Thursday, March 17, 2011

Prosecutors Claim : Berlusconi Had Sex With 'Ruby' 13 Times,Video

Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi paid to have sex with an under-age Moroccan 13 times at his sprawling villa in a Milan suburb, according to prosecutors who have formally closed an probe of three people close to Berlusconi. They are accused of arranging for prostitutes to have sex with the 74-year-old.The accounting emerged in a seven-page document obtained by The Associated Press marking the closure of the investigation against three Berlusconi aides accused of procuring prostitutes for the premier.

Their case has been separated from Berlusconi's, who faces trial on April 6 on charges of under-age prostitution and using his influence to cover it up.

Both Berlusconi and the Moroccan teen, Karima el-Mahroug, known by her nickname Ruby, have denied sex with each other."

It's too much for anybody," Berlusconi is quoted as saying. He insisted he has a girlfriend, whose identity is secret, who was always with him and would not have allowed what the prosecutors allege.

Prosecutors have formally closed the investigation and are seeking indictments against the three aides, whom they accuse of identifying possible sex partners for Berlusconi and informing them of payment and other compensation “that they would have received for their sexual availability.”

Dinner was followed by erotic dancing, dubbed “bunga, bunga.” During this phase, the women were either masked, did a striptease or erotic dance “touching each other mutually, touching or being touched in their intimate areas by Silvio Berlusconi.”

The abuse of influence charge against Berlusconi is based on calls made by him and on his behalf to police to win the girl’s release, allegedly to cover up their relationship.

Paying for sex with a prostitute is not a crime in Italy, but it is if the prostitute is under 18. The age limit was raised from 16 in 2006 during a campaign against underage prostitution by a previous Berlusconi government.

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