Saturday, September 4, 2010

Comedian Robert Schimmel Dies At The Age Of 60

Comedian Robert Schimmel is listed in "very serious" condition following a car accident this past Thursday. The comedian was traveling with his son and daughter in Arizona when the incident occurred.

According to, Schimmel's daughter, age 19, had been driving at the time. Sources reported that there was an accident in the lane she was driving in and she swerved to avoid it, causing their car to roll over on to the side of the freeway.

Schimmel's daughter was in stable condition after being hospitalized, but is expected to make a full recovery. His 11-year-old son was released on the same day from the hospital without injury. Unfortunately it sounds as if Schimmel is in bad shape following this accident, and right now his family is at his bedside.

Schimmel has had unfortunate health circumstances dating back to 1998 when he suffered a heart attack. In 2000, he announced he was diagnosed with Non-Hogkin lymphona. More recently in January of this year he announced he has cirrhosis due to a Hepatitis C infection from a blood transfusion. Now the comedian has been injured badly in a car accident.

This is unfortunate news as Schimmel is known from bringing laughter to many. He's famous for his work on both HBO and "The Howard Stern Show." He's known for discussing aspects of his own life including bits related to his daughter and his various health ailments. While his material is often "X-rated" it still has its place with many people. Let's hope he makes a full recovery and can continue to bring joy to many people's lives, including his own family's.

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