Friday, March 18, 2011

Justin Bieber On Attacked By Crazed Fan & Hitler,Full Video

Justin Bieber getting attacked by fans in Glendale, Arizona. It shows the singer riding around on a segway, you see one young girl run up to take a pic, then another and then suddenly there's a whole mob of screaming female fans running at the Biebs.

In fact, the vid shows Justin totally trapped in the middle of the crowd, surprisingly without any security or protection... A couple girls fall over in the rush, and it looks like Justin too almost gets trampled.

Thankfully, he was healthy and able to perform at the concert that night, but what was he thinking trying to outrun the sprinting ladies with the somewhat slow-moving segway? We're thinking that he should have ditched it at some point and just ran away to an elevated place, to then say hello to everyone from a bit of a safer spot.

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