Saturday, March 5, 2011

Justin Bieber Hits Woman's Camera At 7 Eleven (Full Video)

17-year-old pop singer, Justin Bieber, is being accused of slapping away the camera of a female fan in a 7 Eleven convenience store. Bieber walked into the food store with girlfriend, Selena Gomez, to buy some snacks, when a female began filming them shopping, whilst saying hi to the young couple. Within seconds, Bieber became agitated, stated "could you please put that down" and slapped her camera away.

The woman posted the video on YouTube and Bieber is now being criticized for mistreating his fans. In response to the claims, Bieber tweeted on, "The lady in the store was paparazzi not a fan. i would never mistreat my fans. i'll never change.Bieber, was seen flipping paparazzi the bird and later apologized for the rude and profane gesture.

He seems to be really angry of late, like something is bothering him. Whatever it is, he should try to address it in a productive way.

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cuttie_in_blue said...

OMFG he didint really mean to hurt her im sure but he still shouldent be slappping her camara out of her hand she a woman he needs to respect woman but its anoying having a camara shuved in your face when your only going to the store but still he should no THATS WHAT COMES WITH THE FAME

cuttie_in_blue said...

He's a flipping kid going to the store with his gf....gosh a little stalkerish much? Give a person some space!
your retarded. its called having a camera in your face every 10 seconds. trust me, you would be pissed off too.
ok so i was wondering why he freaked out on that lady, thinking it was really harsh. until i realized she followed him ALL day and followed him and selena in the mall! this chick needs to step off! go to /watch?v=Sg9dTHMxIVs all bieber fans should watch this video of the lady STALKING him! its disgusting!!!! super rude!

BrianaCabrera said...

He didn't even have handcuffs on so how the freak did he get arrested?

Anonymous said...

The whole handcuffs thing is fake. Its from an upcoming movie he is doing. I saw them talking about it on tv!


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