Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Watch:Justin Bieber Most Hated Video On YouTube?More Than Rebecca Black

Justin Bieber's video for 'Baby' has been recognised as the most hated video on YouTube ever, according to the number of 'dislike' tags it has received on the site.Teeny weeny Justin Bieber‘s video ‘Baby‘ has over a million and a half ‘dislikes’ on Youtube. Pretty funny since he’s so ‘loved’.

However, Bieber may not be top of the list for too much longer. Rebecca Black's 'Friday' is in second place - despite only having been online for six weeks. You know what I think? This whole thing is stupid!

How is Justin the most hated on youtube when he is the most success musician in the world! Plus in order to dislike his video you have to go watch it first right? I think this smells like a bunch of haters who don't know what they are talking about.

And while there's no questioning his popularity, Bieber took the crown for most disliked YouTube video for his "Baby" video featuring Ludacris.
The much-watched offering sat with over 1,150,340 dislikes while beating out Rebecca Black's "Friday" - which had racked up 1,095,855 dislikes out of 61 million views.

I was amused for at least five or six seconds by the revelation that Justin Bieber's "Baby" was the most disliked video on YouTube--yes, more than 1 million people with nothing better to do than register their hate--when I discovered that Rebecca Black had almost caught her hero.

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