Friday, March 25, 2011

Watch : Justin Bieber Hospitalized For Shortness Of Breath & Allergic Reaction

Shocking news came from the teen idol, Justin Bieber. Teen singer who now began to pursue a career in the art world this role is rumored to be rushed to the hospital because of severe shortness of breath.

Bieber eventually have to be really treated at the Hospital Burbank, California, on Wednesday. because he had suffered an allergic reaction on the set of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

At that time, He is busy preparing for hir role as a boy full of problems, Jason McCann, when Bieber sudden onset of shortness of breath to be taken to St. Joseph Hospital.

Justin Bieber got hospitalized today. According to Life and Style, he was busy on the set of CSI when he had an allergic reaction and thus had difficulty breathing. The Biebs reportedly got taken to a Burbank hospital, but don't fret, he was released after about 30 minutes. Feel free to share your well wishes for Justin right here.

Bieber had dealt with a doctor at the hospital, treated for 30 minutes, and finally allowed to leave. “He is now healthy and back to shooting,”said the source. Get well soon, Bieber!

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