Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Archer " Returns For Season 2, Fx Tv Show :(Watch It)

"Archer " Returns For Season 2
Ah, yes! Now I remember. In my Season 2 review of the FX comedy, I wrote about why I think it's swell, but I do have something more to share with you: A few thoughts about 'Swiss Miss,' the first episode of the new season. Consider them conversation-starters, because I'm very keen to hear how my fellow 'Archer' fans liked the season 2 premiere.

The show may be an acquired taste for some, but if you'll allow me to pursue the food analogy, watching 'Archer' reminds me of dining in the restaurant of a chef who likes to try risky combinations. Peanut butter and spinach casserole! Lentil ice cream! Cheese made with toffee! I have never tried any of these things, but my experience of the better restaurants is that almost anything can be combined if chef is skilled enough.

This episode contained all the stuff I liked about Archer season one – great dialogue and banter; bawdy humor you almost feel demented for laughing at; plenty of animated sex appeal (because that IS a thing, apparently); and some cool spy action. Not only did “Swiss Miss” offer these familiar Archer tropes, it had them neatly ordered and polished to perfection.It’s clear that the cast and crew of the show have found a rhythm and comfort zone in exploring the many “danger zones” of Archer’s spy lifestyle.

Some of the season one episodes felt a bit disjointed in the execution of their multiple plotlines, and it was apparent that there was a lot of experimentation going on insofar as the amount of screen time that was alloted to the supporting characters.Every few years, a show like Archer bursts onto the scene, rewrites all the rules during its first season and then edges toward the middle of the pack during its sophomore run.

"Archer " Returns For Season 2

If the rest of season two is anything like the first episode, that definitely won’t be a problem. Tonight’s premiere episode follows the team as they head to Switzerland to protect the daughter of an eccentric billionaire. Malory is especially giddy over the prospect as cutbacks have forced her to buy fox furs rather than their more luxurious animal counterparts.Archer premieres tonight on FX at 10 PM EST. Some day soon America will be talking about this show. You might as well get there before it’s too crowded.

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