

The gunman took the woman’s mobile phone and tackled her when she attempted to run away, positioning the pistol to her head along with Osgood’s and as well striking her dog many times. When ordered to sit down on the ground, Putnal fled down a hall and jumped over the patio to the ground below, the report said.

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Tony Curtis 1925-2010

MSNBC: Curtis appeared in Billy Wilder’s “Some Like It Hot” with Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon, and received an Oscar nomination in 1959 for “The Defiant Ones,” in which he starred with Sidney Poitier.

Clip from my favorite Tony Curtis film The Sweet Smell of Success, after the cut.The rare Hollywood star whose off-screen character was often more colorful than his

on-screen ones, Tony Curtis has died at the age of 85. He passed away at midnight Wednesday night at his home in Nevada. The actor suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and was hospitalized in mid-July after he had trouble breathing.

Curtis lived a life that could easily have been made into a movie. Born Bernard Schwartz and raised in the Bronx, N.Y., to Hungarian immigrants, Curtis completed only one year of high school, spent two years in the U.S. Navy, and learned to act on the GI Bill, which led to a contract gig with Universal Studios. Graduating to bigger parts in films like 1952′s Son of Ali Baba and 1953′s Houdini, Curtis made a point of working in several genres.

As a result, his best-known films ranged from historical epics (1960′s Spartacus) to edgy noir dramas (1957′s Sweet Smell of Success) to farces (1959′s Some Like It Hot). But for every classic on his resume, he also appeared in more than his share of flops. He only earned one Oscar nomination in his seven-decade career, for the 1958 crime drama The Defiant Ones.

Curtis’ personal life was filled with great turmoil: He married five times; his first, and most famous, marriage was to actress Janet Leigh, with whom he appeared in Houdini after they had wed. The union lasted 11 years (the two divorced in 1962) and produced two daughters, the actresses Jamie Lee Curtis and Kelly Curtis (Trading Places). Tony Curtis had a rocky relationship with all of his children, including his eldest son, Nicholas, who died at age 23 of a heroin overdose in 1994. Curtis himself was arrested for marijuana possession in London in 1970, and spent a month at the Betty Ford Clinic in 1984. Even into old age, he never lived quietly. “Eighty f—ing years old. I don’t feel any different now than I did when I was 30,” he told Esquire in 2006. “Dying, I just don’t feel like it.”

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Bleach Chapter 421 by Sleepyfans |

Are you looking for the upcoming Manga of Bleach 422. Then you are at the right place because Bleach 422 Manga will be available online after its release.

The Officially announced release date of Bleach 422 is Wednesday September 30, 2010. And we hope that you guys will comeback here and get the latest updates.
If you have the Bleach 422 confirmed spoiler, please share it to us
I will update this post as soon as the Bleach 422 manga came out.
Bleach 422 is expected to release today. Keep coming back for more Bleach chapter 422 updates.

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Ayodhya verdict live updates, Ayodhya verdict latest news

Ayodhya Verdict Latest News Ayodhya Verdict Latest News

India has high security across

the country for a court verdict that could trigger religious violence. The Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court is expected to deliver its verdict after 3 pm. Three judges who will give the verdict, two are Hindu and one is Muslim.

The court said that the Ayodhya land will be divided into 3 parts. Allahabad High Court ruled by majority that the disputed land in Ayodhya be divided into three parts to be distributed among the Sunni Waqf Board, Nirmohi Akhara and the party for God Ram Lalla say lawyers. 1/3 for Hindus, 1/3 for Muslims, more details awaited.

Ravi Shankar Prasad claimed the court had ruled that the place where the idol of Ram was kept was the birthplace of the deity and the idols should not removed.

The dispute was first taken to court 60 years ago. Hindus state the site of the Babri Masjid is the birthplace of their God, Ram, and want to make a temple there. India has made up security across the country for a court verdict that could generate religious violence. Ban on bulk SMSes continues. The Prime Minister himself appealed to the citizens of India to handle the decision with respect and control their emotion.

Colleges, workplaces and marketplaces stayed open in Uttar Pradesh today but the lower produce pointed out the fundamental concern and stress amid the people as they wait for the verdict of the Allahabad High Court on the Ayodhya title suit case.

Though colleges opened up as normal in all the areas, the particular organizations opened up and shut colleges a bit in advance.

Marketplaces were also open up but trade was influenced with smaller quantity of people scrambling the streets.

In Ayodhya and Faizabad which signifies ‘where no fight has been conducted’, folks were longing with bated air the announcement of the verdict.

The administration is writing down the quantity of all automobiles entering Ayodhya town since early morning and prayers are being performed in all the mosques and temples.

Colleges, workplaces and marketplaces stayed open in Uttar Pradesh today but the lower produce pointed out the fundamental concern and stress amid the people as they wait for the verdict of the Allahabad High Court on the Ayodhya title suit case.

Though colleges opened up as normal in all the areas, the particular organizations opened up and shut colleges a bit in advance.

Marketplaces were also open up but trade was influenced with smaller quantity of people scrambling the streets.

In Ayodhya and Faizabad which signifies ‘where no fight has been conducted’, folks were longing with bated air the announcement of the verdict.

The administration is writing down the quantity of all automobiles entering Ayodhya town since early morning and prayers are being performed in all the mosques and temples.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Student’s suicide after sex tape being revealed online

Tyler Clementi Suicide: Family Lawyer Confirms Suicide, Molly Wei and Dharun Ravi Face Charges for Sex Tape
Tyler Clementi, 18-year old student at Rutgers University, jumped off the George Washington Bridge to his death. The cause seems to be a sex tape showing Tyler

Clementi having sexual intercourse with another young man in his dorm room. The two fellow students who had hidden a camera in his room are Molly Wei and Dharun Ravi.
Molly Wei and Dharun Ravi were charged and then incarcerated. Ravi was released on a $ 25,000 bound and Wei was set free from jail on her own recognizance.
After the tragic death of Clementi, Dharun Ravi erased his Twitter account, but achieves of it can still be viewed by other people. One of the Tweets said:” Roommate asked for the room til midnight. I went into Molly’s room and turned on my webcam. I saw him making out with a dude. Yay.”
On September 22, Tyler Clementi decided to kill himself and acted in consequence. The two students involved in this sad event are facing 5 years in prison if convicted.
Rutger University’s officials issued an official statement :” The university takes these matters seriously and has policies to deal with students behavior. Under federal law, the university cannot comment on specifics.” Tyler Clementi committed suicide Sept. 22, apparently after discovering that his Rutgers University roommate, Dharun Ravi, and friend Molly Wei, live-streamed Clementi in a sexual encounter with another male student without his knowledge, a lawyer for the Clementi family announced late Wednesday.

