Friday, March 4, 2011


Exclusive Charlotte Garside will never grow taller than 2ft and has a condition so rare there isn’t a name for it. But her family is determined to give the two-year-old as normal a life as possible.
Tinier than most of her toys, Charlotte weighs just 7lb 8oz and is 58cm tall – making her the world’s smallest girl.Born at 1lb 1oz, her parents had to dress her in dolls’ clothes because even premature babywear was too big.Now aged almost three, Charlotte still has to wear newborn baby dresses.

“We’re just enjoying family life. She might be small but anyone who has ever met her will tell you that she has a big personality.“Since the day she was born, she has brought something very special into all of our lives.”

“The doctors said to be prepared for the fact she was going to be very small. I thought they meant three or four pounds.”Instead, when Charlotte was delivered by emergency ­caesarean section, she was 25cm long and weighed just 1lb 1oz.

When Emma was taken to meet her in the hospital’s neo-natal intensive care unit, she was stunned.“I just burst into tears. I didn’t want it to be real,” she says quietly. “She looked so tiny and so fragile, like she could snap in two.

She was covered in bubble-wrap, with this tiny little head sticking up. She looked like a skinned rabbit. I just wasn’t prepared for how small she was.

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