Monday, October 25, 2010

Taylor Swift’s Speak Now Makes Sparks Fly

taylow swift speak now review

Taylor Swift’s voice and whimsical guitar chords summon a gentle breeze and a summer day, and maybe a pony too. But she has her shortcomings and a handful of ungrateful ears. Says my [bahumbug] New Yorker boyfriend of the enchanting Miss Taylor Swift: “If I’d wanted a diabetic sugar high wrapped in a hard shell case, I’d have a blow pop.” Alright, haters. So Taylor Swift may not be riffing guitar solos that rival Santana or writing lyrics that echo the Beatles…Neither is ya boy Jay-Z; give the girl a break.

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Taylor Swift has an inarguably deft touch with poetry and sweet harmonies that mesh better than most of today’s synthesized nonsense – Anyway, the chick can sell the ish out of an album.

Speak Now is Taylor Swifts 3rd album and has been one of the most anticipated for 2010. Speak Now, a ref to the wedding adage “Speak now or forever hold your peace,” is wrapped much the same as Taylor’s prior albums: in simple chords and poetic heartbreak. But the similarities, like Swift’s ballads, are superficial. Swift effortlessly gives us revenge, heartache, and endless fairy tale love tied together with ultra sugary pop rock beats, a little like Swift’s 2nd album Fearless. But this time around there is an authenticity, audacity even, to her lyrics. I wouldn’t dare call Speak Now a matured Taylor Swift, but even with juvenile lyrics like “…She’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress,” she is flawless, and it oozes from every track.

Speak Now gives us a glimpse of what the world has done to change Taylor Swift since her last release (2008), complete with a dig at Kanye West in the track Innocent, and a first for Taylor – an apology, in the track Back to December. While everybody hits a series of changes from eighteen to twenty, Taylor Swift has done it classier than most. We know Swift not by coke busts, DUIs, or wardrobe malfunctions, but by enchanting lyrics and poppy sing-along beats. Hate it or love it, you can’t blame Taylor Swift for making a career out of notebook poems. Plus if you tried, she’d definitely write a song and make millions off your hatin’ arse.

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