Clementi's family attorney, Paul Mainardi, said that after learning of the violation of his privacy Clementi jumped off the George Washington Bridge, which connects New Jersey with upper Manhattan. Clementi's car, cell phone and computer were found near the bridge and his wallet was found on a walkway on the bridge.

There was reportedly no note at the scene, but reported that Clementi left a final goodbye on his Facebook page that read "jumping off the gw bridge, sorry."

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Ryder Cup TV Schedule 2010

As if the fall television season doesn't have DVRs already jam-packed, golf fanatics across the country will be putting their DVR's on the graveyard shift for this weekend's Ryder Cup. Featuring the world's best golfers from Europe and the United States, the players compete against each other for the prized Ryder Cup title.

Coverage opens up on ESPN and continues through the weekend on NBC, which will air the tournament live overnight as well as on a delayed broadcast for US viewers.yder Cup TV Schedule 2010 – Ryder Cup TV Schedule 2010 has surfaced but before we get to that,here is what has been happening on the golf court.

The playing partners of Rory McIlroy had a little bit of fun at his expense when they donned curly wigs in homage to the Northern Irishman as they teed off on the first hole.

Despite the fact that McIlroy was not able to make the cut to play in the Ryder Cup, and while he had to have been disappointed about that, it was nice to see that he has a good enough sense of humor to have a laugh at the jokes that his teammates played on him. The turnout at the Ryder Cup was huge, making it one of the most successful events of the season.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

28-09-2010 - Auxerre 0-1 Real Madrid - Group G Video

Real Madrid vs CLub America

Real Madrid will be hoping for a better performance than they gave on their last visit to France when they take on Auxerre in their second Champions League group stage game on Tuesday.

The Spanish giants were dumped out of the tournament in the knockout stage thanks to their narrow defeat to Lyon in the first leg last season but manager Jose Mourinho will be confident that his side will come away from their latest visit to France with three points in the bag.

Auxerre on the other hand suffered a defeat in their first match of the group stage with Zlatan Ibrahimovic scoring a brace in the second half to lead AC Milan to a comfortable 2-0 victory.

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Bleach Episode #290

Tosen and Komamura face off with Tosen's past highlighted to explain away his transformation to villain.

What They Say
Komamura performs his Bankai, Kokujo Tengen Myo-oh, to subdue Tosen. However, Tosen has already deduced the weakness of Komamura's Bankai from years of working closely together. Despite the damage received, Komamura refuses to give up on his former friend, throwing out the question of why Tosen chose to become a Soul Reaper in the first place.

The Review!
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The match-up with Tosen in the last episode with Komamura going against him after reflecting on their past a bit was pretty good, though a lot of it was more style than substance. But that's a big part of what Bleach is all about so it works pretty well. Tosen has a blank if solid look to him, though when you remove the ability to see into another characters eyes, you lose a lot of the emotion behind what's happening. With Tosen, that's a bit part of the point as he's pretty intense even without that based just on his actions. And Komamura really does make up for that as he takes things to the next level with his own abilities to take him down.

Part of this visual design though is amusingly dealt with in another way as the flashbacks show us Tosen when he was starting out as a Soul Reaper and even then he was spending all his time with his eyes closed because of his condition. Tosen is not a character I've had too much experience with, but seeing his past, the way he became a Soul Reaper and the reasons why he's changed as he has are interesting, but it doesn't come across in a completely convincing manner. But such situations don't always make sense when viewed from the outside. As the saying goes, a villain rarely sees himself as thus and feels justified in doing what needs to be done, something that others will not do even at the cost of other important things.

What's striking about Tosen is that he comes across as so completely different from before. He's not the character that I saw a couple hundred episodes ago and to Komamura, he's certainly not the same either. Whether his progression to this side is natural or not, it comes across as being forced and somewhat out of the blue for me when you have his close friend and partner in Komamura being shocked by all of it. Tosen's flashbacks do explain things, but it's simply not compelling in making what seems like a gentle but firm soul transforming like this. It's easy in this instance to understand Komamura's surprise by it because as bad as things were for Tosen, to turn this way has it going too far without any real signs showing beforehand.

In Summary:
Tosen takes things up to an interesting level at the end, a decidedly creepy on, but for the most part I still can't get behind this apparently long game he's been playing for revenge. Throughout a lot of the episode I felt like Komamura, not sure why it was happening and that the reasons don't seem truly compelling. Tosen ends up coming across as more cracked in the head here as each new flashback adds more to the reasons why and his powers and appearance change to represent his shift to the evil side. Or, as he views it, the side of justice and revenge since that's what he's after. There are some decent moments with the fight here, and his transformation is decidedly creepy, but it also almost makes you laugh with the way he looks as it finalizes, which is not the impression I think was intended.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

Review Equipment
Sony KDS-R70XBR2 70" LCoS 1080P HDTV, Dell 10.1 Netbook via HDMI set to 1080p, Onkyo TX-SR605 Receiver and Panasonic SB-TP20S Multi-Channel Speaker System With 100-Watt Subwoofer.

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Watch Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 3

Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 3: The Undergraduates. Your favorite TV series is back with a brand new episode! Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 3 . Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 3 is entitled “The Undergraduates” and will be aired on on Monday, September 27th 2010 at 09:00 pm live CW Network.

Find out what will happen in this new episode, to give you a glimpse below is the summary of Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 3 “The Undergraduates”.

