Wednesday, March 2, 2011

(Video)Was Selena Gomez Punched In The Face By a Bieber?

Justin Bieber makes girls go crazy and scream. According to recent internet rumors, some of his fans may have gone a little too crazy.After receiving threats from Bieber fans, the pop idol's girlfriend, Selena Gomez, was also rumored to have been punched in the face by one, reports People magazine.The rumors stemmed from paparazzi photos showing Gomez covering what appears to be a fat lip.

Selena Gomez. The 18 year-old might have been attacked by a jealous fan of her new boyfriend, Justin Bieber, who reportedly punched her in the face.On Wednesday, a rumor exploded like wildfire that Disney Channel star Selena Gomez -while out enjoying dinner with Justin Bieber on his birthday -- was actually punched in the mouth by one of the singer's diehard fans who is angry over the two supposedly dating.

There are photos everywhere of this alleged incident, and also people claiming that very specific things happened.

The incident of Selena Gomez gets punched starts when the couple leaving Maggiano’s Restaurant. :D They got hounded by paparazzi and got a little angry, Justin even flipped the paps, and poor Selena got punched in the face! An insider reveals that it is believed to be one of Justin’s fans. It is most likely one of Justin’s fans as the paparazzi wouldn’t act this way.

Even though the paps are known to get in your face it is unlikely that they would do something like this. Selena Gomez gets punched photo and picture below.Justin and Selena have been getting hate since the day they started hanging around each other. I hope she is okay,

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