Saturday, March 26, 2011

Justin Bieber Earns $300k Per Concert,JB World’s Highest-Paid Teen Performer,Full Video

how much money does Justin Bieber earn for each stage performance?? Well, maybe it’s not a million dollar Q but it’s definitely up there. According to reports, the singer gets 300-thousand dollars for each concert.

Okay, just incase you missed that, he earns 300-grand per show. Just to put things in perspective, according to The Smoking Gun, other young stars make only part of this figure… for example, Drake brings in 155k, Selena Gomez earns around 100-thousand-bucks, Jordin Sparks grabs about 75-thousand and Colbie Caillat gets 25-thousand-dollars per show.

Big difference, huh?? Keep in mind that the reports say that Justin also gets a percentage of the profits from “good” shows – and what show isn’t good as far as ticket sales go?! – plus, there are a whole lot of other added bonuses for Bieber concerts that help bring in more dough for the teen sensation. Do you think he’s earning too much, not enough or is it juuuust right?

The new rich list reveals that the heartthrob, 16, earns twice as much money as rap sensation and fellow Canadian Drake, three times as much as pop cutie Selena Gomez, and quadruple the paycheck of ex-American Idol Jordin Sparks.For all his dough, Bieber still has a few miles go before he surpasses groups like Rascal Flatts, Kiss, and country soloist Keith Urban, each of which have topped the list of the highest-paid touring of 2010.

The Rascal Flatts trio earns $702,500 per concert followed by glam rock veterans Kiss with $500,000. Urban rounds out the Top 3 with $487,500.

Other notable entries include Sheryl Crowe, who earns $146,500, Bret Michaels with $64,000, and American Idol champ Kris Allen — who takes in around $12,500 per show.

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