Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dayna Kempson Schacht Video

Have you seen the Dayna Kempson Schacht video? After Schacht lost her life in a car crash,

it was horror for her parents to even fathom that they lost their 23-year-old daughter. The tragic loss came to an even more devastating emotional stab to the heart when a video of the crash was sent to her parents’ cell phone. Read more and see photos here

Dayna Kempson Schacht video of her tragic car accident was sent to her parents via cell phone. Can you imagine? It was only last July that Schacht, a 23-year-old Georgia native, lost control of her car and crashed into trees that resulted in an instant death. While her parents were trying to cope with the devastating loss, it was just a couple months later that they received a video message sent to their cell phone. Included in that video? Raw footage of their daughter’s crash that was supposedly filmed in its entirety by a first responder.

Jeff Kempson, Dayna’s father recalled the anguish he felt receiving that message. He said, “It was bad enough that we lost our daughter. And now to have to deal with something like this, it’s just beyond words.”

Dayna’s mother, Lucretia Kempson, added, “When I close my eyes, it’s not fair that that video is what I see of my daughter.” I can’t even imagine!

Reports are saying that the footage wasn’t filmed to intentionally hurt Schacht’s family, but rather, it was shared among firefighters within their department. It wasn’t long before the video was being shared around town and ended up in the Kempson’s cell phone inbox.

So what has since happened to the firefighter who shot the footage? He has been suspended.

What do you think about the Dayna Kempson Schacht video outrage? Granted technology these days is absolutely a Godsend, but as you can see from this instance, it can be horrific.

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