In this episode, we see The friends are all back on the Upper East Side for the start of the new college term. Blair arrives for her first day at Columbia and attempts to join an ultra-exclusive social club. Serena starts to think that Juliet is trying to sabotage her life, and suspects that her actions may have something to do with Nate. Rufus is concerned about Dan and decides to step in.

Don’t fail to watch Gossip Girl this episode will definitely bring your television viewing into maximum satisfaction.

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Weeds Season 6 Episode 6 review

Weeds season 6 episode 6 “A Shoe For A Shoe” directed by Michael Trim David Holstein has been broadcasted last night on Showtime.

The popular show “Weeds” has taken an entirely different route this year, another time, and almost feels like it could be an absolutely new show all over again. In its first three seasons we saw a suburban mother taking over the weed game in her small town prior to burning it down at the last part of the third season. Then, in the next seasons; i.e, season four and five, she fell in love with a corrupt Mexican politician and got herself into deeper trouble. After her friend had been murdered the family is at present trying to escape to save themselves and only the core group of characters has stay behind.
In the episode “A Shoe for a Shoe,” the Botwins are still in absolute confusion as Shane was snatched up by Cesar and Ignacio, and the police plus child services are now knocking at Nancy’s door.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Packers Vs. Bears Monday Night Football: Live Reaction to Game’s Biggest Stories

Packers vs. Bears is the fourth Monday Night Football game of the year and features two of the NFL’s most storied franchises.

From Dick Butkus and Gale Sayers, to Walter Payton and the Monsters of the Midway, the Chicago Bears have embodied the blue-collar nature of their home city.

A new era has donned in 2010, featuring the complex offensive schemes of Mike Martz and the cannon right arm belonging to Jay Cutler.

Chicago’s opponent, the Green Bay Packers, have a legacy as rich as any franchise in professional sports. The frozen tundra of Lambeau Field is a virtual NFL holy-ground, a place where Football Jesus perfected the power sweep and some of the league’s greatest games were played.

California golden boy Aaron Rodgers leads the NFL’s highest scoring offense into Chicago tonight to take on the stingy Chicago Bears defense.

Surely, another epic chapter in the NFL’s greatest rivalry will be written tonight.

Read more Chicago Bears news on

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Mariah Carey Falls On Stage – Singapore Concert Video

Mariah Carey Falls

Mariah Carey Falls On Stage – Singapore Concert Video – While on stage during a concert at the 2010 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix, Mariah Carey took a fall this past Saturday. The “Hero” diva was performing “Make It Happen”, when she took the embarrassing tumble. Fortunately, Mariah’s dedicated dancers rushed to pick her up.

Carey was not upset, she then turned the whole thing into a joke: “I did it on purpose.” She did remove her $10,000 shoes after the fall and the incident was handled with a lot of grace.

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Eastbound and Down Season 2 Episode 1 [Chapter 7 - Season 2 Premiere] part 1/5

astbound And Down Season 2 Premiere 2010-Watch Chapter 7 Online S02E01 – Eastbound and Down Season 2 Premiere will take place this evening on HBO. HBO’s wild show “Eastbound and

Down” is returned for its second season with the first episode titled “Chapter 7″. The series, which stars Danny McBride and Will Farell was an instant success last year, prompting the network to take the show from a one-off miniseries and making a full time series. It’s foul mouthed, immature humor has made it a success among young people.

We get to follow Kenny Powers, a former MLB pitcher who has fallen from glory as he attempts to make a comeback into baseball. In the first season, we get to watch him as he is able to recapture his high school sweetheart. At the end of the season, the two of them are living together just after Kenny Powers receives a phone call that he has been called up to the big leagues. On his way to Florida, he receives another call from the agent that signed him, saying that he had been fired and Powers now will not be a part of the team.

Rather than face the embarrassment, he asks his girlfriend to head into the store for him to grab some items. While she is inside, he leaves her belongings sitting on the roadside and drives away without her.

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Watch NFL Games Online Free

The third week of the NFL season in 2010 still has a host of games on tap this afternoon. If you aren’t in a stadium somewhere to catch a game live, you can certainly find plenty of games at home from the comfort of your own sofa. If that’s not an option, you can also find breweries and bars with the games in various corners so you can probably find your favorite team that way. Finally, if none of these are options but you have your computer and an internet connection, you can watch NFL games online free.

The NFL’s hottest topics right now are the various ways to get the games out to the public without necessarily selling out and losing money. Today, you can get the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints online by NFL Football Live Free TV. Considering that the Saints are the defending Super Bowl Champions, catching their game online is a big deal for those who can’t see it in person. If you are trying to watch NFL games online free, you just have to do some research to find the best sites to do so.

Depending on who your favorite team is, you may be able to find them playing online. As technology grows, more and more game will be available online. It took a while for NFL fans to realize that they can get their favorite games just that easy. You can find plenty of ways to watch NFL games online for free, just do your research first.

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Katy Perry Busts Out The Elmo Mockery on 'SNL'

Pop music fans know Katy Perry as a sassy-sweet California Gurl, a red carpet eye-popper, a staunch defender of fiance Russell Brand and, this week, as a 'Seseame Street' reject whose garb was too sexy for broadcast.

Now, meet Maureen DiChico.

While Perry was in the 'Saturday Night Live' studios to be the season premiere's musical guest, she bounced (and bounced) onto the faux set of 'Bronx Beat' to be interviewed by host Amy Poehler and her fellow 'SNL' alum Maya Rudolph.

The gum-chomping ladies dished about the neighborhood scandal caused by young Maureen, the library volunteer asked to dress more modestly before reading storybooks to any more kids.

Winking at controversy certainly seems to come as naturally to Perry as singing, strutting and tweeting! Watch her 'SNL' sketch here.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beach Girl5 (BG5) to release SCRATCH on 30 September

California girls group, Beach Girl5 (BG5) is trying to become popular around the world by releasing the hit club single scratch on 30 November in U.S. and on 10 January in the UK. To fulfill dream of BG5, girls will start a storm with a five-week road trip across the UK and a 15-city American tour, which will begin in November. BG5 is ready to protract a summer of fun with the communicable and fresh catchy single, Scratch.

