Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tea Party Activists Win In Delaware, New York

A Del. Tea Party activist celebrates Christine O'Donnell's win.
Republican Christine O'Donnell beat Congressman Mike Castle in the Del. senate

primary, while N.Y. businessman Carl Paladino overcame former Congressman Rick Lazio in the state's gubernatorial primary. How did they build their victories? Morning Edition looks at Tea Party activism while our Very Cool Guys over at NPR's new It's All Politics blog read tea leaves for the fall election. The last major primary contests of 2010 went out with a bang. In Delaware and New York "outsider" candidates defeated those supported by the Republican establishment. In New Hampshire, Republican Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, who has the unique distinction of being supported by both Sarah Palin and national Republicans, is in a neck-and-neck fight with Tea Party favorite Ovide Lamontagne. What does all of this mean for November?
1) In Delaware, while Tea Party activists are celebrating O'Donnell's victory, it's Democrats who are the most thankful. By beating the popular – and more electable GOP Rep. Mike Castle – O'Donnell is now a decided underdog against New Castle Co. Executive Chris Coons (D). Moreover, it makes the chances of a Republican take-over of the Senate a whole lot longer. Delaware was supposed to be a "gimmie" for the GOP. Most handicappers (us included) had Delaware listed as Leaning Republican. Tonight, Stu Rothenberg moved the race to Lean Dem. We expect that others will soon follow. The NRSC is not expected to fund O'Donnell this fall.

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