Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ryan Grant's Ankle Injury Pulled Him Out!

One of Packers runningback didn't make himself present with his teammates till the end

of their match against the Eagles. Ryan Grant has been pulled out while making his way to the 18-yards of the field due to sprained ankle as noted by SB Nation recently. He doesn't able to finish the game and has been replaced by Brandon Jackson. At these moment, there is no further report in regards with his condition.
According to source, they may expect Grant to return on the field but he keep his company in the team's locker room. In addition to reports, before that, he's been spotted shuffling his legs while on break from were he possibly feel it already before the next quarter starts. Packers RB Ryan Grant went to the locker room early against the Eagles with what is believed to be a sprained ankle.

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