Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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MIAMI — After running his Stanford team through a second day of Orange Bowl workouts at Barry University, coach Jim Harbaugh said Wednesday that the speculation of his accepting an NFL job hasn't been a distraction.

"The only time it gets asked is I'm doing a talkback radio show or talking to the media, but really it's not much of a distraction," he said. "When you're playing Virginia Tech, that gives you plenty to focus on."
While it seems hard to imagine a 21-year-old passing up $50 million (plus) to play another season in college, Luck may do just that. He comes from a well-off family that isn't in need of the money -- his father is an ex-NFL QB who is now the A.D. at West Virginia -- and Luck seems legitimately interested in continuing to attend Stanford and play college football.
Not only has he not signed it, “I haven’t even discussed it,” he told me today.

That comment would seem to contradict what athletic director Bob Bowlsby said three weeks ago — that “Jim has indicated he plans to accept it.”

When I relayed Bowlsby’s comment to Harbaugh, he said: “Maybe he misspoke.”

*** Bowlsby declined to provide any details about the proposed contract when he went public with its existence.

But sources close to the university’s powerbrokers have told me it’s worth approximately $3 million per year and includes substantial amounts of deferred compensation and housing assistance.

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