Thursday, March 31, 2011

Watch : 3 year Old Crying Over Justin Bieber,O Baby!

Three year old girl name Cody loves so many people and this time she has a strong love for Justin Bieber. She expresses her deep feelings for him. Just Bieber has seen her video and he was trying to get in touch with her.

She really needs to meet him. We know this would make her the happiest 3 year old girl in the world. See our news video that gives you some insights on this adorable little girl and her love for Justin Bieber.

I know he's 16 and probably has "love" on his mind right now, so it makes sense that he sings about that, but the clear marketing towards really young girls means that the lyrics should be appropriate for THEIR age, not his.

This is understandable because Justin is currently 15, but he looks about 4. She wails for about 4 minutes, until she is interrupted by the phone. The ringing phone triggers an inexplicably fast mood change in the girl. Amazing to watch an attention-seeking 3 year old.

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