Thursday, March 3, 2011

(VIDEO)Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen "Impression Winning" Cologne

Jimmy Fallon has been on a roll the past couple of days. He did a hilarious Charlie Sheen "Winning" impression. Many people in Oklahoma City are seriously worried about the Two and a Half Men star's bizarre rants including that he has adonis DNA and tiger blood.

This funny perfum commercial brought a little something for TV viewers to laugh about.Jimmy Fallon's bit taking on Charlie Sheen last night was a priceless mockery of Sheen's recent interviews, dropping all the favorites like "adonis DNA" and "tiger blood."

At first it's even hard to tell that it's really Fallon.Fallon aired this "ad" for Charlie Sheen's new fragrance (called "Winning," obviously) on Wednesday night, and it went viral fast. "The only drug I'm on is Charlie Sheen.

I took a lot of Charlie Sheen. I'm going to embrace my life. I'm going to put both arms around it and love it, violently, and defend it violently through violent hatred," he says, using Sheen's words from his "20/20" special.

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