Sunday, March 27, 2011

Watch :Justin Bieber Crush On kim kardashian,Dating With Her(Pics)

Kim Kardashian has just opened up about dating Justin Bieber!
The gorgeous reality star recently sat down for an interview with Extra and talked about her rumored romance with the young pop sensation.

She said, "We would not seriously date. I mean, I could literally be his mom but he's such a cute guy, such a funny person and he's got such a great personality so I can see why all these young girls him and are obsessed with him. I mean, he's adorable so they are ob-sessed with him!

Justin Bieber has joked on several occasions about pretty-lady/reality star Kim Kardashian being his girlfriend. The duo met for the first time at the White House, where they took a bunch of pictures together.

Of course, Kim is very cool about the joking matter, and she plays into it herself.On-lookers and photographers must've loved the shots of the dynamic duo from their DC meet-up because K and J were spotted by paparazzi in the Bahamas doing a photo-shoot together.

Kim was wearing a glammed out cocktail dress, while Justin was wearing a white collared shirt and rolled up jeans, as they clasped hands walking out of the ocean.

The paps photos look to be an amazing indication of how the real pics will turn out. Kim K even tweeted out a cute behind the scenes pic of her with her hands all over Bieber's famed bob haircut.

So will Justin's fans be able to handle him working with Kim? They didn't react so well last time the pair tweeted out about their meeting, with Kim even getting death threats - wow!

JB has a thing for older ladies, like Beyonce, who he's said he's totally crushing on. Well, now it seems Miss B has some competition from Kim Kardashian. Justin isn't keeping his love of KimK a secret at all.

They finally met for the first time on the red carpet at the recent White House correspondent's dinner in DC. J-Biebs snapped a pic and tweeted it out saying "Look it's my girlfriend."

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