Sunday, March 6, 2011

Watch It : Lady Gaga New Album 'Government Hooker' At Mugler Catwalk Fashion Show

Lady Gaga reportedly told pals that she was "so nervous," but for fans of Gagz's music - not just her ability to walk in nine-inch heels and Sailor Moon ponytails - the thing worth wetting one's studded PVC pants over was the delivery of a new Born This Way track: "Government Hooker.

"But back to "Government Hooker," hookers: Gaga previously told MTV that she thinks of the aggressive club track as "one of my favourites." And despite its rough, industrial inflections, she told the outlet that the song "has more of a hip-hop beat."

"Are you ready? I don’t think you’re ready,” she says to interviewer Jonathan Van Meter, before playing him songs from the album.

Tracks titled “Government Hooker” and “Judas” aren’t likely to go down well in middle America, especially as the latter is slated as the second single from the record, although Gaga is no doubt reveling in the chance to cause a little controversy.

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