Saturday, January 8, 2011

Verizon LTE 4G IPhone : New Launch

The carrier has already issued a ton of news and device debuts at CES, which leaves one to wonder — if this isn’t about the ViPhone, what else could it possibly be? I mean, sure, there’s an outside chance that this has nothing to do with any sort of iDevice. But the PR team at Big Red couldn’t be that dumb, could they? After all the hype and anticipation, with eyes focused on this timeframe, an announcement of any other sort would surely upset a ton of people and diminish any other piece of news they might have going.

Rumor has it that one of the phones to premiere on Verizon’s new LTE 4G network will the none other than the iPhone. Mac Daily News reported this morning that an anonymous source “familiar with the matter” had a list of reasons to believe Apple is coming to the carrier. The source claimed that Verizon held iPhone sales training last week that featured hands-on time with the LTE-enabled iPhones.

However, the smartphones will not be available until after Christmas, as the source said that this was “AT&T’s final demand so as to maximize [its] Christmas iPhone sales.” The source went on to claim that Steve Jobs is frustrated by other carriers inability to offer LTE and is ready to get Apple products using the service.

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