Saturday, January 29, 2011

Florida Woman :Julie Schenecker Murdered Her Own Teenage Children

Julie Schenecker : Florida woman, who confessed to killing their children because they “talked back” and was “talkative”, failed to appear in court on Saturday, as she was hospitalized and reportedly in intensive care with an uncertain condition.Police say Julie Schenecker, 50, confessed to killing her 16-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son with a .38-caliber pistol. Authorities say she also plans to commit suicide."The suspect (Julia Schenecker) confessed to killing her two children. She described the crimes in detail,"

Tampa Police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said in a statement.Schenecker was arrested and charged with two counts of first degree murder.No one answered at the house. At the back door, a police officer found the mother covered in blood. Inside, police found the bodies of the children and a note from the mother detailing how she would kill her children and then herself with a .38-caliber pistol.

Her husband Parker Schenecker, 48, is a colonel in the U.S. Army stationed at Central Command headquarters at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. He was out of the country on duty when he was told of the killings.Julie Schenecker shot Calyx Schenecker in the back of this teenager’s head that is being recognized as Julie’s 16-year-old daughter.

The daughter was also shot twice by Julie as second fire was made by this killer mom in the face when Calyx was busy in doing her homework, stated by police. It was stated by Julie during investigation that the children have been killed only because they were mouthy and Julie had lost her senses because of their habit, stated by Laura McElroy who is recognized as police spokeswoman.

Florida Woman :Julie Schenecker Murdered Her Own Teenage Children

The arrest of Julie Schenecker was made by authorities on Friday afternoon under the murder charges of first degree. No remorse is being shown by Julie, stated by McElroy. Beau Schenecker is being recognized as a student at Liberty Middle School of eight grade.Was scheduled court date on the second Sunday. It is not clear whether Schenecker will appear.She was charged with two counts of murder first degree.

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