Monday, October 11, 2010

National by Jacob Jenkins Book Thrown at Obama as Streaker at Germantown Rally Taints Event [VIDEO]

A streaker at Obama’s Germantown Rally? This is just the latest in. President Obama has had a hard time with the crowds, and his approval ratings are dropping. Where Obama promised changed, little has been delivered. People are growing frustrated, tired, and weary of the way things are in Washington right now.

The president was at a rally of some of his stronger supporters…or so it was supposed to be. President Barack Obama was at a Germantown rally in Pennsylvania, which is a predominately black gathering. While giving out the rally, Obama had a book thrown at him – it narrowly missed his head. In addition, a streaker also tainted the day’s events.

This made me think of when there was a shoe thrown at the head of President Bush while he was in Iraq. That individual actually got arrested and charged with a crime and served jail time. I can’t help but wonder if the individual who threw a book at Obama’s head will be punished, or if they will be protected by some “freedom of speech” clause in our laws.

In addition, the events at the latest rally goes to show just how fed up people are. We rally behind people such as Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell while turning our backs on our current administration.

However, some media outlets are reporting that this wasn’t really something that was geared towards the president. Watching the video, I could see how you could argue that no one was trying to harm the president – this was just a mistake. Let us know what your take is.

What are your thoughts of the book thrown at Obama during Germantown rally?

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