Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thomasville Furniture Make & Sells : Including Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room...

Thomasville Furniture Product Quality :

Furniture Brands International said Thursday that it is developing an existing facility in Merida, Mexico, to provide cut-and-sew kits for its U.S.-based upholstery operations.The company said it expects to begin production at the plant, on the Yucatan Peninsula, in mid-2011 with an initial 150 to 200 employees.

St. Louis-based Furniture Brands International, parent company of Thomasville Furniture, said it will open a factory in Mexico later this year that will produce cut-and-sew kits for its U.S. upholstery operations.

The Thomasville name can be found in 48 U.S. states and 30 countries worldwide. Rest assured that no matter where you live, every furniture store in the Thomasville family stands ready to help you create your entire home – from furniture to accessories.

If you want to prevent the color from fading away in your thomasville furniture, you will need to manage the effect by rearranging the furniture periodically. Besides that you can also rotate the cushions and also rearrange the accessories

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