Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rocker Mike Starr"Celeb Rehab" Died at 44

Mike Starr, the rocker who appeared on the third season of “Celebrity Rehab,” has died.A source with the show confirms the news to Gossip Cop.He was 44.The cause of death is not yet known.Starr, the former bassist for Alice in Chains, was arrested for drug possession last month.

Assuming that’s correct, Starr would, of course, be the second founding member of Alice in Chains to fall to substance abuse, after vocalist Layne Staley. Lamentable though is, there is something undeniable about the fact that the band’s actual addictions are part of what gave them their power during their heyday.

Among the other celebrities sharing their thoughts via Twitter were Dr. Drew Pinsky, who treated Starr on "Celebrity Rehab" and "Sober House." "Devastating to hear of Mike Starr succumbing to his illness," Pinsky wrote. "So very sad.

Former Real Housewife of DC and White House Party Crasher, Michaele Salahi was fired from this current filming of 'Celebrity Rehab' because...well...she doesn't really have an addiction it seems.

But of course, her husband, Tork the Dork Salami is firing back that Michaele was fired due to her Multiple Sclerosis and would be seeking legal damages because that's discriminatory. OK, whatevs. Maybe Dr. Drew said that she didn't have it. It'll be nteresting if any of this was caught on tape and if we'll see it or not when the next season airs.

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