Beach Girl5, BG5, bg5 scratch, scratch

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NFL Scores Week 3 And Results: Vikings Win

NFL Scores Week 3 200x200 NFL Scores Week 3: Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints
Vikings offense finally came alive. After averaging only 9.5 points per game to start the season, the Vikings scored 24 points to beat the Lions by 10.

Brett Favre still couldn’t find his old form, throwing another two interceptions to go with only one touchdown pass. For the season Favre has thrown two touchdowns and six interceptions. The NFL‘s career leader in both touchdowns and interceptions has continued to pile on his stats – in both categories – this season.
The Vikings found most of their offense in the form of Adrian Peterson’s legs. He ran for 160 yards on 23 carries and had two rushing touchdowns. Peterson also had 5 catches for 30 yards, accounting for 190 of the Vikings 384 yards. The NFL scores week 3 coverage includes a nice game between the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints that took overtime to decide. That is also a game that is going to haunt New Orleans, because they were just seconds from moving to 3-0, but will instead fall to a three-way tie in the NFC South with Atlanta and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Some might be surprised by the San Diego vs. Seattle game, where the Seahawks again pulled a great upset. Seattle was in control of the game nearly all night, and has Leon Washington to thank for two kickoffs that he brought back for touchdowns from 99 and 101 yards respectively.
Pittsburgh also proved once again that they don’t need Ben Roethlisberger in order to beat teams, and they crushed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by a score of 38-13. That was about how close the Dallas vs. Houston game was as well, as the Cowboys handed the Titans their first loss of the season, and in the process won their first game of the year. Dallas won 27-13, and with it could have created some momentum to carry through their bye week.

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Dexter Season 5 Episode 1 My Bad | Watch tv series online ...

Dexter Season 5 Episode 1
Dexter Season 5 will consist of 12 episodes which premiered on September 26, 2010. Despite the end of her role in Season 4, Julie Benz came back in the Dexter Season 5 Episode 1 as Rita in a flashback.

Catch Dexter Season 5 Episode 1 entitled “My Bad” which is already online on several entertainment internet sites who featured episodes TV series.

The latest installment of Dexter Season 5 was written by Chip Johannessen and directed by Steve Shill. The serial killer that kills other serial killer is back this Sunday night, September 26, 2010. I am referring to Dexter Morgan’s (Michael C. Hall) series which follows his life as a Miami Metro Police Department blood pattern analyst with a double life. This series surrounds Dexter that hunts and kills murderers and criminals who have escaped the justice system while he investigate murders in the homicide division. The series is the in the 5th season already and the premiere episode is entitled as “My Bad.” It continues with what the 4th season had left off.

Dexter season 5 episode 1 is entitled as “My Bad” and surrounds with the aftermath of what have “Trinity Killer” episodes on the 4th season have left where Rita (Julie Benz) was killed as the same manner of the Trinity bath tub victims. In the premiere, Rita’s funeral is held and Dexter has to explain to Astor and Cody what has happened to their mother. Meanwhile, Joey Quinn starts investigating Dexter for the death of his wife.

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Dexter Season 5 Episode 1 Review: My Bad

The consequence of Rita’s death is one of the reasons why viewers are glued to their tv sets to watch Dexter season 5 pilot episode entitled My Bad. After Rita was violently murdered in the past season, viewers would be able to see how he reacts to his wife’s death. Watch

Dexter Season 5 Episode 1 Online , the season premiere episode after the show airs live from Showtime this Sunday.

Watch Dexter Season 5 Episode 1 premiere. This crime thriller series returns via Dexter Season 5 Episode 1. After taking a long season break, Dexter Morgan, the forensic blood spatter expert for the Miami Dade Police Department returns. This time we’ll see Dexter dealing with the aftermath of Rita’s death.

My Bad, that’s the title of Dexter Season 5 Episode 1 s05e01. The episode premiere is tonight September 26, 2010 Sunday at 9:00 PM on Showtime. In the first installment of season 5, The aftermath of Rita’s death ensues. A funeral is held for her and Dexter has to explain to Astor and Cody what has happened to their mother. Meanwhile, Joey Quinn starts investigating Dexter for the death of his wife.

That’s it. Don’t forget to watch Dexter Season 5 Episode 1 s05e01, My Bad, on the premiere date. Do check back for more online updates of Dexter upcoming episodes.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Seton Hall sophomore is killed in off-campus party shooting


It was an ambush. Bodies were strewn across a bloody floor, a witness said, young men and women trampled over one another to escape the gunfire, some of them even dived out of windows.

When it was all over shortly after midnight yesterday, two men and three women lay wounded, one mortally, in a rented house on South Clinton Street in East Orange, about a mile from Seton Hall University.

What had started as an off-campus party attended mostly by students ended with the death of Seton Hall sophomore Jessica Moore, 19, of Disputant, Va.

Authorities did not identify the other victims, but they said in addition to Moore, two are Seton Hall students and one went to the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The fifth is from New York City.

Before the attack, an uninvited guest crashed the party, said East Orange Police Director Jose Cordero. When the man was confronted, a fight broke out. The man left but came back a short time later with a gun in his hand.

"The whole crowd was like a stampede. Girls were being trampled on ... it was pure terror," said a man who attended the party. He identified himself as a May graduate of Seton Hall who lives in Newark but did not want to give his name for fear of his safety.

When the shooting was over, Moore lay on the floor, the man said. But for the trickling blood, she appeared to be asleep.

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UFC 119 Fight Card & Preliminary Card Results

UFC 119 has started: the preliminary fights are done and now the Spike TV card is underway. The complete UFC 119 Fight Card is below, but first an update on the preliminary card results:

Mark Hunt vs Sean McCorkle: This was a fight a lot of people wanted to see because
it’s Hunt’s UFC debut. McCorkle submitted him 1 minute 3 seconds into the first round. Ouch!

TJ Grant vs Julio Paulino: Grant won by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Steve Lopez vs Waylon Lowe: Lowe won via split decision 29-28, 28-29, 29-28

Thiago Tavares vs Pat Audinwood: Tavares won via guillotine submission at 3 minutes 47 seconds in Round 1.

