Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bachelor Pad Winner - Who Won Bachelor Pad 2010 Finale

Winner:He was a close race to the finish, but Natalie Getz and Dave Good are the

official winners of the first season of “Bachelor” Pad. There were some shocking twists to the Bachelor Pad finale last night, and the question of who will be the winner had to guess until the end!

Dave and Natalie finally seemed to be falling for each other throughout the show, and even Natalie stated that her main goal in life was to be a good wife and mother. Maybe Dave guy, she settles down?

Here’s a quick re-cap, how it all went down:

Show started with the other three couples competing in a competition ballroom dancing after the coach some of the experts on “Dancing with the Stars. Tenley and Kiptyn won one point, which approved their place in the last two. Then they had to choose between Natalie and Dave and Kovacs and Elizabeth, who they wanted to take the final 2 with them.

After some hesitation whether to go with loyalty or strategy, Tenley and Kiptyn stuck with friendship, and keep Natalie and Dave.

The final four left the mansion in limousines and show went to a live audience studio, complete with a whole troupe Bachelor Pad. All the latest contestants then have the opportunity to vote for something, Natalie and Dave or Kiptyn and Tenley should go to the next round and have a chance to win $ 250,000. Natalie and Dave received the most votes … and then there was a shocking twist.

Instead of a final or a vote to see who will win money between them, Natalie and Dave were brought to separate rooms and discussions were to choose whether to share the $ 250,000 prize with each other, or to leave it all to yourself. Lova, if they both choose share, then they will divide the money. If one chose to keep and others took part, the one who took to get to keep all this. If they chose to save, however, none of them will win anything, and the money will be divided equally among the other members of the Bachelor Pad cast.

Dave showed his answer first, and decided to share money with Natalie. When it came her turn, she have us believe, second, that she decided to keep all the money for themselves, but in the end she decided to share it, and neither of which are from $ 125000.

Now that they are winners … they will continue their relationship and win the love?

Earlier in the show, Dave says that he fell in love with Natalie, and it seemed that everything would change if they live in the same city together. Natalie says that if he won the money, it would allow them to move in the same town and start a new life together.

I think we’ll have to wait and see if one of them relocate, but if they do, marriage and children can not be far behind. We will root for them!

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