Friday, March 4, 2011

Watch Laughing Baby:Baby Micah Laughing at Ripping Paper(Video)

The baby, Micah starts to hysterically laugh when her dad, Marcus McArthur rips up a piece of paper. McArthur is currently finishing up doctoral work at St. Louis University and looking for a professor position. After he reads the rejection letter, he innocently tears it in half which produces an enthusiastic laugh from Micah. When he sees her amusement he continues to rip it in several pieces getting a resounding giggle each and every time.

Micah's father, Marcus, told Lauer that, even though his son had laughed hysterically at the paper trick the first time around, his reaction was now "hit and miss." Lauer had paper at the ready, but when he ripped it, Micah was nonplussed. A fake sneeze from Lauer did elicit a smile, but there was no laughter.

“All of the sudden, he started bursting out laughing next to me, which is great; it really lifted my spirits,” Marcus explained. “I turned and thought, ‘Oh, I’ll grab my camera and tape it to send to mom at work.’ He just went crazy.”

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