Monday, March 21, 2011

HBO : 'Big Love' Series Finale End Of Days,Full Video

Big Love ended last night and the Big Love finale was very controversial! After five seasons, the HBO series wrapped up Sunday night with a bang. Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen Big Love yet, don’t read any further!In the finale of Big Love, Bill Henrickson dies after being shot! Bill Henrickson (Bill Paxton) dies a martyr. The symbolism of his death as a martyr, just like Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ, was not lost on viewers.

Killing off the main character is a risky move and the finale of Big Love has created a great deal of controversy with fans.Heather married Ben in spite of his naming a star after her. Barb leads the church, Sarah returns to have her baby blessed, and that pixie Margene takes off for yet another medical-relief cruise. So, yay, for the Henricksons.

All except Bill, of course. Bill may not be a prophet, but his murder by irate neighbor Carl ensures his martyrdom. Bill, paternalistic and patronizing as ever in this episode, has a true testimony during Easter in a church crowded with polygamists looking for a spiritual home.Nicki, whose resolution was unsatisfying.

She confesses her own failings to an unsurprised Barb: "I don't have one ounce of the milk of human kindness in me. I'm spiteful, jealous, and mean." Barb says only, "I know," and gives her a hug.

But since everyone is in agreement that Nicki is such a horrible person, we're even more confused by her presence in the family. Could somebody please explain why exactly Bill married her, and why Barb went along with it? Nicki may be a great villain, but that seemed to be her only role.

We all knew something had to happen before Bill got rushed off to jail and dethroned from the senate, but I wasn't expecting him to open up a can of worms about making polygamy legal. It was strange to watch him be so proud of what he created by imagining himself speaking to his forefathers. The writers never let us know what he was writing on his patio, nor if anything ever happened with the amendment.

As great as it was to see Sarah and her beau, whatever happened to Joey and Wanda? What about Tinny? All season long these people remained MIA, but I was certain that they would have made a cameo for the finale. Oh well. I guess the writers didn't deem them worthy enough for the send off.

It was sad to say goodbye to such a beloved show, but I am happy that it ended with the sister-wives together and the original song revamped and sung by a woman. God only knows what we'll be without you, Big Love.

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