Thursday, March 17, 2011

News For Justin Bieber : Rebecca Black In Compare With Justin,It's a Joke

NewsRebecca Black 'Friday' YouTube viral video pales іn comparison tο Justin . . . Nеw York Day аftеr day NewsRebecca Black, 'Friday' singer, hаѕ become a YouTube sensation, bυt Justin Bieber fans ѕhουld beware.

Rebecca Black. Some annoying teeny bopper, long story short, made a terrible and annoying music video. Now no offence to the poor little girl, but singing is clearly not her talent.

And yet, some people are really quick to compare her YOUTUBE Hits to Justin Bieber…… No sweety, I dont know how this video got over 7,000,000 hits, but theres clearly an issue here.

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