Preliminary card (Spike TV @ 9:00)

Matt Mitrione vs. Joey Beltran (Heavyweight bout)

C.B. Dollaway vs. Joe Doerksen (Middleweight bout)

UFC 119 Main card

Melvin Guillard vs. Jeremy Stephens (Lightweight bout)

Sean Sherk vs. Evan Dunham (Lightweight bout)

Matt Serra vs. Chris Lytle (Welterweight bout)

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Ryan Bader (Light Heavyweight bout)

Frank Mir vs. Mirko Filipovic (Heavyweight bout)

Image courtesy of

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Alabama vs Arkansas Scores: Penn State vs. Temple Live Update

Alabama vs Arkansas Scores: Penn State vs. Temple Live Update thumbnail
Alabama vs Arkansas Scores: Penn State vs. Temple Live Update. Arkansas scored in the first minute of the ballgame that create a roar in the stadium yet the Crimson Tide came back to score. The game is 7-7 6 minutes in the first quarter.

On the other hand, Penn State vs. Temple, two giant will be gunning for victory in the next NCAA College Football match. The game of Penn State vs. Temple is scheduled to air on Saturday 25th September 2010 kick start at 03:30 P.M. EST and the venue for the match is Beaver Stadium.

Team of Al Golden is obvious choice for most fans, yet some are hoping for Temple’s win this year. It is nearly 70 years since Temple has beaten Penn State in which Penn took home an easy 31-6 victory last year. Temple is 3-0 for the first time since 1979 with touchdowns in Saturday’s 30-16 win over Connecticut, and the 23rd-ranked Nittany Lions have a few evident issues, particularly an inconsistent running attack. Temple is of course a good team and this year they are starting to be around, but Penn State is not leaving the field easily. This match of Penn State vs. Temple could be the biggest turnarounds in the College Football 2010! Penn State vs. Temple Live Update and Scores on BigTen Network.

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WWE wrestler Jorge Gonza'lez died Wednesday in San Martin,

Giant Gonzalez, According to news Argentina Baires pulse output, former WCW and WWE wrestler Jorge Gonza’lez died Wednesday in San Martin, Argentina. He was 44.

According to Gonza’lez in the hometown, El Colorado, confirmed he was taken to San Mart?n after “suffering a decompensation.”

The 7’6 giant trust had been in poor health for years because of kidney failure and had been confined to a wheelchair. Is scheduled for a wrestling convention this past May in New Jersey, but was forced to cancel due to his health.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

‘Blue Bloods’: Life is tough for NY cops — and inside the Reagan clan

Tom Sellect stars in the CBS drama 'Blue Bloods,' premiering at 10 p.m.
Scenes from a Sunday family dinner at the Reagan house.. . . Daughter Erin, an assistant D.A.: “The laws are there for a reason!” Grandfather Henry, a retired cop: “Yeah, to protect the criminals!” Father Frank, the current police chief: “No strangling on Sunday!”

Welcome to Blue Bloods, the most interesting new take on police dramas since FX unleashed the concept of rogue-cop-as-anti-hero in The Shield eight years ago. A potent brew of family melodrama, crime-thriller tension and conspiratorial intrigue, Blue Bloods may actually bring some viewers back onto the sinking ship of Friday-night television.

The show starts lightheartedly enough, with a line of crisp, new police-academy graduates boldly swinging their arms to the strains of New York, New York as they march out to collect their badges. Like a Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover come to life, their faces are fresh and unscarred, earnest and hopeful.

They won’t stay that way long. As Blue Bloods zooms in on the Reagans, a multigenerational family of cops, the toll of police work is quickly visible. Police commissioner Frank (Tom Selleck) is no more successful at keeping the peace within his brawling family than he is at managing the venomous politics of his deparment.

Frank’s father Henry (Len Cariou, Damages), a former chief ousted for his impolitic bellicosity, is an unapologetic fascist who thinks real cops don’t bother with search warrants. Son Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), a tightly coiled Iraq vet, takes things a step farther: He’s just jeopardized a pedophile kidnapping case by beating and waterboarding a suspect.

On the other side of the family’s bitter internecine quarrels is daughter Erin (Bridget Moynahan, Six Degrees), a prosecutor who tries to rein in Danny’s caveman tendencies but whose face contorts with rage when she’s compared to an ACLU lawyer. And caught in the crossfire is youngest brother Jamie (Will Estes, American Dreams) who turned his back on his Harvard law degree to join the force after a third brother was killed during a drug bust.

Jamie’s also keeping a secret: He’s just been asked to join an internal affairs investigation so covert that even his father doesn’t know about it, one that may take the family down with it.

Blue Bloods is not without its rough edges. At times the action feels forced, even trite. (When a handcuffed perp yelled “Police brutality!”, I half-expected to see Joe Friday and Perry Mason walk into the scene.)

But the uncertain touch with some of the police-work plotting devices are blown away by the show’s explosive family dynamics. Producers Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green worked on The Sopranos, and Blue Bloods shares its compulsion to domestic pyromania. Even outsiders sense that the Reagans are a domestic minefield, littered with the debis of divorces and ancient grudges. When Jamie’s law-school sweetheart tells him that, “We’re gonna be OK,” the words sound less like a reassurance than a plea. The Reagans are headed for trouble, but their tumble over the cliff promises to be a thrilling ride for us

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Boy's parents want secret video publicized of cop pretending to arrest son over sex with cop's daughter

The 15-year-old boy who was handcuffed by a San Jose police officer for having sex with the cop's 14-year-old stepdaughter told the Mercury News on Friday he was terrified that he was going to jail. Now, he wants the veteran motorcycle cop to feel the same fear.

"I think he should go to jail and feel how I felt, not being able to walk down my street,'' the boy said in his first interview since news of his fake arrest became a national topic of debate about how far a father can go to protect his daughter.

"I thought he would be a good dad by just showing up and talking to my parents rather than taking advantage of his position.''

