Sunday, March 27, 2011

Justin Bieber Cheats On Selena Gomez & Breakup With Her,Isn't True

Justin Bieber is cheating on Selena Gomez with Jasmine Villegas. Not surprisingly though, they offer no proof to back up their claim.According to an unnamed, inside source, Justin Bieber has been sending romantic texts to Jasmine Villegas while being out with Gomez, and telling her that he is sad he is not with her.

The unnamed, inside source also says that Bieber desperately wants to hook up with Villegas again, and that eventually Gomez will find out and break up with him.

This story sounds like one big National Enquirer farce. The fact that the source is unnamed and referred to as an inside source renders the whole report very ubious.Who would be close enough to Bieber to know that he was sending Villegas texts and would risk their job, or friendship, by leaking information to the National Enquirer?

If they were caught sneaking out together that would be one thing, but having a source reveal information about text messages is just not believable.

Unless the National Enquirer has hacked Bieber's phone I find it hard to believe that this information is correct.

What do you think?

Could Justin Bieber possibly be cheating on Selena Gomez?

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