Thursday, March 24, 2011

Watch : Justin Bieber Almost Got Arrested After Pulling Prank

Mr. Biebs himself getting into some almost-trouble with the police. Not to worry, all is fine now, but here's the story we're hearing.Apparently backstage at his show in Maryland, Justin and some pals were passing the time trying to throw water baloons at people's crotches - we're guessing to make people think they'd had a little accident of sorts or something along those lines.

Sounds like fun and games, and it was, until one of those baloons hit a state trooper who was on hand for crowd control.After J nailed the trooper with the baloon, he took refuge in his trailer while his people attemped to talk the officer out of taking any sort of action.

They were successful, although the trooper described J's behavoir as innappropriate. Thankfully, Justin finished the show and tweeted out at the end of the whole thing - "Still laughing. Great Day." At least the guy can laugh when things go wrong.

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