The boy and his parents came forward Friday and asked the Mercury News to release the smartphone video that the boy's stepfather secretly shot of the officer pretending to arrest the boy in the family's home last month.

The grainy 5-minute, 36-second video shows the officer standing near the handcuffed boy and sternly telling him that it was "not a good thing that the person you had sex with is a cop's daughter" and that "the district attorney will probably file charges... A cop's daughter is not somebody you mess around with. You're stupid."

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Fla. bank robbers strap bomb to abducted teller

Bank robbers pulled off a dramatic heist Friday, strapping a bomb to a teller and ordering him to steal as much money as he could grab from the vault — all while his father was being held hostage.

It began when the three masked, gun-toting thieves burst into the teller's apartment shortly after midnight.

The men held the teller and his father hostage in the suburban Kendall apartment for seven hours, waiting for morning when the teller usually helped open his Bank of America branch near the University of Miami campus, according to the FBI and local police. One suspect stayed with the father, while the other two and the teller left for the bank in the teller's red 1998 Ford Mustang.

Strapped to the teller's body was a device the robbers said was a bomb.

Once at the bank around 8 a.m., the thieves sent the teller inside.

"They said, 'We have a triggering device. Get as much money as you can and bring it out to us,'" Coral Gables Police Chief Richard Naue told reporters.

Also inside the bank was the female branch manager, the FBI said. After the teller took an undisclosed amount of cash, the robbers took off in his car and the manager called police.

That triggered a huge response of heavily armed police and shut down traffic on a segment of U.S. 1, a major Miami thoroughfare, leading as well to lockdowns at several nearby schools. Authorities initially feared there may have been hostages inside the bank.

Shortly before noon, after police bomb robots had been sent inside, the possible bomb was removed and the shirtless teller was led out of the bank. Neither the teller nor his father was injured.

The robbers never entered the bank, apparently relying on the teller's fear of a possible explosion and the potential danger to his father to ensure he would do their bidding inside.

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So you wanna be a YouTube star?

He is the king of clicks, the biggest star in the most powerful media platform to emerge in recent years. But unless your date of birth hovers near the year 1990, you've probably never heard of him.

Shane Dawson, a 22-year-old college dropout from California, is a YouTube superstar and the epitome of the new era of Do-It-Yourself celebrity. He produces three videos a week for YouTube from his Los Angeles area home. Uploads of his videos approach half a billion views a year.

"I thought I'd be on TV and movies - that's what I really wanted - and I can't believe I didn't need to do that," said Dawson on finding fame and an outlet for his comedy on YouTube. "I did it on my own with just me and my camera. That's very, very weird."

And very rare. With 12 hours of video uploaded on YouTube every minute - and the volume on the rise - scoring a devoted clicking audience online is difficult. "Your odds are like winning the lottery, and its getting worse all the time," said David Burch, communications director for TubeMogul Inc., an online video analysis firm.

Companies are finding increasing success capturing a commercial audience via YouTube. Videos produced by companies captured nearly 5 percent of YouTube's daily top 100 in February - up from 0.4 percent in October 2009, Burch said. And companies are digging deeper to find their niche audience through YouTubers. "You're seeing girls doing cosmetic how-to videos getting sponsorships from cosmetic companies," Burch said. "These girls drop a video and get 3 million views a weeks - that's a lot."

But the odds of individuals making real money on YouTube remain long. TubeMogul estimates that only 15 independent YouTube acts make more than $100,000 a year from banner advertisements on their videos, and only two acts make more than $200,000 a year. Dawson is estimated by TubeMogul to be the top earner with an estimated $295,000 in revenues a year. (Dawson and his manager declined to discuss or confirm his YouTube earnings.)

"These YouTube celebrities are making some great content resonating with a very young audience where the advertising revenues aren't as high," Burch said.

And still a legion of Dawson wannabes pour more content onto YouTube each day. CNN asked Dawson and TubeMogul's Burch to share their tips on how to be an online video star.

Volume, volume, volume

Monday for Dawson is spent uploading his new videos and scripting for the week ahead. Tuesday he collects props and builds sets, if necessary. Wednesday is spent filming, Thursdays editing, Fridays mapping out his second channel video, Saturday is for mopping up unfinished work and on Sunday he picks costumes, themes and dance moves for his weekly "Ask Shane" video.

As a result, Dawson doesn't sleep much depite the protestations from his manager to get more rest. But his consistent volume of new videos has helped Dawson succeed where many major companies have failed.

"A lot of companies went into the YouTube frontier a year-and-a-half or two years ago, but what they didn't have was frequency," Burch said. "You have to update at least once a week, preferably more."

A video posted on YouTube gets half its views in the first two weeks its online, Burch said.

Love it, or leave it

Dawson began shooting videos with his brother when he was 10 years old. As an overweight teenager, he dreamed of a career in Hollywood as an actor and wrote one-act plays for his high school drama class. "I've always been doing videos," Dawson said.

His avocation turned into a profession two years ago after an incident that otherwise would be an Internet 2.0 cautionary tale: He and others were fired from a weight-loss center in August 2008 for a video he posted online that was shot in the workplace.

"I didn't think it was so bad, but someone didn't think it was funny," Dawson recalls. "I laugh about it now, but it was probably the most depressing time of my life. I had so much guilt, and got six people fired."

Although he had posted videos to YouTube infrequently since 2005, his dismissal caused him to focus full-time on his videos to earn a living. "I was out of work and couldn't collect unemployment because I was fired," he said.

Because the odds of success are so small, the labor has to be its own reward before it reaps financial dividends, said Burch of TubeMogul. "If you don't love doing this without making money, give it up," Burch said.

Dare to be different

Dawson's videos feature a stable of characters he impersonates. The content leans to the raunchy and straddles the lines of taste (such as a parody of "Twilight" that has a vampire drinking menstrual blood).

"It's easy to say what these people are doing is so stupid, so asinine," Burch said. "Anyone over 30 probably hasn't heard of these top acts. But it's mostly young kids, and they're resonating with kids."

