Thursday, March 17, 2011

'Kesha Drinks Blood' From a Heart On Stage During Brisbane,Pics,Video

March 17 2011 – Kesha drank blood during her concert at the Brisbane Future Music Festival. Kesha was in Australia to start her new tour, “$leazy”, and performed in the Festival.

Kesha shocked fans in Australia at the weekend when she appeared to drink blood onstage.

Kesha was into her song Cannibal, when she took a heart and squeezed blood out of it and dripped it into her open mouth. Some blood silled onto her body.

Was the heart a real heart from an anima? Maybe it was a stage prop. Kesha is a multimillionaire and wouldn’t risk contacting some blood transmitted disease.

Kesha “shocked” the crowd at Sydney, Australia’s Future Music Festival this weekend by drinking fake blood — most likely food coloring and corn syrup — while performing her song ‘Cannibal’ during an energetic 45-minute set.

The singer, who recently made news by making out with Scottish singer Calvin Harris at another festival, reportedly spent much of the rest of the show covered in the sticky substance.You know who would be a cute couple? Kesha and Gene Simmons of Kiss.

He’s been doing the blood-spitting thing for decades now, and he’s probably kicking himself for not thinking to replace the S’s in his name with dollar signs like Ke$ha does. In fact, all she’s gotta do is to learn how to fly and breathe fire.

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