Monday, January 10, 2011

Congratulations ! Auburn Tigers - 2011

Congratulations Auburn Tigers !!!

The Cam Newton situation is dirty. However, a while back when I was Auburn it was how things were done in the SEC.In the 'old days', EVERYBODY had boosters who bribed a top prospect. It was an old boys network and if your booster paid more than mine, then all is fair in love, war and recruiting. Coaches moved within the conference (for example Pat Dye, the Auburn coach when I was there, played for Georgia and the Georgia coach was an Auburn grad).Spurrier was hated because he wouldn't abide by the 'rules' when he was at Florida. He routinely complained about recruiting violations (hypocritically because I heard plenty of stories about Florida).

When a SEC school got into NCAA trouble it was almost always internally. A disgruntled former/current athlete, coach or booster.When the SEC old boy network changed and coaches outside the conference came in numbers they started telling on each other.

The Auburn Tigers just defeated Oregon Ducks 22-19 to win the BCS Championship! It is their 2nd national championship and 1st since 1957!


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