Dawson started his YouTube career video blogging - or vlogging, talking directly to the camera and making self-deprecating observations about his life. "The first sketch I did was from me having fun at three in the morning, wearing wigs and doing this character for my mom as a phone sex operator," Dawson recalls.

"It doubled the number of views and people started subscribing to me - I didn't even know what 'subscribing' was." Now Dawson has nearly four million subscribers to his three YouTube channels who receive notifications on their YouTube homepage of new videos released.

"It sounds super cliché, but staying true to yourself and what you are works," Dawson said. "People bitch about my videos being too raunchy or whatever, but I'm just making videos for myself. Make the videos that you want to watch, don't think about who is going to be upset or offended."

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Jay Pharoah is the newest ‘SNL’ member

The Saturday Night Live season premiere is Saturday night, September 25, 2010, and for the opening night, Amy Poehler will serve as host and Katy Perry will be the musical guest!

Additionally, it appears that there will be one more castmember than usual. This week, it is reported that coming on board Saturday Night Live will be Chicago-based impressionist Jay Pharoah. He will be the fourth cast member added to the long-running sketch show.

In announcement provided by NBC, Pharoah is described as having “honed his performing skills in community theater and at local comedy clubs.” In one YouTube video, Pharoah makes his way through an amazing 50 completely different personality impressions, including characters as diversified as 50 Cent and Nicholas Cage and everything in between. The New York Times, which has been an amazing resource in the past reporting on cast shake ups and new additions, reported that Pharoah does an Obama impression, however, there are no plans to replace Fred Armisen, SNLs usual,

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Judgment day for Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan arrives at the Beverly Hills Municipal Courthouse earlier this year.
Actress Lindsay Lohan is expected to appear in court Friday after a judge revoked her probation earlier in the week.

Judge Elden Fox revoked Lohan's probation Monday and signed a bench warrant for her arrest, but the judge is holding it until a hearing at 8:30 a.m. Friday (11:30 a.m. ET), according to Los Angeles Superior Court spokesman Allan Parachini.

Lohan's supervised probation for a 2007 drunken driving conviction requires frequent drug tests. The judge warned her last month any failure could send her back to jail.

She spent 23 days in a court-ordered drug rehab program last month, which followed a 13-day jail stint imposed when a Los Angeles judge ruled that Lohan violated her probation.

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Miami-Dade County finalizes budget

MIAMI (WSVN) -- The Miami-Dade Commission and the people it serves endured an all-night budget battle at the Steven P. Clark Center Thursday night.

After 10 hours of deliberation, the Miami-Dade County Commission voted to raise property taxes. The decision comes after lots of controversy from homeowners.

A week and a half ago, commissioners voted to approve a rollback rate on property taxes and also set a ceiling on that tax hike, which cannot go higher.

Unhappy homeowners living in unincorporated Miami-Dade packed the meeting. They complained that $137 million in raises for county employees and hefty perks left in the budget should have been cut back before dipping into homeowners' pockets. A crowd of angry citizens called for their jobs. "We are going to remove all the commissioners," said one protester.

The final vote brings a 14 percent increase in property taxes to offset plummeting home values. Sixty percent of homeowners with Homestead exemptions will see a hike, but it cannot go higher. With that said, the county still brings in $38 million less than last year. "I still believe this is not the time to increase, maybe it's the time to reduce just like people in their households have reduced from a lot of things that they need," said Miami-Dade Commissioner Jose "Pepe" Diaz.

"We had stated that last year, when we passed it, that we would not increase over 3.9, and this year we did do it, so it's over the state defined rollback," said Miami-Dade Commissioner Joe Martinez.

However the mayor said the vote ensures public safety. "You still have the same number of police officers out in the streets, patrolling our streets, and you'll have fire rescue responding to calls in a timely manner," said Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez. "So, the level of service will not be affected, so I'm very happy."

The tax hike comes as multi-millionaire auto dealer Norman Braman prepares to take action against Miami-Dade County officials. Braman may support a "recall effort" of Mayor Carlos Alvarez, and any commissioner who supported increasing the property tax rate. "Something has to be done and a group of citizens have decided that this type of government can't continue. I will do whatever is necessary financially to make this a reality," he said.

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VIDEO: Elmo Breaks Silence On Katy Perry Controversy

Elmo appeared on Good Morning America Friday to share his thoughts on the controversy involving a Sesame Street sketch he taped with Katy Perry, which resulted in the show's producers not airing the clip after complaints about the pop star's low-cut dress poured in after a preview was uploaded to YouTube.

Watch the video on

The show's executive producer Carol Lynn Parente said the scandal caught her somewhat by surprise. She said no one thought the dress was inappropriate during the production of the clip, and even when the viewer feedback arrived at a furious pace, it was "very split."

PHOTOS: Katy Perry's Bachelorette Pool Party

Parente said the decision ultimately came down to the show's long-standing interactive communication with parents. (The show also pulled a Chris Brown segment last year after the R&B singer's well-publicized beating of ex-girlfriend Rihanna.)

"They trust Sesame Street, we take that seriously," she said. "Parents’ opinions are very important to us."

PHOTOS: Katy Perry's Marilyn Monroe Moment

After producers yanked the segment, the singer Tweeted her response to the ensuing fiasco, writing, "Wow, looks like my play date with Elmo has been cut short! If you still wanna play see it at Tag you're it, Elmo!"

Elmo (and his pal Grover) popped up from the couch, to chip in their two cents. The ticklish red-haired character didn't seem all too broken up about the whole thing.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Office Season 7 Premiere: Steve Carell Returns To Dunder Mifflin

The Office Season 7 premieres tonight on NBC.

The highly anticipated return of Steve Carell is finally here as The Office Season 7 premieres tonight on NBC.

Coming off a stellar six seasons of non-stop comedy at the Dunder Mifflin offices, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) will be throwing in the towel after The Office Season 7. Will the departure of Steve Carell on The Office be the end of the show, as we know it?

Of course it will, I for one will be tuning in to The Office Season 7 as a farewell to Michael Scott and The Office as a whole. There is no way that NBC will be able to deliver another Steve Carell. He is the paperweight that keeps Dunder Mifflin grounded and without him, the show will just be a big mess of nothing.

