Tuesday, January 18, 2011


200 dead cows found in Wisconsin (USA)

The 200 dead cattle were discovered on a farm field on 4th Street in Amherst. Sunday, the bodies were taken out in semi-loads to be disposed of.The farm's veterinarian says preliminary results show the animals died of acute interstitial pneumonia, also known as AIP. Samples from the dead animals were sent to Madison for testing.

The vet says the steers began to die early last week, with the last dying Saturday. The animals started showing symptoms of illness and then died within 12 hours. The vet says animals didn't respond to treatment.

In the latest of mass animal deaths that have been happening around the globe these cows seem to have dropped dead from a similar fate.It is not yet known what killed the animals on Friday at a farm in Portage County, Wisconsin. What is known is the cows had to be removed by semi-trucks and the farm has not yet been quarantined. The Portage County sheriff's office says the owner of the cattle has been working with a local veterinarian and it's believed the animals died from the virus. The virus can cause respiratory and reproductive problems.

BVD can cause numerous problems, according to the site, such as damage to the cow's digestive and immune systems, pneumonia, abortions and calf deformities.The investigation is being handled by the Portage County Humane Society or the local veterinarian but there are no statement available regarding the cause of the 200 dead cow incident.The investigation is being handled by the Portage County Humane Society.

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