Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hot News : Lindsay Lohan Plea Deal Rejects,Wears Short Mini Dress To Court in Theft Case(Pics,Video)

Lindsay Lohan rejected a plea agreement Thursday offered by prosecutors in a grand theft case that included a guaranteed return to jail.The "Mean Girls" actress appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom and told a judge she agreed to delaying her case until a preliminary hearing when prosecutors will present evidence against her.

Lohan is ordered to stand trial, Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz has warned her that she may be sent to jail for violating her probation on a 2007 drunken driving case.Lohan's return to court came days after surveillance footage was aired of her trying on necklaces at Kamofie & Co., which reported the necklace stolen on Jan. 22.So Lindsay Lohan was yet again in court today, and she arrived 35 minutes late in a tight tan mini-dress.

Who knew car upholstery could be made into a dress? It must have come from a Project Runway challenge. in fact, that dress should be arrested for attempted murder of her fabulous boobies by suffocation.

"Entertainment Tonight" aired the footage, which showed Lohan texting, pacing and talking to a store clerk for nearly 45 minutes. The actress wore the necklace she is accused of stealing for roughly 25 minutes, according to the show, before the clerk escorted Lohan out, smiled and held a door open as she walked out.

The owners of Kamofie & Co. announced Wednesday that they will auction the necklace and donate the proceeds to an unspecified charity after the theft case is resolved. The item remains in the custody of authorities.

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