Enough with the bad news about The Office, let’s get on to The Office Season 7 premiere, which is happening tonight. For The Office Season 7 Episode 1 entitled “Nepotism” we will find a new assistant around the Dunder Mifflin office. The staff hates his guts but Michael refuses to fire him.

Our favorite couple, Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim (John Krasinski
), who got married and had a baby in The Office Season 6, will battle issues of their own. Pam tries to show Jim that she has a playful side by pulling a practical joke in The Office.

With this being the final season of The Office for Steve Carell, we can expect to be the best one yet. Get your to laugh your ass off every Thursday as The Office is back baby!

Clear your schedules and get your DVR’s ready because The Office Season 7 will premiere tonight at 9pm on NBC.

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ABC’s ‘My Generation’ Takes Itself, Its Title Too Seriously

My Generation Series Premiere Review & Discussion

The new ABC drama “My Generation,” which premieres tonight, boasts an irresistible concept: a documentary crew checks in with nine young adults after first being filmed as high school seniors in Austin, TX. With cameras rolling, the 28-year-olds are forced to assess how their lives match up with the bold predictions they made for themselves as teenagers — and to wistfully confront the disparities between the two. The pilot sets up plenty of predictable drama: nearly every character is still hung up on a high school love. Two of them, it turns out, conceived a kid on prom night — though only one knows about it.

But what’s interesting about “My Generation” is how seriously it takes its title. These aren’t just any twentysomethings — they’re a Class of 2000 microcosm whose adult lives have been completely dictated by the past decade’s stories of the day. Brenda (Daniella Alonso) switched her academic track from science to pre-law after the hanging-chad election debacle of 2000; she’s now a Capitol Hill lobbyist. Once upon a time, Rolly (Mehcad Brooks of “True Blood”)looked like a lock for an NBA career — but 9/11 inspired him to join the army. And the crumbling of Enron touched two characters’ families. Disillusioned by the downfall of his father, a top executive at the company, Steven (Michael Stahl-David) gave up his MBA dreams and moved to Hawaii. Meanwhile, Kenneth’s (Keir O’Donnell) dad, an Enron investor who was financially ruined by the collapse, killed himself.

If you can set aside how far-fetched the notion of people’s lives as a pure reflection of zeitgeist is — there’s even a character who competed on season two of “The Bachelor” — it’s sort of a nifty device. And the pilot sets up enough conflicts to carry the show through a whole season. But while the writers on “My Generation” were busy weaving old headlines into backstories, they forgot to give their characters personalities. By the time episode one fades out, we’ve been buffeted with revelations of infidelity, racism, infertility and unrequited love — but it’s hard to care about anyone those things are happening to. The show’s opening sequences brand each character with their high school labels for easy mental organization (“the brain,” “the jock,” “the wallflower”). Such categorizations aren’t unrealistic when it comes to the high school hierarchy, but if we’re going to invest in these people as adults, they just don’t cut it. Here’s hoping that the next few episodes of “My Generation” fill out who these people actually are — and how they, not so much the world, have changed in the past decade.

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A Montana Woman Attacks Bear with a Courgette

A woman from Frenchtown in Montana courageously fought a 91 kg charging black bear using a courgette. Hearing noises in the night, the woman went outside to deal with the commotion only to find a bear attacking one of her pet dogs.


Lt Rich Maricelli, the Missoula County Sheriff said that the black bear had attacked the dog on the back of the woman’s house on Wednesday night. As she tried to end the bear attack, the huge animal turned on her, biting her leg. She started screaming and desperately clutched the only weapon she could lay her hands on, a courgette, foot long, from her garden. The unnamed woman then threw the courgette at the animal, hitting it around the head about 4 feet away.

However, the heroic woman is yet to seek medical attention, as the authorities were carrying out searches for the bear.

‘Courgette’, a little heavy, is also known as ‘zucchini’.

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Breaking* New Pictures Of Bishop Eddie Long Posing In Speedo’s & Muscle Shirts Released By Lawyer’s! [Video]

Cellphone photos Bishop Eddie Long reportedly sent to three male members of his congregation have surfaced online.

As previously

reported, the Bishop is facing sexual coercion charges from three men who claim he used his position at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church to engage them in sexual relationships.

The latest turn in the case however are cellphone pictures obtained by the plaintiffs' attorney B.J. Bernstein that show the Bishop taking pictures in his bathroom and wearing spandex.

Attorney Bernstein says she also has text messages the pastor sent to her three clients.

Long's attorney Craig Gillen defended his client's pictures this morning during an interview with V-103's "Frank And Wanda Morning Show" saying,

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Katy Perry's Breasts Get 'Sesame Street' Ban

Katy Perry Sesame Street Ban

Sesame Workshop, which produces the long-running PBS children’s show “Sesame Street,” said on Thursday morning that it would not show a music video planned for the coming 41st season of the series that features the pop singer Katy Perry, citing in its decision the outcry of viewers who had seen the suggestive video online.

The video features Ms. Perry singing a parody of her song “Hot ‘N Cold” accompanied by the “Sesame Street” character Elmo. Ms. Perry, who is known for playful if sexually provocative videos like “California Gurls”, wears a low-cut dress in the “Sesame Street” video, and Elmo is seen running at the hem of her dress while they sing lyrics like, “How am I supposed to play with you? / You’re up and you’re down / You’re running around / You’re fast and you’re slow / You’re stop and you’re go.”

In a statement, Sesame Workshop wrote:

“Sesame Street has a long history of working with celebrities across all genres, including athletes, actors, musicians and artists. Sesame Street has always been written on two levels, for the child and adult. We use parodies and celebrity segments to interest adults in the show because we know that a child learns best when co-viewing with a parent or care-giver. We also value our viewer’s opinions and particularly those of parents. In light of the feedback we’ve received on the Katy Perry music video which was released on You Tube only, we have decided we will not air the segment on the television broadcast of Sesame Street, which is aimed at preschoolers. Katy Perry fans will still be able to view the video on You Tube.”

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