Thursday, March 3, 2011

Video For : Selena Gomez Has Crush On Justin Bieber

We hear that one of our favorite Disney darlings has a bit of a crush on Justin Bieber....but seriously, who doesn't have a crush on Justin Bieber right now?

In a recent chat with teen magazine J-14, Selena giggled when she was asked about Bieber and all she would say was "cute!"A little later though Selena elaborated on her one-word feelings for Bieber.

She said "How do I put 'I wish he was two years older' in one word?' He's adorable, I love him." Talk about a total bummer for Bieber. He is 15 and Selena is 17. But the whole cougar thing is very hot right now.

And one of Selena's bff's Taylor Swift is 20 and she's rumored to be dating Taylor Lautner who is only anything is possibly when it comes to love.

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