Thursday, March 10, 2011

Justin Bieber Crying Onstage While Singing"Down to Earth",Full Video

Justin Bieber gets emotional and starts to cry while singing Down to Earth on stage at his my world concert in Cincinnati Ohio. You see him get emotional near the end of the song. Seems he was getting very sentimental when singing those lyrics which brought him to tears.

Maybe looking back on his early childhood and how things were going with his family when he was little was all it took. Rumors went around that Justin Bieber was upset because someone said to him that it was his fault that his parents divorced each other.

Attention, Biebs fans! We’ve got the Justin Bieber crying on stage video here! In a show in Cincinnati, Ohio, Justin broke down on stage after he sang a song about his parent’s divorce. All together now…awwwwwwwww.

It has a moment of pure emotion for Justin when he took to the stage to perform his song Down to Earth. It is one of Bieber’s most personal songs and apparently it was too much for him to handle as he ended up having to leave the stage before he could finish the song during a show in Ohio.

After he left the stage, he left his band hanging but one of his band members was able to entertain concertgoers with a solo guitar set.

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